I gripped the handle bars to my motorcycle and adjusted my backpack.

Two days, I thought. Just two more days.

I only see "my man" once a month. I live in San Diego, California. He lives in Dallas, Texas. I guess it's a little too far for my comfort, but he's the one. And I'd been looking forward to meeting him again since the last time I saw him.

I veered out of the garage of my apartment complex and headed to work. I couldn't stop thinking about his perfect build and his deep voice that made me feel safe. He's smart and he's finishing his degree at Baylor University. I'm so proud of him that I smile a little under my helmet as I think of him.

We retired from the Marine Corps four years ago. He worked alongside me in the K9 unit, training various dogs. After being drafted into Afghanistan and staying there for six months, we retired from service and decided our own routes. I found work in California training dogs and he decided to get his degree in mechanical engineering in Texas. We decided we'd meet up in Safford, Arizona every 15th of every month. During Christmas, we'd meet up at his parent's house in Cedar Hill, Texas, with his family and then drive to my parent's home in Desoto, Texas. Then we'd drive back to Safford, Arizona and go back to our lives.

He was my first love, and hopefully my only love. I met him in the sixth grade, and he's been my best friend ever since. When I moved away my high school years to his old school, (it was a total coincidence) he never stopped trying to see me again. I began to have feelings for him, and he did for me too. It wasn't long before we figured out that fate had brought us together.

I parked my motorcycle and went inside the dog training building that I've been working at for the past year and a half.

Two days.

I came home late that night. My dog, Diggs, barked excitedly at the door when I was unlocking it with my key. I slipped inside and locked it again, throwing my leather jacket and my helmet on the couch.

"Hi, boy," I said. He wagged and jumped on me. I scratched his ears.

"I'm gonna get dinner ready in a minute, okay boy?" I told Diggs. He wagged and jumped on the couch.

I pulled out the leftover chicken I had cooked the night before and heated it up in the microwave. I poured more water into Digg's bowl and mixed some of the chicken in a separate bowl with some of his dry dog food. Then I set it down on the floor right by him and turned on the news. I got my food and sat on the couch, but I couldn't concentrate on the news. One more day.

Until I see my man.


I rushed through the whole day. I left Diggs with enough food and water for two days, and then I packed up my stuff and left that night. I was too excited to stop at a motel for the night. I just continued riding, ready to see my man's face. I thought about what I would say when I saw him, what we would spend the day doing, where we would go. When the morning light shown over the horizon behind me, I stopped for coffee at a small town in Arizona.

Finally, I got a text from him. I sipped my coffee while I read it over and over.

"Hey. It's Chris. Or Christmas, whatever you call me. Just want to know where to meet up. I am too excited to see you that I'm already in Arizona. I'm at a small coffee place near Safford. I drove the whole night! Love you, see you soon!"

I felt a presence and looked up from the text long enough to find myself staring at the familiar two deep blue eyes that I had come to know and love.

"Hey," a familiar voice said, and before I knew it my lips had found his. We stood there for a full minute, kissing in the morning light. I wrapped my arms around him and he pulled me closer. I dropped my phone, but I didn't care.

Finally, we pulled away long enough for me to manage to say something.

"Hey Christmas."

September 10, 2019 19:29

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