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This latest entry is a version of free verse poetry on a subject out of my usual writing pattern. It is only food for thought.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller.1

Community is all around us.

Whether it means your friends, neighbors, your church,

or even - gasp - your workplace,

You belong somewhere.

Lately, it seems like the only time

being a “neighbor” does not matter is

either the beginning of life or the end of life.

I remember seeing a television commercial reflecting an image of a baby nursery,

then switching over to an image of a cemetery.

It's natural for humankind to disagree to some extent

But constant fighting does not solve anything.

In fact, it gets tiredsome and becomes a drag.

Cultural and ethnic differences have been around

for a long time.

From political issues to religious issues.

Yet, it still makes the headlines which is unfortunate.

One would think to learn from history.

But history has a tendency to repeat.2

We could resolve it like mature adults by talking it over


let sleeping dogs lay.

Easier said than done.

Why does the media have to be so negative?

Do we really need to know literally minute by minute;

or just to be aware of unfortunate events

until things get underway

then devise a plan to reduce mayhem.

First responders and essential workers

put their lives on the line every day.

Stress must have a tendency to increase for them.

After a while, stress and other emotions escape.

Sometimes with negative actions.

Why are innocent people being taken from us?

Are they being targeted or was it a mistake?

Further education of stigmas and stereotypes need to happen

to keep history from reoccuring into great ordeals.

It's also natural to mourn the loss of somebody

because the person is now in an unknown realm.

Memorials are imperative to keep the importance and purpose alive.

Historic monuments, buildings, and holidays are examples of memorials.

It takes time to heal.

Or come to terms.

Nothing gets resolved overnight.

Or maybe for a while.

Community is also defined as groups

sharing similar interests.

This is where lines get crossed,

and the bickering continues.

It could be as simple as a schoolmate having a popular pair of shoes,

or more in depth due to cultural things

like previously mentioned.

Stigmas and stereotypes have long been around

because of historical events.

And are still prevalent.

We need to somehow “break” those two topics by educating others

and setting good examples.

Just because one person looks or acts differently

than another does not give authority to attack them in any fashion.

We are all on one planet but, for instance, live in separate dwellings.

As a saving grace.

Community is about coming together.

Non profit groups come together to assist those in need.

Good Samaritans do, too.

Community and social distancing tend to counteract with one another.

Safety is and should be a priority,

but people are social creatures.

Isolation and social distancing tend to have negative affects

emotionally and mentally.3

Some people are getting to the breaking point.

Whereas others are starved for interaction.

If we are just more aware of our actions

and surroundings,

then this adjustment into our communities

should not come as a huge shock.

Once again, this will take time and not resolve overnight.

Now let's remember our animal counterparts.

Who also live in communities.

We can learn from them.

The age old history of the rivalry of cats and dogs


down to

animals simply surviving in the wild.

Domestic animals

fight for attention and adoration of their owners.

They claim you as the alpha leader

who brings them food.

Animals in the wild

still elect an alpha leader

to tell them where to find food.

They also tend to be nomadic

unlike the domestic ones.

When inclement weather arises

or a natural disaster approaches,

wild animals tough it out or flee to another area.

With any animal,

survival is the fittest.

Fortunately, humans are more evolved than that.

Our basic instincts such as food and shelter are like those of animals.

But our range of vocabulary

is more distinct


carries further.

With a community, comes cliques and set circles.

Who establish alpha leaders as well

like our animal counterparts.

These small groups can hinder a population

because of their beliefs if you let them.

They can also cause chaos and disruption.

Innocence can be lost due to these sub groups

either by physical means or emotionally

as we have seen in recent events.

Why the rapid backfire of protests?

Is it partly due to not being able

to interact with others on a regular basis?

Are migration patterns changing?5

Our animal friends migrate from an area

for a change in the climate to find better conditions.

Humans also migrate for similar reasons.

Does the chain of current events mean that humans are evolving or regressing?

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men." – Herman Melville6

I usually write lighthearted short story fiction, but branched out of my comfort zone while writing this poem. Yes, it was a challenge and took some thought because I did not want to step on any toes. I tried to remain as positive as I could despite what humanity has been through lately. I even posed some thought provoking questions. I'm open to constructive comments on this entry. If anything was unclear or. . . .hmm. . . .alarming?, my sincere apologies.

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June 06, 2020 07:04

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