A long time ago, there were two stars beyond a distant sky. They lived far away in the pocket of a dark nebula that drifted through the universe. One star was bright and burned forever blue, the other was just as bright and burned forever red. They were relatively opposite but still fundamentally the same. 

For centuries they circled one another, perpetually caught in the others gravitational pull, dancing for all eternity. In many ways they loved each other. The way one shined so bright and beautiful against the endless void of space inspired the other to shine just as hot and bright. Their love rapidly grew like a field of yellow daisies in the shining sun. 

Blue admired the way Red would silently spin. He turned and turned, graceful like a stone sinking through clear water, always revealing a new side. Red adored the way Blue seemed to hang from her invisible string. She was floating in the night, and Red was always fascinated by her beauty and graceful poise. One was nothing without the other. Together they burned, together they turned, and together they drifted through the cosmos, desperately in love with each other. 

One day, Blue noticed a slight distance growing between her and Red. But all she could do was watch as he spun in the night, slowly floating away. Blue was sad beyond anything she had ever felt before. She believed her heart was crumbling and breaking as her love slowly and quietly left her to spin all by herself. Eventually she could no longer see him. 

She now wept alone as she gazed, forever searching for her lost love among a million tiny specks of white. She had never experienced solitude before. She didn't know what it meant to be alone. All she knew is that she didn't want to exist any longer. She didn't want to remember the way she used to dance with him, the way she used to adore him. She thought she'd bathe in his red glow for the rest of time. Now there was nothing but her, hanging from her invisible string; hanging in the dark. 

Years passed by. 

Hundreds of them, thousands of them; an unmeasurable ocean of time. 

She stopped thinking about Red so much. And one day she didn't think of him at all. She grew old and weak, yet she seemed to be burning brighter and hotter. She felt different, like she was falling through the floor of space. And as she burned hotter and hotter, falling faster and faster, she knew she was finally going to die. She felt like a caged tiger being released into the green wild. She felt gratitude and peace. And in her contentment, she remembered; she thought of him. She thought of him quietly circling around her, adoring her, loving her, burning just for her. And as she fell, she smiled just for him. Her last thought was a happy one. 

And then, she died. 

She exploded in a violent and beautiful super nova spilling out in every direction at near light speeds. Like colorful expanding confetti, her remains flashed and streamed throughout the universe and slowly dissolved as time passed. Pieces of her became smaller and smaller and grew farther and farther apart as darkness swallowed every ounce of her. The pieces became molecules and the molecules became atoms. She was now spread so far across the expanse of the known universe that her soaring atoms occupied millions of light years in every possible direction, like an ever growing sphere of fading energy. 

But something happened. As the atoms grew further apart, becoming singular bits of lonely matter, there were two atoms that managed to stay together. 

One was red and one was blue. 

Across great distances and even greater lengths of time, they braved the cold darkness side by side, one never leaving the other to drift alone. And eventually, they began to circle one another as they sailed through the night. They became content with each other's constant company, growing ever more familiar with each other's energy. 

Millennia faded into millennia and they fell in love. 

All one atom knew was the other atom. Their entire universe became just the two of them. 

Of course, galaxies and nebulae and celestial events blossomed and bloomed in the blackness around them as they danced and streamed across the vast plains of space and time, but through it all, Red only saw Blue and Blue only saw Red. They loved each other and nothing, literally nothing else in the universe mattered. 

Then, after an incomprehensible length of time, something changed. A distant fleck of color which was once nothing more than a dot in a sea of dots seemed to be growing in size. It was getting closer. And as the distance between them and this new addition to their existence became smaller, they only loved one another more. The colorful something grew and grew until it was clear what it was. 

It was a planet. 

Blue and green and lit up by the glow of a nearby warm yellow star, it floated alone, elegant and beautiful. Blue and Red fell through the night towards the planet but never stopped circling one another. Their speed increased but they never left each other's side. They began their entry into the planet's atmosphere together, as companions, as lovers. 

Space became air. 

Air became sky. 

Their descent became violently turbulent as they plowed through pockets of air and layers of clouds. 

They started to separate. 

Blue watched in desperate horror as Red began to fall away from her. The closer they got to the planet's surface, the farther apart they grew. Eventually, Blue completely lost sight of Red and she realized she was falling all by herself. She had lost him. And he had lost her. They were alone and entering a new part of the universe they've never experienced before. They were afraid and they were falling. The blackness of space had been left far behind and they were now in a bright place full of color and light. It was horrifying.

Blue fell towards one spot, and far away, Red fell toward another. Blue was looking forward to dying as she plummeted downward. She hoped she'd cease to exist because the only thing she ever knew and loved was gone. There was no reason to be, no reason to exist. 

And as they crashed into the surface of the planet, they both welcomed death. 

But the universe had something different planned for them: 


Blue fell down, down, down, and into the blonde hair of a little blue-eyed girl as she was walking to school. Red landed in the brown hair of a little boy who was playing outside. To Blue's surprise and disappointment, she did not die. In fact, she landed quite comfortably. After all, she was only a tiny atom; not much mass to make much of an impact. Red was equally curious about what had happened. All they knew was that they were now existing among the billions of quarks, protons and electrons that made up the microfibers of a single strand of hair among thousands. Their universe had changed dramatically. 

As time passed, they both realized that something odd was happening to them. After much consideration, they both came to the strange conclusion that they were slowly being incorporated into the very structure of their respective hairs. They were becoming attached, becoming a part of it. Eventually, they became familiar, and even content in their new universe. They worked together with the other balls of energy, and what could they do but accept what was happening? 

Both grew into the bodies and lives of those they landed on and truly became them. Blue became one with the girl and Red became one with the boy. In other words, blue quite literally was she, and red was he. 

The universe is a strange and amazing place. Events and phenomena take place across space and time that cannot be explained with modern science, theoretical physics, or even religion. Words fail where energy blooms. Things that have no beginning or end begin and end. 

Time is a massive circle, forever doomed to start back at the beginning, if there ever really was a beginning. 

And now, here we have two atoms that traveled across unimaginable distances over an unimaginable length of time, originating from a star in some far off corner of the cosmos who was full of perfect, clean love, only to end up here on Earth, ultimately becoming a man and a woman. 

Here is where the beauty and irony of the universe really expresses itself. 

They meet. 

Through a very long series of events, decisions, situations, accidents and miracles, they meet. And here's the very best part of our story: 

I am him. 

And you are her. 

I am Red and you are Blue. 

And as we spend time together, we can't exactly explain what it is, but we share an indescribable connection. We are drawn to one another like gravity. We feel we know one another inside and out. We can't bare to leave each other's side, so we spend our days dancing around each other, discovering each other, loving each other. I sense a light inside you that shines like the sun and radiates joy and I am drawn to it like the moon to the Earth. And the light inside you recognizes the light inside me. You love watching the stars as much as I do and we both experience a powerful sense of romance and connection when we look up. Our colorful energy blends together like the swirling ebb and flow of the rising tide.

We were born from the same star, you and I. 

We were literally made for each other. 

You are my soul mate. We've crossed the entire universe in each other's embrace. We've danced together for eons. 

I'm yours until the end of time.

I love you.


February 19, 2020 06:09

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Rohit Praveen
19:28 Jul 13, 2021



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Rohit Praveen
17:03 Jul 10, 2021

This story is just perfect. I'd serve under you if I could.


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Kate Rucker
17:22 Mar 28, 2020

Incredibly lovely <3


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Sam Kirk
02:56 Feb 29, 2020

Such a beautiful tale. Well done. Had me hooked from beginning to end.


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Jenny Mann
21:48 May 02, 2023

These are the feelings, you are he. This has been so lonely and empty without you. Let get back to us, playing, holding hands, eating ice cream, doin' what we want!! This in and out is so hard, I've been longing for you. You're my bestfriend.


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Ranuli P
11:53 Oct 07, 2021

this was absolutely beautifully written. so poetic, so beautiful, so heartwarming.


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Isabelle K
19:10 May 06, 2021

This is beautiful. Wow, I mean, by the end, I could feel the emotions in your words. Well done:)


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23:40 Nov 05, 2020

Oh my gosh. I loved this story! It reminded my of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's "The Most Astounding Fact." If you've read it or watched the video you might know what I'm talking about! 😁 But anyway, your story was absolutely AMAZING! It pulled me in and wouldn't let me go until I finished it! You truly have a gift!


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A McKethan
19:15 May 29, 2020

this is great! its so pretty


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Lavanya Jain
17:25 Mar 06, 2020

That was beautiful.


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Thaine Chase
15:58 Feb 26, 2020

Absolutely amazing writing.


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09:09 Feb 24, 2020

Great story, Dan, really. I was immediately pulled into your story by just the opening paragraph and that alone is perfect. When the first blue star lost her red star, I felt the absence of that light too. And when she died? I felt the loss and that is a good thing because it showed you are a superb writer. Great job, lovely story...


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Clarity H
03:40 Feb 24, 2020



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