Gears and Hearts Part Seven: The Curse Strikes back.

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Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction

A triumphant grin spread across his face, his green lizard eyes glittering with joy.  His black dragon staff glowed green, his body disappearing in a puff of green puff of smoke.  Black darkness bathed me, the green smoke knocking me out. 

The field died around me, my mother stood in the middle holding me tightly.  My five year old me sobbed, holding her legs tightly.  A much younger Gizmo stood across from us, green fog creeping in.  

“Hand my daughter over to me.” He bellowed, raising his black dragon staff. “Or I will poison her  every year that she exists.”  My mother’s white lace dress blew about in the blustery wind, my little body stepping in front of her.  Green lightning struck me down, my little body crumpling into a pile.  Gizmo stepped towards me, my mother stepping in front of my body.  

“Go away!” She screamed into the wind, her hair fluttering about. “She is now cursed because of you.”  Blue light shot from her palm, Gizmo disappearing in a puff of smoke.  Hot salty tears streamed down her face, her hands cupping my face desperately.  

“I am so sorry.” She sobbed, pulling my lifeless body close to her chest. “I would do anything to protect you. Lady of Light please help?”  The Lady of Light drifted down, the field coming to life again.  Flowers bloomed around her,  the Lady of Light landing gracefully next to her.  

“What can I do to help you, my child of Light?” She asked warmly, her eyes falling to me. “Is that your daughter?”  My mother nodded, her hands cupping her face.  Desperation widened her eyes, her body shaking with fear.

“I will give you anything.” She pleaded, petting my hair. “I can’t live without her.”  Her face deepened with sadness, her head resting on my lifeless body.  The Lady of Light took her hands, her kind eyes washing over with sharp concern.  

“I can save her, but you have to give up your power.” She replied calmly, pulling a rose out of her hair. “It won’t cure her.  At most she has but thirteen years to live.  That is when the last petal will fall inside her.”  My mother nodded, her finger pricking on the large silver thorn on the stem.  A scream exploded from her trembling lips, the blue magic flowing into the rose.  Blue light enveloped me, the rose sinking into my body.  Relief illuminated my mother’s eyes, my body jerking awake.  Tears of joy flooded from her eyes onto my five year old face.  

“Momma.” Five year old me whispered, wiping away my mother’s tears. “It will be okay.  Where did the blue lady go?”  Shaking her head, she swooped me up in her arms.  She patted my head, her dress turning black as the inky black night.”  

Hot air blew my hair around, my body jerking awake.  The centaur with green hair shook me awake, Viktor staring into my eyes. Relief washed over his body, his arms wrapping around me.  Hot salty tears flooded from my eyes, his smell melting my heart.  

“Are you really here to save me?” I queried oddly, pressing my lips against his. “This isn’t an illusion, right?” Shaking his head, the centaur cleared his throat impatiently.  Our eyes met his irked expression, a snort exploding from his lips.  

“Are we going to bust out of this joint or what?” He whined, pulling us up on his back. “We don’t have all day.  And it is too late.”  Gizmo rode down on a giant black snake, his tongue flickering out of his mouth.  Disgust made me want to vomit in my mouth, his rotten odor poisoning the air.  

“You can’t take what is mine.” He growled, raising his staff. “Disclo-” He began, Viktor nodding back at me.  Oakley looked upon with an odd look, William appearing behind me.  Urgency burned in his eyes, the castle starting to crumble around us.  

“If you are going to do something, I would do it now?” He warned, wincing in pain. “I can’t hold off the force field on my own.”  Clearing my throat, a soft hum underlined my words.  All eyes watched me, Boran sprinting in to tackle the snake.  

“Petals of light fill this room, take away the seeds of darkness.” I chanted, raising my hands. “Shower us with your light.”  Blue petals floated around us, taking away the darkness.  Viktor cleared his throat, his gun aiming at Gizmo’s heart.  

“Bullet of truth,  strike him true in the chest.” He shouted, squinting, his finger squeezing the trigger of his gun. “Don’t fail me now!”  A bullet whizzed out of his gun, Gizmo narrowly dodging the bullet.  His knotty fingers wrapped around my neck, breath growing weak.  His force knocked me against the cold wall, the centaur running off for help.  The petals wilted, my body growing weaker.  Viktor ran towards him, only to be tossed into a wall. Oakley tried to distract him, his red snake boots nearly crushing her.  Anger boiled in my veins, a surge of energy burning inside of me.  

“Seeds of darkness take a bit of her life away every time she uses her magic.” He chanted, the walls shaking. “Take her life away until the day she runs my machine.  On that day, the Lord of Darkness can take her soul.”  Green lightning covered my body, my life force draining rapidly.

“Enough!” A deep voice boomed, my eyes meeting a black knight hovering in the air. “You can’t kill her now, my fool.  Capture her, or I will punish you.”  The metal scraped against the other plates, his cold metal hand slapping Gizmo away.  

“I will spare you from your new curse if you join my army.” He offered, his red eyes glowing. “I can take away all of your problems.”  Indignation fired up in my eyes, a wad of bloody spit from my lips landing on his helmet.  

“I refuse.” I spat, trying to slap his hand away. “I am the guardian of Light, the defense against darkness like you.  I will die trying to end your spread of evil.”  A quizzical look dawned in his red eyes, his gloves ripping off his mask.  Nausea rocked my weakening body, a burned face with flaming black hair licking his marked skin.  

“You are just like my old flame.” He mused, tracing his metal glove against my face. “I chose darkness because I had to.  It was that or the world ended.   As a form of punishment the flames of Hell will forever burn my skin.  You will be my bride someday soon.  I like the sound of that, Mina, the mother of darkness.  Let’s go Gizmo.  We can get her another time.  She is your daughter after all, but has the heart of her mother.”  Gizmo protested, gripping my  cut off hair tightly.  A black fog drifted in, black flames swallowing them both.   Darkness bathed us,  blood filling up my mouth.  The metallic taste made hot bile fly up my throat, a disgusting puddle of blood and vomit at my feet.  Viktor swept me off of my feet, blue rose petals snowing around us.  The castle walls shook violently, rocks crashing around us.  Holding Boran tightly, the rocks came to a stop.   The Lady of Light drifted down to us, her robe covering us from the onslaught of stone and metal.  Tears of pain glistened her blue light, my hand touching her heart.  A gentle smile spread across her face, green vines taking over the rumble. The rocks stopped, the fairies who were trapped under him floating them down gently.   She landed gracefully on her dainty feet.  Viktor set me down, wrapping his body around mine.  Letting go, his watering eyes pleaded with the Lady of the Light.

“This child of light will sleep instead of death, if she should ever end up in his machine.” She whispered in my ear, pulling a rose out of her head. “I can’t stop the weakening, but let this rose of light prolong your life.”  Her rose sank into my chest, her body fading into the morning sun.  Will sat silent and stunned, his legs crossed.  Running his hand through his hair, he glanced over at me with a look of surprise.  

“So you are the new mage of light.” He mused, rubbing his chin. “Come to think of it, you do look a lot like Helen, your mother.  She was the most powerful mage in the world.  That is a story for another time.”  My lips parted to speak, Little Lottie running towards me. Beaming ear to ear, she leapt into my arms.  Her small hand smacked the back of my head, tears streaming down her puffy cheeks.  

“Don’t you ever leave me again!” She ordered, hugging me tighter. “You are like my big sister, you know.  What would I do without my sister?”  Chuckling to myself, Viktor peeled her off of me.  His eyes met mine, concern flashing through his eyes.  

“Are you okay?” He inquired, wiping the blood from my lips. “I like your new hair.  I can see your beautiful face.”  A warm smile spread across his face, Lottie crying out in wonder.  Grass and trees had taken over the remains, blue roses glowing around us.  Birds chirped, rabbits hopped around us.  A black rabbit hopped into Will’s hand, his eyes smiling down at the creature.  The nose wiggled, his tongue licking his cheek.  A coughing fit seized me, more blood on my hand.  My curse from my childhood was back, weakness taking over my body.  The world spun around me, Viktor gripping me tighter.  Sobs shook his body, my trembling finger wiping away his tears. 

“I just have to be careful, ‘kay.” I comforted him, petting the top of his head. “We will figure this out.”  A frown darkened his face, the two centaurs stopping next to us.  A golden ring with a crystal rose sat in the middle held together by wires.  

“We can help with your situation.” The gray centaur offered, handing Viktor the necklace. “This will limit her magic use, thus prolonging her life.  However should the worst case scenario happen, this will allow your kiss to wake her up.  I am warning you that it will only work if she is wearing it.  This is our thank you gift for setting us free.  We are off to head home.” They waved goodbye, Viktor placing the necklace around my neck, healing magic bringing me back to normal.  The fairies twinkled away, following after them.  Viktor pressed his lips against mine hungrily, pulling back.  Sleepiness drifted over me, sweet slumber winning her battle.

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