Drama Fiction

A tin box made of metal. Or was is steel? Is that a bit of dirt on this steel box? It must of been made around fifteen years ago. I do not know why but I somehow calculate everything in my mind PRECISELY. I think it was when I was two. Or three. Or four? I can’t really tell. But it may have been when people were teasing me at kindergarten that I did not know enough. That’s when I started this hobby. When I was five and a halve or possibly five in a quarter, I started studying books. This is at a very young age I may add. Then I learnt a few things like four times tables or maybe nine times tables? I still can’t tell. Possibly if you rounded it in the middle I could make that six times tables. Why not seven? you may ask. Well six is a lucky number. They are the symbol of intellect, gentleness, humour and worldly pleasures. Seven however is an unlucky number in many different areas. That is why I am regretting my birthday which is in two weeks. Or was it one? Possibly one and a half. Because I am six right now and in one and a halve weeks I will be turning seven. I can only catalog everything in my brain when I am six probably because it is lucky. I take it as a good luck charm. When I turn seven who knows what will happen. Something unlucky that’s for sure. I make sure I make the most of the minute. Or maybe second? Maybe millisecond. Or microsecond. Or nanosecond. Maybe even picosecond. But I can not keep track of the time ticking by. My Mum said we need to go to the library today to return a few books. BORING. Instead I force my younger sister Alexandra into the car.She is gagged up so she can not warn mum. She does not know.

Mum arrives back. I have been timing her on my smart watch. Or was it a Apple watch. It may have been a normal same old fashioned watch I wore yesterday which is probably the most likely because I only have one watch. Or maybe two. Or perhaps three. Anyway she took a big one hour and thirty one seconds and fifty eight milliseconds my watch does not tell me the nanoseconds or the picoseconds so I can not tell you the time for that. Mum comes out of the car with a cross look on her face. She then turns to the gagged up sister.

“Brian” She puffs through her mouth with a half chewed fruit burst in it. Maybe a quarter chewed one. Or possibly an eighth chewed lollie. I do not know but that is not the point. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR SISTER!” she yells still chewing on the sweet. It smells of grape. Or maybe strawberry. Defiantly not banana or orange because nobody likes those. Anyway after a not-so-nice scolding I was sent to my room with no lunch. She was obviously kind enough to let me have dinner but all it was is burnt toast. I preferred lunch because it was pancakes. My sister began teasing me about it. Six still has a few unlucky moments.

April 23 (or twenty second?) Any way it is my birthday. NO!

I wake up and find myself not knowing what the day is. I look around in my memory bank. It feels empty. Something feels wrong. VERY WRONG. Then I remember one thing before it comes leaking out into the air. I am now seven. Then I forgot that memory completely. The calendar says weird things like April something? I do not know what that means. My mum comes inside my room and says “It’s your birthday!” I ask “What is a birthday?” Mum looks at me blankly. “You have turned seven!” I feel something terrible about the word.

I keep on repeating it “Seven seven seven seven…” Until I have completely forgotten the word completely. Mum takes me to something called ‘School’ I find it familiar but I can not put the missing piece into the puzzle. I feel dumb. So dumb. I finally catch the thread before it floats away.

  1. I am now seven the unlucky number
  2. I am now forgetting things because I am not the lucky number anymore
  3. I will now forget EVERYTHING
  4. This memory is going to disappear before I can say anything

The memory vanishes just as fast as quick as is came. I am now blank with memories. When I enter the ‘school grounds’ I see people who calls me ‘friend’ What does THAT mean? I find the saying familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. My teacher (Whatever that is) faints in the classroom because ‘the best person in maths has now become the worst’ I don’t even know what that means either.

My 8 Birthday !

I wake up. I feel quite jumpy. Like REALLY happy. I feel something inside of me has returned. Then I remember.

  1. I remembered!

I have remembered I have remembered which is so confusing to say. It is 53 words in total. Or maybe 52. All I care about is I can REMEMBER And still really well because in Japan, China and in many other areas eight is the lucky number. “Its your birthday” Mum mumbles under her breath. She does not like birthdays now because of what happened to me. “Good morning mum!” I speak in pride. She looks at me with the gloomy face slowly transforming into a hopeful face. “Brian?” She asks. “Yes mum It is my birthday!” I smile. Mum smiles too and we hug. Suddenly we turn around. Oh no. Forgot. It is my Alexandra’s birthday to today as well. I forgot to mention because I was kind-of dumb. She has turned seven. “Whats a birthday?” She asks. Me and mum stop in our tracks. “No please” I breath. “You must be kidding” Mum says. “Just joking!” She laughs and we all hug together.

I guess that is the end of the story. I don’t know why it was only me who lost memory when I turned seven. I will never know. But I guess it was for the worse or the even worse worse. Anyway is that cloth made of sheep wool? Or maybe string.

April 25, 2021 21:18

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Chase .
21:42 Apr 25, 2021

Great story Ed!


Ed .
22:08 Apr 25, 2021

Thanks so much!


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Arwen Dove
21:24 Apr 25, 2021

This is a brilliant story filled packed full of imagination!


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TJ Squared
03:27 May 02, 2021

that was really great! Very interesting story :)


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22:47 Apr 25, 2021

Nice story. Great job! I hope you write a series! 👍


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