· In two days is my school graduation party. Can I go mom?

 That was the question I didn't want to hear.

 I had lost my job a short time ago and didn't have much money, only the money that I earned from occasional jobs.

 I looked at my daughter, a girl in the prime of her age, with a whole life ahead of her.

 Who was I to destroy her dreams?

 Nobody, obviously.

 However, an Antillean question, my conscience lays the fury of necessity: and now, what do I do?

 I tried to remember those things from the past that one keeps in the warmest corner, the one we normally keep love and passions in.0

 And I found my graduation gown

 I'm going to fix it! - I said to myself, hoping to see my daughter happy, at least that night.

 I told him what I was going to do

 · Well I want to see it.

 Ready - and more than running ok I looked in the suitcase I had under the double bed, where we both slept, in that rented room

 There was an old photo of her father, whom.i despised as bis cowardness originated the poverty we were living in.

Besides it, I found my mother's chandeliers, whose value was only sentimental, since they had been made of steel.

 The dress was at the bottom of that trunk, stored in a plastic bag.

- come here, gorgeous ! You have to help.me again - so, I called my daughter, Sophie:

! I found it!

 ·     that's good!

 ·  look! .

 · it is Silver! With a huge back and front neckline. See? , it is also low-cut. His modelling is like that, classic straight

 · - How long have you had it?

 · - More than twenty years, when I had my graduation party in the dressmaking course, and had to make a different model

 · - Yes that is different!

 · - but still current. You know that fashion always comes back.

 · It combines very well with your black sandals, we can make them polished, put caps, and change their buckle with the shoe rack in the corner

 · She appeared to be swallowing the pill.

 And when she said:

 · Good idea - I realized that the idea was in digestion.

 · Dress it up! I want to see how it fits you.

 · And she put it on.

 · It is almost perfect. The only thing that needs to be modified is the size, a centimeter, perhaps.

 ·     not ! Leave it like that, the sandal is not very high, it will look good.

 · Do you believe it?

 ·     Yes.

 · O.k., take the sandal to the shoemaker and I'm going to start working on the dress. You have to wash. She smells like put away - bringing the dress up to her nose, at the same time she frowned at hers, in utter disapproval.

 ·    - let's do it ! And don't worry, on that day I'm going to do your hair and make up. You will be the cutest graduate of all

 ·    - Thanks Mom.

 · As time flies, the day of the party came flying too.

 · - Take out the rollers, I'm going to comb your hair and put on your makeup. Then you put on the dress.

 · What about sandals? Are they ready?

 - the shoemaker said that they will be ready in half an hour

 ·    - half an hour?  I'm going to go pick them up for you .You have to finish your manicure.

 · And she goes back to the trunk, taking a little box from it.

- : my graduation ring, in gold and ruby. It is my gift for you, in this special day.

 ·    - Mommy! It is simply beautiful!

 · -You deserve it, dear daughter-and I gave a kiss, with its respective hug, not without shedding some tears of pure emotion, like every mother who sees her offspring emerge even in the midst of life's adversities.

 · Now, she finishes fixing you, I'm going to get your sandals, and I also have to fix myself.

 · The shoemaker was not even far away.

 On the contrary, he was in the corner of the house.

 -I don't think she takes more than fifteen minutes on that - looking at the clock.

 I already have to go!

 With her nerves on edge, she walked about ten kilometers into that room of only twenty square meters.

 "It's been more than thirty minutes!" and now ? What I do ? she-with her gaze fixed on the clock, heading to the entrance of the house, to look for her.

 - I do not see her! , and now ? she asked with her eyes narrowed in despair, squeezing out the tears that stained her face with the cheap eyeliner.

 She came out again.

 ·     comes! Thanks God ! -Looking at the clock a million times.

- it is time for.me to go to the reception of graduates in the main classroom , and I am already I was half an hour late for it.

.Suddenly, mom shows up, hectic, with the sandals in her hands.

 · They weren't ready! And I had to wait, protesting against the shoemaker.

 · I have paid her only half, for what she has caused me.

 · Go first and clean up that blur on your face. Pass a powder to disguise.

 · I'm going to finish fixing myself and then I go.

 · And she ran away.

 She · she arrived at school, and happily the festivities had started only five minutes ago.

 · They are late too! -said her partner, a young woman with an easy smile.

 ·    - How lucky I am! -and she just breathed herself, adjusting the sandals on her tired feet.

 · However, the buckle of the sandal, she was opened.

 She fixed it with her hand.




 A thousand times.

 -And where is mom? I see it. I would like to take off these sandals - and what should I wear?

 Again, looking for her mother with troubled eyes.

 But, then she saw her, walking into the halls.

 She went to meet her.

 - What is it, little girl?

 - the buckle of the sandal opens all the time.


 - we are going to glue it . That's the only way. . Wait for me here, I'm going to buy from the vendors outside.

 Coming out of it, a young graduate appears, who she liked.

 She couldn't get out of the place, or the buckle on the sandal would pop open, a complete and utter disgrace!

 She smiled at the young man, and with her hand told him to wait for her.

 However, her mother did not appear.

 she-she must have gone to make the glue-angry.

 After a while, she sees her mother enter the classrooms with the glue in her hand, then hitting immediately, while she was looking for the young man with hunger in her eyes.

 And she found him, well accompanied by her partner, who was hugging and kissing him.

 ·     shit ! .I managed to come to the party just because if him, had some issues enough to make me not come ,  and he goes with her?

 There was nothing else to do, just drink and dance with her mother.

 "Less worse than dancing alone," she concluded, anger pouring out of her pores.

 -Look at this young man, he seems interested in you. Go and dance with the-what the mother said, seeing that she was bored of dancing with an old-fashioned old woman, like the dress that after the party, she returned to her place, the bottom of the suitcase.

 The drunkenness was inevitable, shortening the pain of the night that never should have happened.

  The next day, with a sore head and a face still stained by cheap eyeliner, there was a knock on the door.

  They cared for her.

 It was her school mate, with an envelope in her hand.

 · - it's my birthday. But I am not planning to have a big a party, just a dinner for close friends !. I would like very much if you could come ...

 The moment could not be worse, because in addition to taking her check-up, she also wanted to anger her?

 After the gossipy smiles and kisses more fake than a two-dollar bill, they said goodbye, returning to their respective realities.

 · Who was there , little girl?

 · My school mate with an invitation for her birthday dinner tonight.

 · - do you plan to go?

 - No, thanks, I'd rather stay here. I do not like that kind of meetings. - in a less merciful liar to myself.

 The truth was that this fear of frustration, both physical and emotional, hurt the pride of any human being.

 Especially knowing that the circumstances weren't even the best.

 In the room, I put on music.

 And I started dancing.

 When, suddenly, I looked at myself in the mirror hanging in front of me.

 I saw myself fooling myself.

 So, I put on a shirt with holes, tight pants, sandals without buckles.

 And I went to the dinner , wanting to find my enchanted prince.

 Not the graduation one.

 But another, in a t-shirt, and just pants, nothing pretty, and very simple.

A vagabond prince.

 Someone just like me.

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