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BREAKING NEWS: two teenagers are reported missing when parents found the manor house empty after the children were left alone so the parents could go to a ‘fancy’ dinner.

I jerk upright the book I was reading flying out of my hands. kids missing? The hell? Since when did kids go missing? Our world is so peaceful there is no crime, everything is perfect. Well… except for me. The Tv continues to buzz

BREAKING NEWS: the names of the teens are Julian and Isabelle Hallowood, Authorities suspect kidnapping.

My eyes well up with tears I know them, I think. I know them. Julian and Izzy Hallowood, my Best Friends. I’ve known them since forever. We all got along so well cause we all had the same secret, the same curse. They haven’t been kidnapped, they’ve runaway, probably something to do with the curse but what? Why would they have run away?

I can guess all I want it won’t get me anywhere. But I know a way. A way that can make sure they're safe. But I need to be alone. I tug at my hair nervously; my parents weren’t here but it doesn’t mean that someone didn’t see me freak out. I lived in a massive manor, my parents were really important or something. All I know is that the one place I can be alone is my room. My massive, fancy, big enough to have a swimming pool room. I half run half walk down the hall trying to be subtle though I must admit I’m not the greatest at acting normal, and I can’t lie to save my life.

I’m sitting on the floor of my room, trying to focus on Julian’s face, I place my hands on my temples

‘Julian? Are you there?’ I don’t use my voice; I never do when I talk to Julain

No reply. I start to shake what if something happened to him? what if I was wrong about them running away? What if they were really kidnapped? I try again, and again. By the fourth attempt a cloud of hopelessness crashed over me, salty tears pouring like a river on my cheeks. I raise my hand to my face wiping away the tears away I won’t give up. They’re out there and I will find them. But still, what if I can’t find them? Another wave of anxiety washed over her. Tears started down my cheeks again I race to the bathroom to wash my face. I look into the mirror my ice blue eyes puffy from the tears. My brown hair was in a plat, I pull at my hair letting the locks fall over my face. I grip the sink, trying to control myself, but hot tears continued to pour down my cheeks.

‘Bee is that you’ a deep voice fills my head

‘Julian!’ I cry in my head

‘Whoa are you okay, I’m fine so is Izzy’

‘I was worried, I thought something happened to you, I saw the news, I thought maybe…’ I trail off 

‘That we had been kidnapped, yeah, we saw the news too, we’re coming to get you soon…’

My bedroom door opened, and my shock severed my connection with Julian. I splash my face with water and enter my room trying to act casual. It’s my mother she’s standing in the middle of my room staring at nothing.

“Did you read your ancient texts book?” She asked

“Yes, Mother, did you want something?”

“No, I don’t want anything from you” she snapped

“Then you can get out” I snarl

“Don’t talk to me like that young lady”

“Then stop treating me like I’m worthless” I scream

“You are worthless, you’re lucky even to be born, you don’t get any dinner again tonight” she snarls and swings her hand at my face. I stumble back from surprise more than pain. I was used to the pain now after a lifetime now I just felt worthless, helpless, hollow. I stand back up looking her dead in the eye.

“Wow shame, I was really looking forward to burnt vegetables and fish again” I roll my eyes trying to regain my composer.

“And you can stay in your room for the rest of the week” she sighed sounding resigned

I don’t bother replying I’ve learnt to pick my fights and I’d rather not get punished the way I did last time.

She walked out and slammed the door I hear a faint click of a lock that my disgusting parents had installed. I drop to the floor of my room going to try and reach Julain again when there’s another knock on my door.

“Come in,” I sigh, another chance to reach Julain interrupted great.

It was a maid with her head down so I couldn’t see her, a butler quickly coming in after her.

“Yeah, what do you want.”

They both raised their head at the same time. My jaw dropped, tears welling in my eyes.

“Good to see you too Beka,” Julian smirked Isabelle smiling a glorious smile next to him.

Tears seep down my cheeks, flinging myself at the siblings, pulling them into a tight embrace.

When we broke away, I saw that Izzy was shedding her own tears and Julain stepped forward to me wiping my tears. “Don’t cry, I told you we were coming.” I shake my head and bury my head in his chest. He stroked my hair until I stopped. “Thanks for coming guys, I missed you so much, ever since my parents stopped letting me see you guys.”

“We missed you too,” Izzy promised me.

Julian was tall and tan his brown hair dropped over his deep blue eyes. I could see his muscles though his butlers’ uniform, I hadn’t seen him in forever, but he was still the same, the same boy who almost killed a guy when he kicked me, my overprotective brother I never had. Izzy looked tons different. A few years ago, she was shorter than me but now we were the same height. Her waist-length hair had a purple strip in it now and her green eyes were as big as ever.

“How did you guys get past the patrols?” I ask curiously.

“You taught us, remember, we used to sneak out.” Izzy winked.

“But that was years ago, my father changed the patrols to stop me running away.”

“No, they’re the same as they were years ago.”

I silently curse myself of course he didn’t change the patrols, how could I be so stupid.

“It’s not your fault,” Julian assures.

“But it is I could have tried to get out.”

“But you didn’t want to get hurt by your parents.”

My hand goes to my cheek where my mother had hit me before, Julian grabs my hand and looks at my cheek where I can feel a blotch size mark forming.

“We’re going right now,” he said his tone harsh.

“Wait I need some stuff” I grab a satchel from under my bed and shove some clothes and money I stole from my parents over the years. And finally, I grab my sketchbook and pencil.

“Let’s go,” I say trying to steady my voice.

Julain didn’t go for the door, he went to my window and yanked it opened.

“Julian, do we have to?” I whisper.

“Yep! I’ll go with you.”

“I can go by myself thank you” I smirk “I have jumped out of my window before, just to sit on the grass for a bit when I’m grounded”

He smirked back at me.

“That’s the Bee I know”

“I’ll go first.” Izzy ran for the window and jumped landing on the floor with a soft thump I went next landing on the floor in a less than graceful manner, I stand up, trip over my feet, and hit the floor with a thud. Julain snickered behind me as Izzy helped me up

“Nice to see you are still our Beka.” He smiles I roll my eyes.


“Oh no,” Julian sighed.

“That’s all you got to say, I told you they changed the patrols.”

“I know I’m sorry.”

“Shut it the both of you,” Izzy whispered and handed us two daggers each, “Let’s see if you can still fight.”

“Do you have my bow,” I ask?

“You bet,” she said tossing me a bow and a quiver of arrows,

“Then this fight is already won.” I say as I raise my arm the arrow loaded, I line up my target and let the arrow go. Taking out the guard in a shot. But more were coming.

“RUN” I scream bolting for the fence Julian and Izzy, slightly behind me. We jump over and continue to run from the manor.

I’m free, I’m Free, I’M FREE!

“I’M FREE!” I scream Julian and Izzy falling to my side, I hug them tight.

I’m free and I have my Best Friends with me, we can get through this we can survive anything. But mostly…

We’re Free.

I’m free, I’m Free, I’M FREE!

“I’M FREE!” I scream Julian and Izzy falling to my side, I hug them tight.

I’m free and I have my Best Friends with me, we can get through this we can survive anything. But mostly…

We’re Free.

We ran and laughed as we made our way to… to… where were we even going?

“Umm… guys, hate to bring this up but where exactly are we going?”

“Well Julian heard that there was a facility in the forest, for people like us”

“But just to be clear we don’t know where exactly it is or if it even exists.” I sighed extravagantly.

“Well…” started Julian.

“I’ll take that as a yes, come on we can look for ‘the Facility that may not exist and if it does, we don’t know where it is’ tomorrow”

Julain looked at me like I had two heads, then he burst out laughing, he doubled over, trying not to fall. “It’s good to hear you joke around, with everything that was going on with your parents I thought they… might have taken away your humour but-”

My hand goes to my hip, and I cock my head at him, “It annoys them, so it’s worth it, even, even if they punished me afterwards.” My hand goes to my stomach, feeling a pang of hurt as I touched it.

Julian reaches for me and pulls me to his chest “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Not being there when you needed me.”

I pull away from him “You and Izzy are the reason I didn’t give up and die, you were the one happy thing I could hold on to and make me fight back. You have got me through this and don’t ever doubt that.”

We had made our way to the edge of the city a massive fence surrounded the entire city no-one in no-one out. That’s how this worked and now we had to get out.

“Please tell me you have a plan.”

“Does plan count as winging it,” Julian laughs when he sees my face.

“Not even close smart guy,” I growl.

“Honestly hadn’t thought that far ahead.”

“And honestly you need to get better at your planning skills and Izzy can’t you think of anything.”

“We can climb the wall.”

I groan, “Really guys, climb the wall, the 30-frigging-meter-high wall without anyone noticing, that's a really good plan.” sarcasm sugar-coated my words.

“Do you have an idea then Miss I’m too good for you peasants,” Julian smirked?

“Yes, I do, follow me, peasants,” I add just to bug Julian,

We head towards the front gates; I don’t even know why we have gates to be honest the rule is no one in no one out and guards at the gate to unsure that.

“You’re crazy.”

“I know,” I reply not breaking my stride towards the guards.

“Bee, let’s think about this” Julain begged I ignore him.

“Izzy, it’s going to get cold.” Her face twisted confused but then her eyes widened and nodded.

“Hello gentlemen,” I say twirling my hair with my fingers.

“Please leave young lady you know the rules.”

“Oh, but I think you’ll let me past,” I grin deviously and beside me, Izzy places her hand on her temple. The guard’s eyes go glassy, and they step aside.

I turn my head and smirk at Julian, who’s looking at me and Izzy like we robbed a bank.

“What the hell did you just do?!”

“Control their thought and then erase their memories,” Izzy shrugged “It’s easy.”

“Okay, so umm, how do you know how to do that.”

“Honestly Julain did you really think my parents ever agreed for you and Izzy to come over?”

“Well yes, since they let us”

“Yes, they did because I made them, and then I taught Izzy so she could get away with small crimes at your house.”

“You taught Izzy but not me?”

“You would have used it for every tiny thing.”

“No, I wouldn’t have,” he argued.

Izzy and I shared a look before we both turned to our hands on our hips questioning him.

“Come on you honestly think I would do that,” We both rolled our eyes.

 “Of course we do, we know you would your Julain.” We both snicker as we walk past him leaving him behind before he ran to catch up.

“Did you wipe their memories?” I ask Izzy she nodes as she turns to her brother who is sulking behind us. “Come on, let’s go find the facility that may or may not exist” I twine my arm through his and pull him through the woods.

“So umm, how are we meant to find this place?” I mutter. “It’s not like we can just yell at the trees and bam someone from the facility shows up.”


Seven figures dropped from the trees, two of them grabbed me then four more grabbed Izzy and Julain. I struggle under the mysterious people’s grip, that was until one brandished a knife and held it at my throat. I groaned and stayed still.

“Just had to do it didn’t you,” I choked to Julian.

“How was I meant to know this was going to happen.”

“Silence or I shall make you suffer.” came a muffled voice as one figure stood in front of me the figure as they ripped off their hood. “Why do you cross our borders.”“We seek your refuge, please, we have run away.” From, our parents… I choked on the last words I couldn’t, I couldn’t.

“If you want to have our shelter, you

must prove yourself.”


The girl shook her head, “Not you.”

“Then I’ll go,” volunteered Izzy.

“Not you either, him.”

“But why?”

“Because there hasn’t ever been a male that carries the abilities you do.”

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Aj Newton
16:40 Aug 12, 2021

I liked this story. It started strong and the 3 kids are interesting characters. The bit with the mother felt unnecessary and overall, the story felt rushed. They left the guard shack and reached the facility within seconds? That part isn't clear. There is a lot of potential here. Good job. However, I don't see how it matched the prompt.


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