Crime Mystery Thriller


TW: violence

Every muscle of my body brings me pain, yesterday I started doing my “1 hour a day of running” program, last year when I began this program it only lasted a week, and I plan to make it last more this year. It’s 6am and I have to go take a quick shower and go run.

I’m running for 20 minutes and I cannot do this anymore, I breathe very jerkily and my legs are shaking, I take a sit on a bench and think of all the motivational quotes I’ve ever read. After a few minutes, I get my strength back and continue my run without a stop until home. I take another shower and start cleaning the house because I’m hosting a party. My parents let me have the house for myself a day per year, last year I watched “How to train your dragon” but this year I want a party.

I buy everything needed because I started saving money for this last year on “the house only for yourself” day, so I have a lot. I invited everyone I ever talked to and asked them to do the same, so I’m expecting a lot of people.

I organized everything very nice because I want people to like me and the house after this party. I have 30 minutes left so I’m going to lock all the rooms they are not allowed into like my room, my parent's room and my parent's office.

After exactly 30 minutes people start coming, the strange thing is that they all have masks like it’s Halloween. I keep asking them why they came like this and the only thing I hear is “It’s fun”. Every single person that came had a different mask, also only 20 people came, but it’s ok for me, I’m having my party.

Everyone is dancing, drinking and apparently, having fun, which makes me happy, the problem is that I start to notice strange gestures. I few guys, it seems, are alone in one corner whispering, looking at a map, another group is whispering looking at their phones, and another one is whispering looking at me. I go to the only group not whispering and ask them:

-How is the party? Are you having fun?

-Yes, it’s…awesome.

I smile and leave and go to the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror:

-I can save the party, find a mask and go play some good music.

I run to my room, open the door and take the mask I had for Halloween last year, as I get out of the room someone grabs my hand and pulls me close:

-You find a way to enter her room, let the door a little open so the boys can come.

I don’t understand what’s going on, what is he talking about, but because I’m sure I shouldn’t know I just nod, smile and leave the room open. I go back to the bathroom and search my pockets for my phone, but I don’t have it, I had it like 10 minutes ago while searching for the mask, I’m sure.

I run downstairs to see if something is happening, only 5 people are left, they wave at me to come to them, I go and don’t say a word.

-Did you guys opened her room?


-Good, then we’re going.

They all get up and run op on the stairs, I freeze in place at think “Why did they think it was my job to open the door?”. Thinking of how they stayed in groups I remember that every group had a primary colour on their mask: red, blue, white, grey and black.

-Every group has a job to do…

I look in the mirror in the hallway and see, red is the predominant colour, the group that opens the doors. I turn around and I see them all, one of them takes a step ahead and speaks:

-We cannot find her, have you seen her?


-Where did you get the key to open her room?

I take the key out of my pocket and give it to him.

-Where did you find it? He says again getting closer to me.

-In the bathroom, it was hidden under the little carpet in front of the toilet.

-You know…when he met in front of the bathroom, I searched your pockets because we were not allowed with phones.

He takes my phone out of his pocket, throws it and steps on it.

-How could you not know that? Hmm? Tell me.

-I forgot it in my pocket, I’m sorry.

-See? You are a liar.

He comes and takes my mask off and laughs. I look him in the eyes and hope he would have mercy on me. He comes closer and closer, he puts his head on my shoulder and whispers:

-We were allowed with phones Hannah, I just figured it out that it was you.

He pushes me and I hit the wall, my body melts on the floor, waiting for another hit, a hit that comes right after.

They hit me so many times I cannot even count, I feel like one more could kill me, blood flowing out of my nose and mouth, it feels like every single bone it’s broken and I just want to sleep.


 I open my eyes, I’m tied up to a chair in the middle of the house, every single thing around me is broken, book pages are laying all over the room and thousands of shards of glass right below the chair I’m sitting on. If I move and fall, it will only make things worse because of all the broken glass.

I look at the window and see that it’s night, my parents come at 8 o’clock in the morning, I don’t know exactly what time it is, but I’m sure I have a lot to wait for.

After house passing, the pain gets worse and worse, I’m thinking of what they did to my room, to my parent's room and everything they stole. Why? Why me?

May 13, 2021 10:51

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