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Indigenous Happy Mystery

Mrs. Saba was worrying over the academic performance of her daughter Eliza. Eliza could not obtain good marks in Entrance Examination. Hence the mother was worrying over the low level success. She planned to arrange home tuition for Eliza. So she was in search of a proficient teacher for Eliza’s excellent performance in the next examination. Her academics were not up to the standards for the admission in a medical college which Saba wanted for her. She wished to see Eliza a doctor.

She made a call to Apex Center of Home Tutors Providers. She demanded them for sending an efficient and experienced home tutor to teach her daughter. Center administrator reassured Mrs. Saba for an emergent availability of the required tutor. With this she became satisfied about the solution regarding study problems of her daughter.

On coming Monday evening, the gate bell rang unexpectedly. The servant was not present at home on that moment so Saba rushed to open the gate.

“Are you Mrs. Saba Farooq?” the incomer posed a query just the moment she opened the gate.

“Yes I am Mrs. Saba. Who are you?” she put a cross question.

“I am Kareem. I am the tutor you had asked for” the person there introduced himself.

“Oh yes. Come in please” Mrs. Saba opened the door in a polite manner.

She seated Mr. Kareem in the guest room and went to bring Eliza. About five minutes later, Saba entered the guest room with her daughter Eliza.

She expressed respectfully, “Sir! This is my daughter Saba. She feels trouble in learning some subjects. Please educate her well. I want her to be a doctor in the future.”

“Worry not. I will instruct her with the best of my efforts. I will make up her deficiency in almost all the subjects” Mr. Kareem assured Mrs. Saba.

Then Mr. Kareem began exploration about the study problems of student Eliza and Saba went to the kitchen to make tea for the tutor.

After making a cup of tea, Mrs. Saba came back to the drawing room. She placed a cup of hot lack tea and some biscuits on the side table near of Mr. Kareem. She then sat on the opposite side sofa and kept on watching Kareem and Eliza involved in the tuition process.

Mrs. Saba observed that Mr. Kareem was an elegant young man of about 30 years old. He was teaching Eliza with skillful competency and good manners. She also noted the modest behavior of the tutor. She seemed satisfied on the accessibility of such a good tutor.

With the intense looks of Mr. Kareem’s stature and face reading, she found a strange sympathy for him in her heart and mind. She felt a divine link with Mr. Kareem. She found a sacred respect for him. A potent relation seemed bonded between them. This spiritual feeling fascinated her much. She experienced herself submerged in some deep emotional ties.

She had senses of some deep connections with Mr. Kareem. It was not the routine attractions of love as she was of above fifty years of age. On such a maturity stage she could not conceive normal relations of affection with a young man of 30. It was some baffling affection linkage that had aroused a passion of nearness for the new strange tutor.

A little latter, Mr. Kareem finished his work and went out but Mrs. Saba remained sitting there enthralled in her eccentric thoughts. She could not pick a certain cause on this fervor for Kareem.

At night, she followed a weird pattern on this mysterious thought in her dreams. She found herself sitting in company of the family at her parental house. There she saw the tutor Kareem sitting among the family members.

Saba asked her father, “This is Kareem. He is the tutor of my daughter Eliza. What is he doing here?”

“Oh! Don’t you know him? He is your brother” her father clarified.

On that wondrous disclosure of her father, she expressed in strange tones, “Father! I had only two brothers Salem and Basher.”

“Yes, they are your elder brothers. Kareem is the youngest one. He was born five months after your escaping from the home thirty years ago” her father narrated the whole story.

Mrs. Saba woke up much before dawn. She was feeling a stiff impact of the dream over her mind. She remained lying on the bed in deep thoughts.

Soon she was lost in her far past. She loved Doctor Farooq. She had decided to marry him but her parents were against her decision. They were traditions loving people. They did not want to set marriage of their daughter with a person out of the family. She wished to love Farooq on each and every cost. When she could not get the consent of her parents after making every possible effort, she decided to elope with Doctor Farooq.

One day she succeeded in running off with Doctor Farooq from the village at night. They managed a court marriage and then settled themselves in the city where the doctor worked in a hospital. The whole family commenced a boycott with Saba and decided to eliminate her from the family due to her breach of he family traditions. Thus the parents of Saba made up their mind to break out each and every concern of Saba and even not to think of her any more. They executed that hard decision resolutely and no family member had ever been met or contacted Saba for last thirty years.

From those days she had no links with the family. No connections exist for the last thirty years.

"Is Kareem my brother?"Saba questioned herself in soliloquy.

For next five minutes, she was absorbed in her forgone days.

In a cheerful state, Mrs. Saba uttered, "Has my brother come to me? Have I found my family back? Is it a family reunion after three decades?"

The queries compressed his head and he felt some griminess of the sleep.

In the evening, she intentionally interviewed Kareem about his family and home. The answers of Kareem for those questions got realized and confirmed the dreams of Saba. With enough investigation, she got verification that Kareem was her real brother.

She wished to embrace Kareem but a doubt of any possible departing reaction by Kareem kept her mum of disclosing the relation secret. Soon she left the room to control and hide her sweltering sentiments.

She kept concealing every bit of her informatics about Kareem from him. She was glad to find back his brother at her house. She thought herself lucky for this fortune in disguise. She would serve him like a brother without enlightening him the secret that he was her brother.

Kareem was a lecturer in a nearby university. He would also work as a home tutor at two or three places.

One night, Saba told her daughter that Kareem was her maternal uncle. She jumped out of her bed with pleasure on that news.  

The fear of any misconception forced Saba to prevent her daughter from the expose of that news to Kareem. Thus Eliza did not disclose the identity of Mr. Kareem. Some days later, Eliza sought his pardon to call him as uncle which he allowed.

Some days later, Saba started calling Mr. Kareem 'brother'. Kareem thought it a routine tendency of respect so he didn't care of it.

Then a month afterwards, Doctor Farooq returned home. Saba informed him about the tutor of Eliza and also told him that he was her brother. As per past concerns, Saba banned her husband no to disclose that secret to Kareem She didn't want to lose her brother on disclosing the secret as her parents had launched a life long boycott with her.

Mrs. Saba, her husband and the daughter preserved the secrets from Kareem with great efforts. Mr. Kareem had no notion of his relation with Saba family. Sometimes he became wondered over the special treatment by Saba and Eliza but could dig out no secrets behind the scene. He kept on his work just as a normal tutor.

The days passed on but the family disclosed no secret to Kareem. There were many occasions when these secrets could become evident to Kareem but the family kept hiding them with excellent safety measures.

Six months later, Mr. Kareem didn't come on tuition for two consecutive days. Saba was worried over that and phoned Kareem to find the reason of his absence. 

After two or three calls, Kareem replied," I am in the hospital. I was injured in a car accident at a crossroad near my university. I am lying on the hospital bed."

 "Oh! My God, I am so sorry" Saba uttered a sigh.

Saba was worried for Kareem. Her heart was full of grieves and she burst into tears. Then soon she prepared herself to go for visiting Kareem at the hospital.  

When Saba entered the hotel ward she spotted her old father sitting near the bed of Kareem. She became afraid of facing her father and stood still to decide the next action. She was in confusion of love and fear. A few moments later Saba mustered up her courage and stepped forward. As she called 'Kareem' from a distance, her father recognized her. 

He objected, "Saba, don't come near us." 

Kareem seemed somewhat better at hat time. He was wondering that how his father knew a strange woman, the mother of his student. 

Kareem asked, "Father, Do you know her?"

"Why not, she is your elder sister Saba but we don't want to see her" the father answered Kareem in callous words.

Kareem was at the optimum level of surprise on knowing that she was his elder sister. Just then Saba touched the feet of her father to apologize over the far past betrayal for love on her behalf. 

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Sam W
23:19 Oct 28, 2020

Sweet story about complicated family ties. I like how you emphasized the power of family over the disagreements of its members. Look over your grammar, though.


Dawood Abbasi
22:54 Nov 22, 2020

Thanks for your opinion


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