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!! This story wasn’t made to offend anybody! I just wanted to focus a little bit on the One-Child Policy, which was introduced in 1979 and ended in 2015. I want to add that the information I got for The One Child Policy, is from Wikipedia, and from this documentary- Secret Asia: The Dying Rooms (One-Child Policy Documentary) | Real Stories 

Anyways, hope you will like it! 

Outside was raining really hard. A Woman was trying to recover after a home birth to her daughter, Li Jing. She was such a beautiful baby; she had her mother’s eyes. She a pretty nose and her face were perfect Her mother was really scared. The mother was looking at her baby daughter. She was so innocent, and she didn’t know that her mommy had to leave her, even if she didn’t want to. Her other daughter wasn’t home, neither her husband. She got her daughter dressed in a blanked. The woman was really poor , and even if she was rich, she couldn’t keep the baby because of The One-Child Policy.

The woman was living in a small, poor village in Asia. She didn’t have enough money to buy food for her other daughter that was 5 years old. After she dressed herself and the baby, she took a box and put her daughter in it. She felt horrible while she was thinking about what she was going to do with her baby. Afterward, she left the house. The mother walked until she got in front of an orphanage. She decided to let the baby that was in a box, on the orphanage's stairs. The mother wanted to walk away from the baby when she turned her head to see her daughter the last time. 

The nurses that were working, found the baby crying in front of the orphanage. They took the baby that was lying and screaming in a box. The baby had no name, no age, nothing, but they realized that the baby was a newborn. One of the nurses put her name- Li Jing. Everything happened on the 2nd of January 1980. 

One of the girl’s biggest mistake was that she was a girl. In Asia, when a boy is born, everybody celebrates but when a girl does, everybody is silent. The One-Child Policy didn’t help either, because the mother must have only one child, but if she was a boy, the mother could have kept the baby.  

The nurses didn’t care about the children. They would lock some of the babies that were sick, especially girls, in a room, without food or water, and that made the babies die. They didn’t wash the babies, the beds, and the babies were smelling like urine, dirty clothes, and unwashed bodies. The babies were getting sick very fast. The nurses used to punish the babies that were crying and the autistic babies in different ways. The orphans that weren’t babies anymore were always getting yelled at by the orphanage’s staff.  

A lot of time passed since Li Jing was left at the orphanage’s stairs by her mother. She was one of the lucky cases that got adopted when she was 15 years old. The couple that adopted her, couldn’t have kids, and one of them was left in an orphanage too. They were taking care of her, and Li Jing was considering their parents. Li Jing was a good student, she wanted to become a doctor someday.  

In 2009, Li Jing became a pediatrician. She loved children! She was one of the few doctors that really cared about their patients. One day, she decided to visit the orphanage where she lived for 15 years. She didn’t have a happy childhood until the age of 15. The orphanage was abandoned but she was still hearing the babies that were screaming for help in the dying rooms. The autistic children were tied to chairs. The nurses were washing the babies with a disgusted face. All the memories that made her cry every time she was thinking about her past. She wanted to see if there was something in the dying rooms, but it wasn’t anything. The bedrooms were smelling horrible! Everything that she saw there was making her scream and cry for the babies that died there, without anybody caring about them.  

When she left the orphanage, she felt free. She felt like everything that happened there was a bad dream, something that didn’t exist. She wanted to go for a walk near the orphanage. Where her biological mother had her small house. Every single house was poor. A woman was sitting outside, while her dog was playing with a butterfly. It was raining outside, and the girl was feeling really cold when the woman that was looking at her dog decided to invite her to her house. Li Jing accepted the invitation. The woman’s name was Hui Ying. She was old, but she knew a lot of things. Hui Ying told her that a lot of time ago when she was going to the small shop, she saw a young woman with a box in her hands. Something in that box was covered up with a blanket, and in the box, something was moving. That woman put that box on the orphanage’s stairs, and the baby started crying. When Li Jing heard that she started putting a lot of questions. She stayed in that orphanage and one of the girls that were older than her told her that her mother left her in front of the orphanage in a box. Hui Ying told the girl that the woman was still living in the neighborhood and that she may be her mother. Hui Ying knew that the woman was Li Jing’s mother because they had a lot in common. The eyes, the nose, and even the story. She told the girl the woman’s address and her name. She was living in the same neighborhood as Hui Ying and she decided to visit that woman. 

When the woman answered the door, she was left in shock. It was her daughter! She invited her in and they started talking. After almost 4 hours of talking, Li Jing was sure that the woman was her mother. Her mother said sorry and she explained why she did all she did, and she wanted to reconnect with her daughter. Li Jing almost started crying. She couldn’t believe that her mother wanted to reconnect with her again. She told her that she forgave her and that she was so happy that she finally found her biological mother. Now, they are finally having a happy and complete family.... 


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06:26 Feb 11, 2021

A baby abandoned in an orphanage grows up to be a medico. Someone in the neighbourhood tells the medico that her mother lives nearby. They meet and the medico seems content that she has met her mother and they are reconciled.This blog has been categorized as historical fiction. There is no history involved except in the fact that once upon a time a one child policy was introduced and then withdrawn. English is poor. Blog doesn't satisfy the prompt. CRITIQUE CIRCLE.


Joane Unknown
10:03 Feb 11, 2021

Thank you for your feedback! Next time I will try to make something better!


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