Science Fiction

“Now where is that boy?!” one of the guards asked. Who are they trying to find? Me. Jack. Why are they trying to find me? Well, in 2343, a dude discovered a large amount of gold buried beneath the moon's surface. Now, every year, one boy will be sent to the moon to help in the harvesting of gold. That doesn’t sound too tough, right? The problem is, we also discovered aliens called Kronons. 

They were extremely dangerous beings, too. They all have a poisonous barb on their heads, as well as super thick skin that only an explosive weapon can destroy it. The funny thing is, they also like gold, but for different reasons. That is their source of food. Rumors say they taste just like cheese! Pretty funny, huh?

It is the day that I was supposed to launch to the moon, but here I am, hiding. I really don’t want to go, but my dad has paid so much money for me to get the proper education to be able to even go. I decided to suck it up and get it over with. I came out of hiding, and the guards grabbed me on the spot. “Be a good boy, and go into the rocket!” They said.

As I boarded the Goru, I felt a wave of nausea coming over me. I never told anyone, but the truth is, I have acrophobia. It is the condition of being scared of heights. I know, I know. That is so stupid, a soon-to-be astronaut being scared of heights, but as I told you before, I really had no intention on becoming an astronaut until my dad made me. I took a deep breath, and forced myself on. Thanks to the invention of sound blasters, we can now reach the moon in only five minutes. Still, it was the most grueling five minutes ever.

As I landed on the rocky surface, I saw a whole army standing on the moon! Is that really necessary? The aliens are not that bad, are they? I walked off, and I was greeted by our troop leader, Jack Reyes. He was armed to the teeth, and probably even to his hair, too. I asked him, “Why do you need all of the weapons?” “The Kronons are a dangerous species,” he replied. “Better be prepared.” Prepared? Prepared for what? I was about to ask him, but he was already gone.

Whatever. It's probably nothing. I walked down the ship and into the base. Inside was the most magnificent building I had ever seen. There were eight totems inside of the building. There were the eight gods of Noa painted on each one. The fifteen gods of Noa were actually real people, but they all had superpowers. They all controlled one planet each. Our planet is controlled by the fourth god, who, because she is a girl, loved pretty things, so she made our planet look pretty with green and blue. There was also a demigod, who controlled our moon. He likes shiny things, so he filled it with gold. 

I have been touring the amazing building for the past 4 hours. I saw amazing things like a chandelier made entirely of gold, an ape getting trained to act like a human, and even the teeth of Neil Armstrong!! Finally, it was time for bed. Wow! Even the bed is not normal! The beds are kind of like a ferris wheel. First, one person gets on, then the whole contraption rotates, and another bed will be there, so another person can get on another bed, and so on. I got into my bed, and was prepared to have a great sleep, until I heard a loud bang. 

I shot up in my bed, and ran down the stairs. “What happened?” I asked Jack Reyes. “Oh, we are under attack.” he replied. How can he be so calm? WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!! “Everyone grab a bazooka!” Jack Reyes answered. WHAT!?! A bazooka? What the heck? Oh yeah, I forgot. The Kronons can only be destroyed by explosives. Oh well. I grabbed one, and went to join the battle. 

When I saw the aliens, I thought something was wrong. Their skin is usually brown, but this time, they are grey. The attacked the base head on, which is also unusual. I aimed my rocket launcher, and even though I felt kind of bad, I fired. Wait a minute. How come they are not harmed? I fired again and again. 

IT HAS NO EFFECT!!!!!!  Then, as they drew closer, I noticed what was wrong. They have Krytone armor! Krytone is a very, very valuable substance. It is the hardest substance found so far, and only the legendary laser blaster and destroy one. Unfortunately, the laser blaster is on Mars, after a foolish human tried to use it to eliminate Martians. 

I have to warn everyone! I tried to find a bullhorn or something of that sort, but the Kryptons must have known about it, because they have destroyed every single one. I ran to Jack Reyes, but he wouldn’t listen. He just kept firing, firing, and firing. I watched in horror as the Kryptons grew closer, and closer, and closer. Jack finally noticed something was wrong, and ordered all of the people back on the ship. After everyone was on the ship, Jack gunned the engines. “What are you doing?” I asked. “We are going back to Earth,” he replied. He revved the engine, but nothing happened. He tried again and again, but with the same results. He slowly turned to me, and said, “I think our engines broke down.” What?! So that means…. We are all going to die. I watched in terror as the aliens broke down the walls of our ship, and started eliminating our people one by one. The emergency alarm blared and blared. And blared, and blared. That is weird. The alarm suddenly turned to a ringing. 

I slowly sat up from the bed. It was a dream! That is awesome! Today is the REAL day for me to get on the moon. I hope the real trip will be better than my dream!

July 29, 2020 14:30

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