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In silence, I move through time and space. It isn't real silence, however. It isn't an unfriendly silence either. In fact, it is some of the most companionable silence I have ever felt, even though, to a physical observer I seem alone. Except, I'm not.

The only thing that might give away what is really going on inside me are the words I speak before even opening my eyes. "God, I love you." I sleep on my own, so please, don't think I'm calling some fool with a stinky, floppy, useless, inadaquate cock, God. Hell no. This business of women calling man God is ridiculous. Man is equal to woman. He is not the master and he sure as shit ain't God. In fact, a man is so inadaquate to God that I can not imagine ever giving up the space I have in my life for God to a punitive man. I've had lots of experience with assholes, I mean, whoops, men, that I know what I am on about.

It's God I'm talking to in the morning. God is with me throughout every day, whether awake or asleep. God knows everything about me, my emotions, my mental state, my motivations, my everthing about me that most people have no idea, or they simply can't believe that I'm built like that, because they aren't. When you understand I am not like a lot of people, you will find you are beginning to understand.

God isn't all there is in my life. There is my higher self, as well. I don't quite know how to define this aspect. I used to call it my soul, but that isn't quite right, as soul is something a bit more expansive. The higher self is the observer within me. Or maybe that's a little wrong as well. I've developed a relationship with this eternal aspect of myself over the last few years and I tell you it is the best relationship I have ever had. I will never give up my relationship with God and my higher self in favour of anything temporary or physical. No way!

Let's get into my true feelings. Those feelings the bullies must imagine exist because it is status quo and psychology that I must be feeling a certain way because of their behaviour. Those feelings the bullies are sure must exist deep down within me, don't exist. All the negative feelings they try to project onto me or speak into my life can not take root in my soil as what is within me, the high vibration, will not accept the weeds of the enemy.

And it is simply wonderful to watch the enemy (bullies, ya'll spiritual waste know who you are) try their damdest to manipulate my emotions. I don't think they realise they've truly lost. I stopped responding to their attacks and request a while ago now. I once heard that no response is a powerful response. It should be a key indicator that their shit just don't fly no more.

I'm not saying that being bullied is wonderful. But I am simply no longer where I once was. Being bullied by failures is hilarious, because your watching what seems to be a bunch of monkeys with strings flowing from their backs dance and jerk around you as you stroll through life while they try to get an edge, or find a way in to manipulate your emotions and it simply doesn't work. And these monkeys seem to be a bit too thick in the head to realise their stuff don't work. That is the amusing part. Imagine watching a bunch of adults trying to add 1 plus 1, having the answer given to them, and then still getting the answer wrong. Sometimes, you gotta laugh at them.

Let's get back to my wonderful relationship with God and my higher self. You could call the higher self the Holy Spirit. I will walk through a shopping centre and see people holding hands, and I smile, because I have that same warmth and camaraderie with God and my higher self. I feel like I am holding hands with my eternal aspect and it is so warm and wonderful. It is also something that no one can ever take from me. The only way I would lose it is through sin. Sin can come in many forms and all of it accrues karma. It's one of the reasons I won't get angry any more. Any of the lower emotions takes me further from this beautiful place. There is not one person worth getting angry at on this planet if it ruins my relationship with God and my higher self.

I have discovered through all this the true secret to lasting happiness. Happiness doesn't come from family, friends, status, wealth, addictions or power. Happiness comes from within.

Advice for my enemies, seriously, take the advice you give me. Relax. Let go. Half the reason ya'll miserable because you can't trigger me and control my emotions is because you have pinned your happiness on these external events to yourselves. And it is always going to be a NROI if you pin your happiness on being able to make someone miserable.

I am wondering if my karma is nearly paid, because their evil just don't bother me. I don't think karma works exactly how we believe. I know my enemies bs to me a lot saying karma is bla bla bla, but if my enemies believed that, wouldn't they think twice about bullying me?

So many wonderful changes have taken place within me and I do not regret a single one of them. I know God loves me, because through his strength and by his commands I have given up addictions without therapy, for many years now, while monsters were trying to keep me hooked. God freed me from the programming, showing me things, enabling me to become free.

My higher self, is different to God. Both in form and communication. God speaks in energy. My higher self speaks in words, but speaks deep within my psyche. I sit, and listen as my higher self explains things and tells me the behaviour I need to engage in to become closer to it. My higher self is the one the explained certain emotions take me further from God rather than closer. Emotions are a personal choice. If someone else can trigger your emotions, they control you. So, I dumped a whole ton of negative emotions on the words from my higher self. It makes life even easier to get through. It's like a shield as you walk through the fires of liars.

I don't really know exactly what my enemies will do next. I get a lot of threats from them, but its as far as it seems to go. God is always watching, Karma is always ready to pounce (I been seeing morons getting caught on the ass with karma, sometimes slow, sometimes too damn fast its mindblowing, and they don't see it), and I am always connected to my higher self who guides me. My enemies don't adjust their strategy or tactics to the situation. They keep trying the same things that haven't been working for the last 3 years. Now that is the definition of stupid.

While my enemies kept going on the same path and strategy, I just continued to evolve further and further away. I am surprised my enemies didn't notice. My enemies know I have protection, because they've tried to murder me quite a few times, very violently and have resoundingly failed.

What would you do, if you were my enemies and have realised the tide of the war has gone against you? I did do the right thing, and offered my enemies exactly what they wanted, on certain conditions. After all, the things they were asking me to do deserved some very big rewards. My enemies said no.

My feelings, right now, and that have been holding steady for the majority of the time is happiness, joy, bliss, peace. This is the truth. Basking in these feelings just elevate me further. I am so happy with God, and my higher self. I am loving where I am at. I am loving my path and I love who I am.

As for having a high vibration and the Law of Attraction, and as for what you send out returns to you? Both utter, absolute lies. If the Law of Attraction worked based on vibration, my life would be very different and my enemies would have exited my life. What you send out does not return to you, because if it did, not one person would be trying to control me, everyone would respect me and reflect my kindness and generosity to me. And you know what? I'm not mad about those lies either. In fact, I'm grateful to be free of their illusions.

I hope, dear readers, if you are with my enemy, perhaps you will speak some words to them. Perhaps you can maybe speak to my enemies and say enough is enough, instead of going after an innocent person, perhaps you could go after people wreaking evil on this planet.

Can you feel the real energy of what I have written or do your own emotions colour how you receive what I've said?

I've given you many answers, some opinions and a few questions.

Have a wonderful day.

November 12, 2022 02:44

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