Evening winter sun was warm and not too harsh.

Street was less crowded. There was minimal traffic. One could easily see across the other end of the road. She decided to walk along with her friend until they get any cab. Since evening sun was hitting her eyes, she put her glares on. She loved this combination of evening sun and the cool breeze. As they both were walking, she saw a bike coming in their direction from the other side of the street. Slowly when the bike got near to them to pass, she saw him. It was not the first time that she seeing him on the same street. She knew it's him. After a long time, life brought him in front of her but irony was that she cannot wave at him, she cannot smile to him, she cannot call out his name, she cannot ask him to stop right there.

'Suddenly everything around them stopped. She slowly walked towards him across the street. He was waiting for her as usual. Hearty smiles were exchanged. It was long time that their skins touched. It was long time that they felt each others breathe. He moved his fingers over her forehead to tuck falling hair strands behind her ears. "How are you?" he asked. He cannot help controlling to hold her hands. Her skin glowed in the sunshine. He felt she looked same as before, nothing changed in these three years. Her eyes still had so many questions waiting for his answers. Her heart was beating faster than normal. As he moved his fingers on her hand while holding it, she felt comfortable once again. She felt butterflies in her stomach, she wanted to reply that she missed him, she missed all their conversations, she missed their meetings, she missed this feeling but words did'nt come out from her mouth.'

A loud horn brought her back to reality. They saw each other helplessly. Eyes fixed on the other, their paths crossed. Both were speechless. They could hear each others heartbeats even in the loud surroundings. None of them reacted until they got back to normalcy. "Hey" her friend shook her to bring back to real world "The Cruel World". She was speechless. She didn't knew how to react. Many questions were running in her mind. What just happened? Did she really see him or was it an illusion? She can't even turn back to confirm. What if he is also looking back at me? Why today? Why he has to return now? What brought him back here after so many years?

Mind was continuously wandering in his thoughts, searching answers for all her questions. Deep in thoughts, she looked out of the window. It was raining. Yes, rains in January. Normally rains bring smile on her face but today she was not happy. She was surprised with today's turn of events. she was now sure anything can happen. There is no certainty. At a distant, a romantic song was being played on radio channel taking her back to the forgotten memory lane where Few things were left unsaid. This night won't be easy for her. She knew life is changing but never thought in this way.

It seems like it happened yesterday when she saw him for the first time. It was raining heavily that day too. Her parents asked her to stay back home but she preferred to go to college. She reached college fully drenched in rainwater. She was the last one to enter the class hence started to think of excuses to enter in but the moment she stepped in, she found only few students lazily sitting on benches. All lectures were cancelled for that day due to heavy rain and low attendance. She thought to wait for her friends on the first floor. A clear view of the college can be seen from there. Since today it was less crowded, people standing far off can also be seen.

It was raining and windy outside. She was staring continuously at the entrance gate waiting for her friends. Due to wind, few rain drops were falling on her face. Winds played with her hair, made few strands to fall on her face. She tried hard to tuck it behind her ears but wind was not in a mood for it.

There he was at the college gate, on his bike along with friends enjoying rain. She saw him for the first time. He entered college premises and parked his bike. He now turned and faced towards her. Their eyes met for the first time but only for few seconds. She was startled with a sudden cloud thundering and lightning. He and his friends ran towards staircase for shade. From there, she can have clear view of him. He was tall enough to be seen from a distance. He was chit-chatting, laughing with his friends. His face was long oval shaped, fair skin and clean shave made him more attractive.

Gauging weather conditions he stared up at the sky and his eyes fell on her. Her heart skipped a beat. She was caught staring at him. Suddenly a hand from behind pulled her back. Her friends appeared from behind. She was so engrossed looking at him that she missed to see her friends coming. They pulled her by hand and ran downstairs to enjoy in rains. By the time she reached downstairs, it was drizzling and not a heavy down pour. She stood there at the same place where he was standing few minutes ago and now he was nowhere to be seen. Her heart sank not to see him there at that moment. She stood there and re-played the time when he stood there and looked up and their eyes met. She smiled once again, her heart was fluttering with joy, her emotions was dancing in that rain. She suddenly felt an urge to know him. She wanted to know everything about him. She wanted to be his friend. She had so many thoughts running through her mind that night.

'Once again it rained that night. She was happy and smiling to see rains and irony is that the same rain brought sadness and tears in her eyes today'

April 16, 2020 07:18

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