I swept Anna off of her feet the night of prom. This was going to be the last time I did this. I was moving, yet I have not told her. I wasn’t planning to. I don’t know how she would react, so I wasn’t taking any chances. I was going to enjoy this last night. 

Anna and I had been going out for a year now, and she was the best girl anyone could ever wish for. Her long, wavy curls, cute personality, beautiful choice of clothes, she was smart and funny, and her beauty. She was stunning. I would never want to leave her, but due to my dad’s cancer conditions, I had to. It was the best for everyone. 

“Babe, I want some ice cream, but they’re too big and I don’t want to waste it. Can you share with me?” 

I looked at her, ready to say no. She knew what to do. She gave me the cutest puppy eyes. 


I can never get past this level. My heart softened and said, “Fine, I can’t say no to that!” I touched her nose and she gave me a white toothed smile. Anna pulled me towards the refreshers table and got an ice cream cone. It was the best I’ve ever tasted.

Hey An, check this out!” shouted one of her friends.

Anna ran over to her group of friends, where they left the gym to look at something. I went over to my dudes to hang out. They knew about the move, and were all bummed out. 

“Come on, you know it’s best if I go.” 

“Yeah but dude, you know it’s hard to leave someone you’ve known for 12 years.”

“I’ll come back. I promise.”

That night, I thought about the move. I don’t know why I said I would come back. Everyone knew I wouldn’t. I couldn’t.

The next day, I packed the clothes that I loved most. The New York Yankees uniform that Anna also had was packed first, then came a few other tees. The rest would be left behind for shelters that needed it. As I put the last shirt inside, I decided to leave a letter on Anna’s front step. 

Dear Anna, 

I didn’t tell you yet, but I’m moving to New York, where my dad can get better medication. It’s best for the whole family. Just always remember that your place in my heart will never be taken.



I dropped half of a pendant necklace into the envelope. I hope she wears it. I fastened my own around my neck and started out for her house. 

The envelope sat on her porch, a bulky chunk where the necklace was. I walked back to our house, just in time to put in our things. This was getting real. I took the suitcase I got at Dillards and carried it out to the trunk. I tried thinking of happy things to stop the waterfall of tears. It’s all for the good. Family health matters most. I thought of the memories of Anna and I. I wanted to make one more.

I asked my mom if I could go say goodbye, and luckily she said yes. 

“I want to go see Annie too!” yelled my little sister Blake pulling on my North Face shirt. 

“Her name’s Anna.”

“Whatever, can I go? I wuv her too!”


I carried her in one arm and controlled my bike handles with the other. As I approached, I thought of what to say. Shortly we arrived at her house. The package wasn’t there anymore. Ding dong! I rang the bunny shaped doorbell Anna and I had picked out when the house was remodeling. Anna opened the door. 

“Dylan! Are you really moving away from me?”

“I’m sorry babe. I’ll miss you.”

“Bubba, I wanna let Anna hug me.” 

I handed her over to Anna. She held her closely to her chest, resting her face on my sister’s head and rocking slightly. Blake took her teddy bear and put it close to herself as well. It was like they were mother-daughter. I never wanted to leave this moment behind, but people come and go, and that’s the way of life. Just then, my phone rang. 

Mom- “Sweetie time to come home! We’re leaving in a bit.”

I took a picture of Anna and my sister, made sure my high school sweetheart stayed in touch, and took sis hand in hand back home. This was the hardest day I’ve experienced so far. 

We drove to the airport and got onboard. Tears welled up in my eyes. Goodbye, L.A.. 

A few years later……………..

I ended up talking to Anna only once a month, we both had our things to do. We were both in college, and according to Anna, the Carringtons had just welcomed their sixth baby, Cheyenne. Definitely busy enough for someone in college. Dad had just recovered from his surgery, now happy and healthy. Blake went to first grade, and she came home singing new songs every single day. 

It was a rainy Sunday morning, and I was driving out of town to see my favorite baseball team in play. New York Yankees. The raindrops splashed onto the hood and windows of my new B&W. I had saved up all of my money since first grade, knowing I had wanted one from looking at my uncle’s. I was driving past a subway station when I saw a familiar face. Ding! A message popped up.

Anna- “Dylan, remember me? High school girlfriend? I still miss you, though we don’t talk everyday. Today I’m going to go see the Yankees! Do you know when the subway comes at 4 train or whatever it’s called? Also, I decided to move to New York! Maybe we can be neighbors?”

Classic Anna. Asking a handful of questions at once. This was going to take a while to answer all. Wait….. I was just beside a subway station. I drove my car in reverse back to the subway. There, Anna stood, staring at her phone, most likely waiting for an answer. She hasn’t changed a bit, still that beautiful girl. I decided to surprise her, see how she reacts. I sneaked up behind her, then texted her to turn around. “Hey Anna! It’s me! Want to pitch a ride to the stadium? I happen to be going there too!” She stood there, dumbfounded. 

“Dylan! Is that you? Sure! I would love to pitch a ride!” She hugged me tight. 

“We better hurry, the game starts in half an hour!” 

We got in my car and drove there, talking and laughing the whole time. It was like we were a pair again. Then out of the blue, my mouth started working on it’s own.

“Anna, will you be my girlfriend again?”

“I thought we never broke up, but sure!”

I was the happiest person in the world. “Really babe?” 


She leaned over and kissed me. I had my girlfriend back. Yes!

We got to the ball game just in time, sharing popcorn while we watched the Yankees win. I couldn’t wait for her to move here. This was the best day in my life. At the end of the game, I drove her back to the station and we lip-locked one last time, with all the enthusiasm in the world.

August 09, 2020 14:48

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Amany Sayed
16:23 Aug 09, 2020

Aww, what a sweet story! I was heartbroken that he had to move but so glad they got back together. I love all the small details like Dylan's little sister Blake, and the bunny-shaped doorbell. Those things give your story a personality. All in all, there were no grammar mistakes and this was very well written. Wonderful job, keep writing!


01:36 Aug 10, 2020

Thanks! I took your advice and tried to remember to make new paragraphs for dialogue. :)


Amany Sayed
13:37 Aug 10, 2020

I noticed! It flowed much better that way. Wonderful job! :)


14:38 Aug 10, 2020

Thank you!


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