This is the end my love.

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We know the sun will shine, the sky is blue , the grass is green ,the ocean is deep, birds have feathers, pigs love to play in the mud and fishes live in water. We know almost everything but What do we know about love?, many people have there own definition about what exactly is love and my definition of love is ; it is unique feeling which can lead down a road of happiness or sadness. Love is like the wind; We can feel it,it comes sudden ,touches us but we can't see it nor know when it coming in our lives.

My name is Sasha. This is my love story about my lover a soldier that went to fight the war world in Germany and I never saw nor heard from him in years but then unexpectedly a day I had received a phone call from him .

It all started in the Summer. I was 18 years old; on train sitting and reading my favourite book. My lover name Charles was standing on the same train.When I had taken my eyes out my book,my eyes made contact with Charles. I saw him staring at me and smiling. Then I felt this strange feeling in my heart I fell in love with Charles.I was mad woman for falling in love with someone I didn't know; if he was robber,murder, rapist or terrorist. But that is what love does to us ,it makes us mad and blind.

Charles was hot like the sun with his muscles like hulk the super hero ,his smile was like a thousand stars lighting up the sky and he was handsome like a prince. I wanted to pretend to be Cinderella and leave my shoes for him to find. When the train stopped I had arrived to my destination but I forgot my book because I was busy concentrating on Charles.

On a afternoon I was at home watching television and I couldn't stop thinking about Charles. Suddenly I heard my door bell ranging and there like destiny had it ;he was at my door ,my heart skip beats fast like lightning .He found my book and was able to return it to me because I written my information inside. We had introduced ourselves to each other,then he said, "I am Charles but you can call me yours "and I said," I am Sasha but you can mines". We were both in love with each other and decided to have a date.

Charles and I had our first date at restaurant name Could Nine. We ate steaks and lobsters. Our eyes made contact and we stared at each other. Then I felt this chemistry of my virgin lips screaming for Charles to kiss me ;our lips slowly and surely held each other. The kiss was my first and magical.I didn't want the kiss to end ;I wanted to glue our lips together .Then Charles put me in a taxi and then we had another magical kiss after saying goodnight and went home.

Our second date was at the movie cinema. We were watching a scary movie name zombie apocalypse.I was scared but then Charles held my hands ,I wasn't scared anymore and our lips kissed. As I tasted the strawberry chopstick on his lips ;I wanted to bite off his lips.

The third date was at the zoo,We taken pictures,feed the monkeys with bananas and copied the lions as they roared angrily.As we was walking around and eating hot dog breads in the zoo .We discussed about how many children we wanted ,what our dream house would like ,marriage and how many cute rabbits would be our pets living in our home with the prefect family.

The last date was at place called Tons of Fun , which is where various games such as roller coaster,pin the donkey tail,basketball and throw the ball in the bucket was played. We ate popcorn and ride the roller coaster ride together. Charles and I had fun like 5 year old children.

Then after walking home while holding hands ,Charles said," I have to go Germany and fight the war ",then I said," I don't want you to go,without you I am like a sky without a moon,dark and lonely"and Charles said ,"Without you I am like a bird flying in the sky with one wing ,I don't want to leave but have to defend our nation and our future family country". I was unhappy but then I thought to myself he was doing it for a good purpose and I agreed with him but I was sad.

In the early morning I followed Charles to the train station ,which we had first met. As tears poured out my eyes like rain,We hugged each other tightly and had our last kiss. Charles said "My love I promised to come back and when I do,I will marry you "and with tears in my eyes I said, "The country needs you but I need you more", then Charles said ,"I want you to come to this train station everyday and wait for me". Charles leave and went to war .

When Charles leave to fight the war in Germany ,I was empty and lonely .I went to the train station everyday but Charles broken his promise,he never came back until years after. I heard many men died in the war and I believed that Charles was dead too, because he didn't come back with the other surviving soldiers. My lover was dead I thought to myself ,I mourned for many years until I met another man name Bobby,I fall in love with him and we got marry. Bobby had taken away all my pain and sorrows after losing Charles.

I loved both men but I loved Charles mostly. I was happily married to Bobby until I received an unexpected phone call and it was Charles. I fainted then I called him back and we spoke,Charles said," My love I didn't broken my promise, I was in China and I lost contact,meet me at the Blue Steak bar tonight".I was speechless as I hanged up the phone searching for words.

In the night,I went to meet Charles at the bar. I was happy,nervous and shock when I saw Charles after years. I was still surprised and speechless then he held my hand and said." I want us to get marry" ,with tears in my eyes I said,"I am another man wife" and I showed him my wedding ring. Charles was sad and I saw tears in his eyes.I couldn't bare to see my true love crying and also I couldn't hurt Bobby neither ;that moment I was like game chess I needed to pick a side. As I was leaving the bar, he held my hands and asked me to spend one last night with him.

I agreed because of temptation and I went to his hotel room. Charles placed his hands through my hair then he kissed me ,I wanted him to stop but I couldn't resist his lips. Then we made romantic love as the scented candles burnt through the night. I had committed adultery ,don't judge me; as the bible says ,who never sin cast the first stone.

I woke up in Charles hotel room then my husband called me and I lied told him,I was at my mother house. As I was putting on my clothes to leave;Charles had a knife in his hand,he said," If you don't divorce your husband I will kill myself".I felt like a game chess and I needed to pick a side.I was confused and nervous ,I said," I love you both and I cant choice", then Charles said,"This is the end my love" with tears in his eyes;he took the knife and stabbed himself to death. On the hotel floor; in a pool of blood my white dress became red with his blood ,as I held my lover dead body in my arms. My love story ended tragically after the unexpected phone call.

February 24, 2020 16:20

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