Fantasy Adventure Mystery

“Some things are best kept a secret” 

By: Haripriya 

I recollect the time I had to go on a nature walk. At first, I didn’t really like the idea of it. Nature to me one year ago meant bug bites, weird smells, dirt, mud, and danger lurking in every corner. Well... now I am a completely different person. I love nature! I love going outside to feel the cool breeze and sunshine on my face. Sit and lay on the soft, yet bumpy grass. My favorite part of the nature walk was going to the garden. It wasn’t that ordinary garden though, like a garden you can grow outside your backyard. It was as huge as two mansions stretched like a rubber band. The weeds were as tall as an ordinary adult in that garden. The flowers, oh! So pretty and smells amazing! Watching this sight had totally changed the way I viewed nature itself.  

Do remember this was one year ago, for a science field trip. We had to go out and write, describe what we see. Note down all the different types of animals and plants. (We could even draw them!!) Everything was so perfect in that trip.  

Unluckily, the entire garden had dried out completely because in that area, a drought had occurred. It came in the news, newspapers, even articles!  Every time I switched on the T.V. I would see the dreaded sights of the press shooting through their cameras, the once beautiful garden, now a desert. I had felt very sad. I loved that garden! But, never got to experience it again. The best part about the garden was the beautiful smell.  

In retrospect, my science teacher told us that it was a Hyacinth. They had a beautiful fragrance, and they came in all sorts of colors. The ones we saw were all the colors in the rainbow. Each row had a flower which was corresponding to the color. They can come in single, or double packed flowers. Their bulbous and little round curly cord like feature makes them look very cute. She had also told the class that they only stay for a short amount of time. I think she said...around 2 weeks. But they looked amazing! I couldn’t believe my ears when the media had reported that the entire garden got dried up! Now, I was never going to smell their beautiful fragrance, and experience the mesmerizing sight of the rainbow-colored garden. What were the odds that I was ever going to do this all over again? 

Tomorrow, me and my family were going to go on a picnic. Mostly to spot those shooting stars. People say that if you wish on a shooting star, your dreams and wishes would come true. Now, I don’t know if that is true or not, but I was going to try. I wasn’t going to lose hope. I packed all my supplies and was ready for tomorrow. We were going to spread the tablecloth on the rough, wet grass and have our picnic there. My mom had made everything we were going to eat today so that tomorrow all we must do is just get all our supplies and just leave. My dad had also helped today for the preparations to be done. I was really excited on what new adventure tomorrow would bring us.  


Finally, it was the day!! I squealed with joy and content. I was ready. So was my mom and dad. We headed out the door at 8 pm. Carrying everything and finally walked till we reached the car.  

“How long will it take to reach the park?” I asked my parents, looking curiously at them.  

“It will take about 10-15 minutes for us to drive a reach there. Then about 4 to 5 minutes for us to find the perfect spot and set everything up.” replied my dad cheerfully. 

I smiled and slowly opened the door and sat inside the hot and humid car. I was wondering about what I would wish when I spot those shiny shooting stars. I pondered and deeply thought about it when my chain of thoughts suddenly got interrupted by a loud bumping noise.  

“WHOAH!” I exclaimed. 

“Sorry, that was the brakes, the roads up the park is a little hilly and a bit bumpy so don’t blame me if you keep having your face hit the car door! It’s the road, not me!” dad laughed sheepishly. 

“Wait, stop over there dad! I... found something! Can you park the car somewhere near here! I found that flower I was dreaming about. The same flower which I had seen in that nature trip! Please, you just must stop the car, I really need to see that flower again. It is so beautiful; I can’t resist it.” I tried to persuade my parents. 

“ OK, fine. You go quickly look at it and stay there until we find a parking space. After that we both will come to you, and do not go wandering around anywhere else do you hear me?” mom spoke strictly and sternly. 

“Yes, mom. I won’t.” I responded back.  

I slowly took a closer look after I stepped out of the car. I was so mesmerized by its beauty.  

“I just have to smell it!” I thought to myself.  

As I did, though, something peculiar and strange happened. In a blink of an eye, I was gone. Like I was being took somewhere else. I started panicking and nervous.  

“HELLO!! Is anyone here!? Where am I?” I screeched out until my voice started hurting. 

As expected, I got no replies. I pinched myself hard to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming any of this. But the only thing that caused me was pain. Other than that, I spotted myself in that exact place.  

Wait a minute...I recognize this place. That smell! The river, the gated entrance, the...GARDEN!” I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

I saw myself and the rest of my class, including my science teacher bending down and closely examining the flowers.  

“As I said students, now is the time to draw/ include detailed observations in your science journal about what you are seeing. Be sure to have your observations explained and remember to include your personal thoughts and feelings! I will be grading this assignment soon, so I expect to see some type of work done. Do you understand? Now...GO! GO! GO! Explore and enjoy my young scientists!” Mrs. Flora exclaimed.  

I remembered this moment like it was yesterday! The way I felt, paralyzed by this amazing sight. Breathless. So, stunned! Wow. It really had felt to go back in time. But the real question is, when I smelled the Hyacinth, how come I had gone back to the exact moment I first saw it!? Also, the garden was fully dried up due to a drought, so how I am I still seeing a healthy garden? 

Well as people say, some things are best kept secret... 

~The End~ 

September 26, 2020 01:40

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