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His beady eyes espied Jenny. She snood out amidst flock. They got hatched and raised in close proximity. Hens, no surprise when figurative young Turks spent entire growing years together, they developed mutual attraction for each other. Thus come Thanksgiving holiday months later, they fluffed respective tail feathers, which obvious amorousness ran a fowl regarding grown turkeys ill fated cruel fourth Thursday of November.

Such overt displays of attraction did not go unnoticed! Quite the contrary!

Diligent paragon of organic farming herbivorous paradigm (characteristic of yours truly), established (wife nobody boot Youtube) animal husbandry more so for company versus brutish nasty, (not so) short commercially raised establishment. Understandable inviolable trans species bonds would develop as disparate living entities grew up together. Compassionate toward all creatures large and small, I experienced fondness for all fauna and flora. This interrelationship diametrically opposed to industrial agricultural constructs. No way, could this introspective, slight, and undersized young, keen, and innocent lad torturously, unnaturally, and violently terminate any precious life, particularly when such breathing, living, and procreating divine living things analogous to family.

Imagine an easily content solitary fellow. He single handedly managed sustaining (economically) just himself. Though deliberately geographically remote (nearest so called civilization) bajillion miles away. Nonetheless, I never felt lonely courtesy various and sundry gregarious (think aspiring inchoate wordsmith, when time allowed) diverse interactions with no human being off the grid lifestyle. Technological innovations allowed, enabled, and provided regular contact with kin and kin. Months in advance invitations (received or sent out) necessary in order to take healthy reprieve with concomitant peace of mind. Every now and again, a quirky acquaintance, relative, sibling, et cetera would motoring on over, no matter off the beaten path divergence visit increased manifold miles traveled. As conscientious, friendly, innately likeable (of course unbiased) obliging recluse, I welcome such unexpected wayfarers affordable accommodations thank you very much to convenient online advertising the Internet in general, and particularly Albert Gore Junior. Similar to bed and breakfasts, or more commonly known as "air mattress B&B," i.e. Airbnb. Click of select keystrokes homeowners (no frills low budget equals mine) offering homes or single rooms for travelers. Whenever a free spirit also known as bohemian (attuned to rhapsody within his/her soul) arranges to synchronize their whimsical, quizzical, magical... spontaneity with availability of myspace. I willingly, joyfully, eagerly, et cetera avail even if just avast capital one foursquare Christmas special speck tack yule lore sliver of ground to pitch a tent. Oft times in the recent past, I entertained crowded house. If perchance anonymous guest lacks adequate, or as an alternative to exchange cash, the option to extend an approximate equivalent sweat equity can be arranged. No matter whether this secluded property occupied strictly by yours truly for months on end, a tidy and neat living quarters maintained. Orderliness an aesthetic quality that manifested when home ties, (where tasty home fries found no other place) cut loose years prior to anniversary of eighteenth orbit around nearest star. Oh... no... no... noo! Unlike an older brother, (who unwittingly) overstayed his welcome at inherited manse named "Glen Elm," and subsequently, horribly, literally... got tossed out on his ear by those married consensual adults surrendering to call of the wild. Another story regarding how he did brew, bore, and battled festering psychological challenges most likely linkedin to his embryonic development. Now tis time to buzzfeed smartpets, cuz brazen, coy, daring enjoyable motley crue test boundaries as invoked by pseudo pinteresting, singing, talking round learned many moons ago, and tracked by electronic cookie crumbs to the following website

http://www.nightheron.com/trees_activityguidethegardenround.html, and also typed below.

The chickens, get into, the to-ma-toes

The chickens, get into, the to-ma-toes

Even the rabbits inhibit their habits when carrots are green

Even the rabbits inhibit their habits when carrots are green ¿Squash? ¿Squash? ¿Squash? ¿Squash? ¿Squash?

¿Squash? ¡Squash! ¿Squash? ¡Squash!

Hedgehogs... Hedgehogs... Hedgehogs... HEDGEHOGS!!!

Please pardon moi, cuz I hear unfamiliar voices outside mine talking head. Envision me, a rather mellow sub dude. He intimates that inclement weather (think once in a century blizzard, that recur every late Autumn, and throughout winter months) necessitating footloose and fancy free globe trotting adventurous guys and gals. Your guess good if not better than mine. Hmm... Whoa, oh my dog! Though "Surprise courtesy Reedsy staff." Every appeared to segway into brotherly/sisterly loving rapport, no matter they met moments ago. Though All the Fixin's not slated to commence little less than a week, major snowstorms forecast to dump substantial amounts to lay thick white carpet upon extensive acreage here, which may only slightly diminish these hard core rugged individualists (yes of course including ye dear reader) to stake out buried campgrounds, but said gungho, indomitable, joie de vivre, kindred liberal minded outwardly pulsating might decide to build an igloo. Meanwhile rambunctious, stalwart, troopers, untethered (by letters), vibrant wellwishers can (literally) chill, and/or make themselves right at home, which anticipation promises to deliver positively memorable surprises amazingly even limited to fruits and vegetables good n plenty freshly pureed, preserved, pickled, et cetera kept in cold storage, and/or mother nature's deep miles encompassing freezer. While world wide web whisked wove colorful threads within the milieu of time acquaintances courtesy instant karma instantaneously became best buddies forever.

Nothing could deliver greater habitation, inebriation, jubilation... than such well sewn seat of pants solidarity than hosting a randomly aggregated collection of environmentally, politically, socially conscious, ambitious, and gregarious beastie boys and goo goo dolls to plumb the depths of mentally, physically and spiritually sturdy twenty somethings. Though not exactly the Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Four Seasons (sorry no donning, haughtily ludicrously trumpeting vipers welcome), or other glitzy, gaudy.

Word of mouth (least costly modus operandi to advertise) will buzzfeed damn finessed honest jabbering... Oh... already, I espy sophisticated cell phones flickering incessantly liberating outstandingly rosy, genuinely heartfelt Google reviews teasing vibrant prospective future sojourners. Matter of fact, a strong inclination posits me to predict repeated sightings regarding present crowdsourcing, (albeit promoting cozy digs), whereat never in my wildest dreams could I intimate facilitating, kickstarting, quickening... welcome veritable strangers to join NON fossil fuel driven bandwagon (REO Speedwagon repurposed to meet strict mandatory pollution curbing measures) , and brainstorm dedicated fortitude healing planet Earth with nary a trace of nihilism.

November 23, 2019 05:59

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