Will I ever have you in my life?

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Creative Nonfiction Suspense Teens & Young Adult

It was a rainy evening. I was laying down on my queen-sized bed, watching videos on my mobile phone with my headphones on. I felt something sliding through my eyes. I felt uneasy as my nose was clogged.

Then, I realized that I have been crying.

I got up and sat on the bed. I wiped my tears hurriedly as I didn’t want anybody to see me crying…

I composed myself and resumed my work of watching videos.

Suddenly, I heard a sound. Someone entered my room. It was Anshu, my younger sister.

“Hey, What are you doing here? It’s raining outside and you’re using your phone.”

She said as she sat in front of me on the bed.

“I love rain but still I don’t want to get out of my bed now.”, I replied.

“ Hey, are you listening to music? Can I also join you?”, she questioned me as she peeped into my phone.

“No, not music. Something else.”

She gazed at my face for a while and raised a question.

“Di, Were you crying before I came here?”

I was amazed.

“No, not at all. Who told you?”

“I can make it out by looking at your face. Stop pretending”

“Yes, I was crying watching these videos.”

She was puzzled so she gazed at my phone.

She glanced at me with disappointment.

“Same, old stuff. What is this, Di? I have warned you not to watch these videos as it makes you sad. I can’t see you crying. Why don’t you just understand?”

I didn’t pay much attention to her words.

“It's raining out there and you are making yourself sad by watching these videos? Why do you need him in your life? You have me, mom and dad. Aren’t we three enough for you? Aren’t you happy with us?”

“Of course not. You three are my world. I love you guys a lot.”, I replied looking at Anshu.

She smiled looking at me.

“By the way, You have to listen to good melodies during the rainy season and should not watch these sad videos. Got it?”

Anshu said as she pulled me out of the bed. I left my phone on the bed and went along with Anshu to admire the rain.

Anshu took me to the balcony and I place my cold hands on the glass railing of our balcony. The climate was bliss.

The smell of the wet soil made me high.

“Rashi Di, you stay here. I’ll make coffee for both of us.”

I nodded as she left to the kitchen.

I was admiring the grey clouds.


I heard a massive noise. It came from the stairs of our apartment.

I followed the sound and quickly opened the main door.

I saw Ayesha sitting on the floor near the staircase and all the veggies were scattered here and there. She was completely drenched in water.

She lives on the third floor.

I assumed that she would have fallen off accidentally.

I rushed to her and helped her.

“I'm alright, Rashi. Thank you.”

Ayesha is one of my good friends in the apartment.

I picked up the scattered veggies and kept them aside. I helped her to get up. I called Anshu for help. Ayesha walked slowly by gripping both of us tightly.

We made her sit on the couch.

“What happened? Are you alright, now?”, Anshu asked Ayesha.

Meanwhile, I rushed to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water, and handed over it to Ayesha.

Ayesha sipped the water.

“I was completely drenched in rainwater so, I accidentally slipped while carrying the veggies to my house.”

“You could have got someone’s help.”

“No, Actually… I went to the market along with my brother. He had to park the car and should come home carrying other stuff too. I thought of helping him so I climbed up the stairs hurriedly with these vegetables in my hand”

She got a phone call.

“Bhai, I’m at Rashi's house. Come here to the second floor. I can’t walk. Please.”

We heard the sound of footsteps. Suddenly, a six feet tall figure stormed into our house.

It was Ayesha's brother, Hameed.

“What happened?”

He asked as he sat down looking at his sister’s foot.

He was too concerned about her.

She narrated what exactly happened.

“SHUT UP…”, he yelled.

Anshu and I, both looked at each other with astonishment.

Ayesha was feeling sorry.

“I told you to go home quickly and not to take up any kind of stuffs with you, didn’t I?”

“ Now, see what have you done? Our parents would bash me.”

Ayesha apologized to Hameed.

“Does your foot hurt? Are you okay?”

“Not much. I guess it’s a sprain.”

“Will you be able to walk?”, asked Haameed looking at Ayesha.

“Yes, I will.”

“Shall we leave, then?”, he said picking up the veggies placed on the table.


Hameed turned towards us.

“Thank you for helping her, Rashi and Anshu.”

We both smiled at him.

“I’ll go place this stuff at home and will get back to you. Give me a minute, Ayesha.”

He rushed home.

“We'll help you, Ayesha.”, said Anshu.

“No, Thank you, Anshu. He’ll be here now. You both have already helped me.”

“You have such a caring brother, Ayesha. You're too lucky.”

Ayesha smiled.

“Even though he scolds me a lot, he can’t see me in pain. He is too caring and concerned for me and you’re right I’m lucky to have a caring brother like him.”

By then, Hameed came and took Ayesha along with him.

He made sure she didn’t feel the pain in her foot.

I was happy for Ayesha. She has a good brother who loves her a lot.

I had the coffee prepared by Anshu, spent some time with her, and went to my room.

I was recalling how Hameed looked after Ayesha when she was hurt, how he scolded her, all other incidents.

I sat on the bed and gazed at my phone.

I unlocked it and again those videos which made me cry popped up on my screen.

Those videos portrayed the beautiful bond between a brother and a sister.

I never had an elder brother.

I don’t know how it feels to have an elder brother.

I love elder brothers because they are caring, protective, and possessive about their sisters.

Even though I have good parents and a sweet sister who loves me a lot, my heart yearns for brother's love.

Whenever I see girls with their elder brothers, I feel happy for them and sad too as I don’t have one by my side.

I watch these videos repeatedly on social media which eventually makes me cry.

Wish I had an elder brother too.

I have been yearning for brother's lovee since many years.

I haven’t found a caring brother yet.

I would be happy if someone accepts me as their sister at least for one day.

I kept my phone aside, hugged my pillow, and slept hoping to get the love of an elder brother someday or the other.

November 13, 2021 20:46

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