John was a nine years old boy in elementary school.He grew up with his father and mother who was an engineer and an hair dresser respectively.He was the only child of and beloved by his parents.John was preparing for school while his parents were preparing for their various places of work.

"Dad,I need a new lunch box.Please,can you get me one when returning from work today", Jerry spoke respectfully.

"What happened to that?",his dad asked and pointed to a lunch box on the floor.

"It's torn and old. I've been managing it but I can't any longer", John replied.

"You should manage it till the end of this week",his dad said.

"I believe I will get a new lunch box today", John spoke confidently.

John arrived at school.He entered his classroom.His class teacher,Mrs. Gift entered the class and the pupils greeted.John sat alone at the back of the classroom.

"The first subject for today is mathematics",Mrs. Gift said.

"Okay ma", the class responded.

"The mathematics textbook is not on my table but it's supposed to be",Mrs. Gift said as she searched her table."Every one should search their bags and the corners of this classroom"

"Wait everyone.Ma, the textbook is in your handbag. I am sure", John spoke timidly.

The other pupils watched their class teacher and John.

"You who hardly talk in the class.Let me just obey",Mrs. Gift said.

The class teacher checked her handbag and saw the mathematics textbook.She brought it out.

"Did you see it in my hand bag before?",she was surprised.

"No ma", John answered.

"How did you know?",she asked.

"Just my feelings",he replied.

The bell rang.The kids put on their school bags and said the closing prayers.John entered the school bus with other kids.

"Good afternoon, Mummy",John greeted.

"Daddy boy, welcome",his mum replied from the kitchen."How was school today?"

"Something happened", John answered.

"Do you mind to tell me what happened?",his mum said.

"That will be after I take a shower"

"Okay, Daddy boy.The food will be ready shortly", she said.

John was doing his homework in the sitting room after he finished eating.His mum sat beside him.

"What happened in school today?",she asked.

John told his mother how he was able to know where his teacher textbook was.

I just felt that the textbook was in her hand bag and I told her. I was surprised that my feeling was correct",John explained.

She patted her son and said,"It sometimes happens to me .So, don't be scared that happened to you.Our feelings are sometimes right"

"Okay Mum"

She stood up and made an attempt to leave.

"Mum, do you want to go and buy a lunch box for me?",John asked innocently.

She was shocked."How could my son be able to read my mind",she said in her heart.She was speechless for few minutes before she finally spoke.

"How did you know what I want to do?"

"Just my feelings,Mum.Like you said,our feelings are sometimes right", John spoke calmly.

"I want to go to a shop close by and buy a new lunch box for you"

"Don't buy it,Mum",John said and shrugged.


"Dad will buy it when coming home from work"

"He said he won't till the end of this week"

"I'm feeling like he will change his mind"

"Well, you are not the controller of his mind",his mum said and left.

John's dad arrived.John greeted his dad and collected his bag.He took permission from his dad to open the bag

"Wow!",he exclaimed with surprise."A brand new lunch box.Thank you,Dad"

"You're welcome, Junior",his dad spoke.

His mum entered.She was holding a lunch box.

"Dearest,you said you won't buy a lunch until the end of this week.So I went to buy"she said

"I changed my mind.l also bought but I will pay you back your money",he replied.

"I told you,Mum"John spoke happily.

"But how did you know?",she asked.

"I just know", John replied.

John was in school with his new lunch box.His classmates stared at him with admiration and fear.John didn't have any friend at school.His classmates neither talked with him nor played with him.During break time, while others were playing with one another,John would be the only person in the classroom.John felt lonely in school.On a particular day,John went out to buy some snacks.His classmates hid his bag.They were laughing when he returned and asked him to search for his bag.

"Where did you all keep my bag?", John asked.

"You are capable of knowing where your bag is",a male classmate whom he loved spoke.

John checked behind the classroom's door and brought out his bag.John was returning from school.He saw his female schoolmate who was crying.

"Why are you crying?", John spoke politely.

"I'm looking for my younger brother. I didn't find him in his class",she answered.

"He is at home", John assured her.

"He doesn't know the way home",she said.

"Believe me.Wipe your tears and go home"

"Okay",the girl said.

John told his mum that he didn't have any friend in his class.His mum asked him to talked to his classmates and they would reciprocate.John listened to the words of his mother.John tried talking to some of his classmates but they didn't respond.He also talked to the boy whom he loved.

"Hey James, let's play a game", John spoke.

"I am not in the mood", James said and left.

John felt disappointed.He told his mother what happened.

"I am not like you because whatever you say come true.So, you have the power to have friends and even best friends",his mum said

John felt he would have many friends.As John was about to enter his classroom,a girl beckoned him.

"I don't know if you remember me.I am that girl you told to go home", she said.

"I remember you"

"I just want to say a huge thank you to you.What you said came true",She revealed.

"No problem'

The school examination was approaching.His classmates asked him to tell them the first subject even though the timetable was not out."It's English",John answered.His classmates believed and studied their English textbook.The time table came out a week after and English was the first subject.His classmates became close to him during the examination.They asked him to tell them the topics that may come out in all subjects.His classmates read the topics.All the topics came out in their examination.His classmates passed with distinction.John thought that what he did would bring friends around him but it didn't work.After the examination,his classmates left him.He returned back to his loneliness.No one talked with him nor played with him.

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