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Washington D.C

Stephen Arnold was coming out of his office building. It was 5.30 in the evening. He is a fresh graduate of AI from Columbia University. He was one among the ten scholastic candidates who

Succeeded in the campus selection of a robotic innovation company.

He joined the company ten days ago.

He is happy.

He is happy because he got a job with remuneration higher than that of  Jessica his girlfriend.

Jessica is beautiful, attractive and lovable. But she always talks about the power of money.

Stephen knows that she is not crazy of money. But he wished that he must earn more than

what Jessica earns.

Suddenly there was a big commotion at the end of the street. Police was Lathi-charging a

group of Black demonstrators.

The demonstrators were  running  amok  and the police were chasing them.

One demonstrator took an iron rod from a nearby shop and attacked a policeman.

Stephen was just watching. He was shocked to see five policemen overpowering the man

who attacked the policeman and pushing him down on the street? He was beaten by them

till his lost drop of blood.

The man who was fighting for a cause five minutes ago is dead and silent.

In the next fifteen minutes the demonstrators  were  arrested and taken away.

An ambulance took care of the dead demonstrator.

Stephen for the first time in his life is a witness to a violent death.

He always wanted to be heroic but first time he realised that real life is strange and many a time

you can do nothing to prevent a violent death.

He took his car and slowly drove to meet Jessica at a restaurant as scheduled.


‘” You are not okay Stephen” Jessica told in a concerned voice.

“Yes Jess! The event I narrated has affected me a lot. Sudden death of a man with flesh and blood

before my eyes and my inability to do anything to stop it makes me feel cowardly”

“Oomph! This is too much. Every day  we are seeing so many such events in  TV and internet.

This world is beautiful and ugly too. You should learn to choose the rose and throw away the thorn”

Jessica smiled.

Stephen smiled. “you are beautiful. You are the rose. I wish to choose you. But the dim face of the dead black man does not look like a thorn. It looks like a black rose fallen on street and stampeded.”

Jessica stood up. She hugged him and kissed his forehead,

“You  need a peck of Vodka and good sleep. Let’s meet tomorrow in a happy atmosphere. Good night!”.

Jessica walked away towards the lift.


Whitehouse. It was half past nine in the morning.

President Trump walked into his chamber. He opened the laptop on his table and went through the

tweets he received in the last two hours.

He was quick to respond and fast in countering the allegations made.

“Mr. President!  This is America. The land of liberty. Take action against those cops who killed a

Black citizen demonstrating in the street. Please intervene---Stephen Arnold @ democracy lives.”

Trump responded “Oh  fine! Very fine! “You know that you are an American. Yes. I am an American too. In this

Great country every citizen is an American. Well! President of USA is not a Police commissioner!

Well! Our Police department is efficient! You know they are taking action. Law is supreme! Do

Not ask me to interfere on the basis of race or colour”

Sharp reply came from Stephen Arnold. “

Dear President! I expect more from you. Can I meet you to interact effectively?”

Trump contemplated for two minutes. He smiled. “Yes. No problem. I wish to meet you.

Tomorrow the 29th May 2020 at 1.00 p.m. at White house.”

Trump got up and murmured” Another bug in my bed!”

He walked swiftly talking to  the officials of White house towards a big room where ambassadors of

Pakistan and Afghanistan were waiting.


Stephen Arnold felt very nervous.

He was waiting in a room all alone and he was not even mentally ready to talk to the first citizen of


He thought that his emotions led him to an unplanned adventure.

“Good afternoon young man! “Trump suddenly walked in and sat before him.

“Good afternoon Mr. President! Thanks for your kindness!”

“Oh! Not at all! What is your name? Stephen Arnold! Very good name! very good name! I like it! I like it!

You are full of sympathy and empathy for the  Black  man that died yesterday. Yes! I too feel bad!

very bad! What do you want me to do?”

.” Mr. President! Abraham Lincoln had paid for his empathy for the blacks with his blood in a theatre.

Martin Luther King Jr has paid for the righteous spirits with his sudden death.

America needs harmony, happiness and equality. Not racism.”

Trump looked straight into the eyes of Stephen Arnold.

“As the President of USA, I too do not like bloodshed and racism. Our legal system is fine and fool proof.

I believe our Police, Lawyers and Judges. They are strong! They are good! I admire them! They are

Very strong! Very strong!”

“But the public perception is……….”

“Public perception? My goodness! It is a myth of the all-powerful media! In this great Nation, I

Promise you! Yes! I promise you that no culprit will escape punishment. Okay! Have a good day”

The President shook his hands and walked out of the room.

Stephen Arnold felt that the all-powerful President of the United States of America is resorting

to defending the inaction that curbs the entitlement of the genuine rights of the people of the

neglected sector.

He took a deep breath and walked out.


“You cannot call it inaction. In America for each crime, FIRs are recorded, arrests are made,

cases filed and judgments are delivered. There will be a trial for the death of this  black man who died before your very eyes” Jessica told Stephen soothingly.

“Yes, I understand” Stephen uttered half-heartedly.

“That is action”

“No Jess! That is not action!”

“Stephen! Cool! You love me and I love you! We have a beautiful life ahead! America is a big

Country and every day somewhere many people black or white or brown or grey die and we

are not the saviours.  Hence forget or learn to ignore these happenings.”

Stephen was looking at the beautiful roses in the garden.

“I want action. I hate inaction!”

“What action you want?”

“When our forefathers settled in America, they wanted all to be free and happy. Our democracy

Is founded on freedom and equal opportunity. But what I find today is that whether black or white

nobody wants equality. Everybody wants to be more equal as imagined by George Orwell. I want

our administration to function in a way that nobody dominates the other.”

Jessica laughed and told “Stephen! We are in America! Not in Utopia!”

Stephen also smiled but his smile was different.


Jessica was shocked. Her hands were trembling.

She was holding an invitation.

The invitation stated mercilessly that Stephen Arnold is getting married to Angeline Smith the

Daughter of leading black rights activist and a lawyer, Gregory Smith.

“She is a Black” Jessica uttered with trembling lips.

“Yes” Stephen said without any emotion.

“This is treachery! Unfair!!”

“No Jess! This is action!”

“Action! What action? What do you mean?”

Stephen was silent for a while.

“Jess! You know that we loved each other. And there is no valid reason for treachery. Please understand what I mean.”

Jessica could understand that Stephen has a more noble cause than that is apparent. She stared

at him deeply.

Stephen Arnold, the American young man who was disturbed by the sudden death of a black man

on the street before his very eyes and who was perturbed by the inaction against racism for the

past three centuries tried to explain Jessica his emotional reaction:

“Jess! This is action! My move against the inaction of the Governments, the activists, the American

society, the whites and the blacks too.

There are two races and the inequalities will exist as long as the two races exist. As nobody wants

equality it will be a White domination or a Black domination in future.

Hence the only way is to eradicate two races and make it one race.

That means the two races should mingle together by marital relations and create a new race.

I began it by Marrying Angeline. I am going to make it a movement and after 100 years America will

have only one race and a unique race. For this I had to sacrifice my true love.

Jess! This is for my country! my beloved America!

Yes! After 100 years, In America, no white will dominate and No Black will die out of harassment.

Jessica stared at Stephen Arnold.

He appeared as a Messiah!

Stephen was looking at the dark black horizon from the window nearby.



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