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Look tulip! The submarine is emerging from the water. Ruby is coming. Says, Zane. Yes, let’s get our wetsuits. Exclaimed tulip. both the girls took their wetsuits out and waited for the submarine to come. from the submarine comes Ruby looking at the island she says, wow what an island and where are we going to live?. In this dirty sand so dirty. Zane says. don’t worry we have seen everything we can live in a small hotel, it is quite near. Ruby narrowed her eyes and then agreed .the girls went scuba diving and then went to the hotel. The hotel was old, creepy, dark, and strange.im iving this place a 1star, said Ruby.they all went to sleep.

(alarm ringing )

Zane wakes up and says, good morning girls!. Ruby replied with wishing her good morning back. Tulip did not say anything, so she looked around. Where is Tulip? Tulip? Where are you?. says Zane .she might be in the bathroom or........

Both girls got up and ran to find Tulip but could not find her. Now they needed to go back as the submarine had reached. Before that Ruby went to take her bag from the cottage and under a table saw a box of precious stones and necklaces. She took the box kept it in the bag and went home. back she did not tell about it to anyone as she did not wish to share the precious things.

Now it had been a week from Tulip’s case. so now the girls had forgotten about it. When Zane was alone in the house, she heard the doorbell she opened the door and saw her parents with a small girl with an old doll in her hands . Mom? Dad? Who is this cute girl?. Asked Zane. Honey, she is your new sister. said her mom. And we know how much you wanted a little sister. Added her dad.

Oh, you are the best said. she always wanted a sister and now she got one. She got really happy .when she and her sister Josephine were telling stories to each other, Josephine said “ twice in the month comes a blue moon .........” what ? “ says Zane. She was stunned. and shocked. ignoring that she just continued playing with her sister.

Zane was having a welcome party for her little sister. It was time for the party. Ruby was there too. both were happy to see each other but then Zane notices a necklace around her neck. “wow such a pretty necklace Ruby where did you get it from ?” Ruby replied “ I ...... just got it .......um....” seeing her friend happy she got happy too. The party was over and it was time to sleep.

The next day Zane calls Ruby. it was ringing but nobody picked up the call. Then she decided to go to her house but her parents told her that she did not return from the party she then asked others and the people there had no clue about her. she was scared to death. She wanted to tell this to Ruby’s parents but, they had already left for the Bahamas. then an old woman came near her and said softly that “ twice a month comes the blue moon ...........vanishes everything .” then the lady walked by and vanished. She ran to her sister Josephine because she heard the same words from her. When she reached home she saw that her there was a sigh of relief. After a few hours a thought came in her mind she whispered “ where is Josephine ?” She panicked and rushed to find her

sister but before she could step out of the house a voice said softly “she got disappeared as well .tomorrow is Halloween and blue moon night so ......you may get vanished like others .....” Zane decides to sleep as she thought that she was just hearing things. When she woke up she saw everything was dark she was sleepy and hardly opened her eyes and went to open the curtains but when she could not open the curtains she opened her eyes and she was not in her room. She was in a dark place. But her bed and lamp were there she opened the lamp and looked around the shade of the room was enchanting. She continues walking in the room which looked endless and saw both friends and her little sister. Zane looked above her and saw the roof of the room full of stars like the beautiful and tranquil night sky.


This is a story written by my cousin sister..hope you like it!

April 09, 2022 15:11

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nice story


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