God and Sunshine: Laney observes the sunrise!

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Christian Contemporary

She looked outside her window. It was only 5 am!

Laney decided to journal, while being mindful about her own feelings.

 She wanted to observe the sun rising today, while noticing the tiny nuances around her and wanted to write about it as well, all in graphic detail! She also decided to take note of her own feelings, even the minor nuances. She knew that within a few minutes Mrs. Woodsy would be going on her morning run. Soon the birds would be singing. None of it had happened yet though. She decided to get it all down in her mindfulness journal that day!

 She wrote down her thoughts about the break of dawn: “The sky would have been pitch dark, if it hadn’t been for the street lights that punctuated the darkness” She wrote again, "The darkness is intriguing to an extent but there was no greater testament to God’s Glory, than the light!

“The dark was usually chock full of mystery, full of things to say it seemed; there were hidden messages that came to one in the dark, that came to people in their dreams”. She decided to write that down. It sounded poetic for some reason. The moment wouldn't be remembered as well if she didn't put this down in writing. The slowly unfolding Light brought an awareness and along with it a general need to be active and work on the desire to bring these ideas to life!

“The day was indeed a great time to make dreams a reality, at least in your own way, at least to a small extent that is possible for you” Laney continued to write. Laney had been writing in her journal for a while now, and was starting to get used to it. She could tell that she was developing a flair for writing, and it showed! “There were some people who have big dreams, and some people who have small dreams, but all those dreams are indeed valid!” she continued.

 The sun hadn’t risen yet but the sky was slowly getting brighter!

 She wanted to watch the richness of daybreak, so she stood in front of the window which was a few inches away from her bed. She wondered if she should move to another window in the house, because there were some trees and buildings obscuring her view of the open sky.

She had woken up early just to witness this! She thought a really mindful way to start the day would be to pray while watching the sun rise. She thought to herself that there was no better way to praise God than observing creation at its finest, what better way to do that than to watch the sun rise?

It was still dark. She anticipated sun rise. She was busy writing down her thoughts as she looked up and the sky was now a pale blue! The trees in front of her window obstructed the light, but of what she could observe of the sky from her bed room window she could see that the sky was indeed getting brighter. It was now 5:30 a.m.

The sky was now a light blue. “What a beauty! Thy word is a lamp to my path, a light to my steps.” Laney continued writing. The morning lark could be heard. There were soon a lot of birds that started chirping and joining in.

She looked outside the window again- the sky didn’t seem all that blue anymore, the blueness was soon fading away! The green-ness of the trees outside was becoming more obvious, and the lady who normally went jogging at this time could be observed more clearly even though it wasn’t yet all that bright enough to notice the colour of her hooded sweatshirt and track pants but she could tell it was indeed a light color.

Laney went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Day break was taking longer than expected! It was now 5:48 am. It was the first time she had ever observed the sun rising! She rushed back to the window to see whether the sky colour had changed much. It had indeed. She decided to take a photo. The beautiful sun had risen! The sky was now almost white with only a hint of blue. The sun was in full view, and the day had officially begun for many people! Laney wasn’t going to work that day, but every body’s else’s morning routine had started!

It was now 6 a.m. Laney decided to get started with her morning! It was indeed a beautiful idea to watch the sun rise and document it all in her journal! She felt so pleased with herself that she had done this!

Laney decided to get on with her day and all the things that she usually did at this time. She felt so nice that she started her day with a mindful routine, while observing the beauty of God’s creation at the same time. She felt so great that she did this and decided to go workout, something she didn’t normally do. She felt “so pumped!” It did indeed give her a high. It was going to be a wonderful day.

Before she started her day, she decided to write one last paragraph in her Journal about the sun rise that had biblical references. She felt It would also give her good thoughts about the start of the day. She opened her bible on her phone and looked up all the bible verses related to sunrise. She found a nice one and jotted it down: “From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised! “ We do not ever understand God’s nature, she thought to herself because he works in mysterious ways. Starting off her day on a mindful note was helping her, she thought, compared to all the people who preferred to hustle and to rush! They were obviously not taking in the beauty all around! She wrote all this down as well.

Laney felt satisfied. She titled her journal God and Sunshine!

June 19, 2021 01:51

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