a friend in the time of need

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Thriller Drama

She gave me that hateful look as she passed by and sat on her desk. We never were friends. We knew each other a bit, but she hates me. I never knew why. All she does to me is, giving me hateful looks, or pushing me around. Well, you might say she’s is a bully. I’d say that too.

I was in my homeroom class. Many students were talking. The loud voices turned to loud murmurs.

Our homeroom teacher walked in and said, “Okay girls and boys! Be quiet!” Everyone sat in their places as they stopped talking. “So, you all know that today we’ll be going on a short trip to the forest. Right?”

“Yes, teacher,” the class said.

“Good, now, I want you to decide from now who will be in your group.”

All the girls and boys started talking to each other as they decided their groups, but I was alone. No one wanted me.

We were at the big school bus, on our way to the forest. the teacher was giving us some instructions. The ‘Do’ and ‘Not do’. I sat at the end of the bus. All alone.

We arrived at the forest everyone went down. Some in a group and some in pairs. Stacy, the girl that gives the hateful looks, was in a group. She stared at me for some time as she went down. I was the last to go down.

“Alright class!” our teacher said. “Be careful. Now, I want some of the groups to follow me and the rest follow mister Liam.” Liam is the driver. Also, a teacher.

Some groups went to mister Liam’s side and the rest went to miss Callie's side. Callie is our homeroom teacher. Stacy was on the same side I went to. she rolled his eyes and followed the teacher. I was at the end of the line. Left out. It hurts me that nobody wants me. It hurts that I am always left out. It also hurt that Stacy hates me. Stacy is seventeen years old. She long has black hair and blue eyes. I am seventeen too, but I have honey blonde hair and hazel green eyes.

we walked through the forest as the teacher talked about nature and how beautiful are the big trees and long grass. there were rocks. big and small. We were walking on the rocks. Beside those big rocks, was a river. A deep river. Everyone quick, while I walked far from the rest, leg slipped, and I fell in the river. The river flow was hard and fast. The water was pushing me away. I screamed for help, “Help! I don’t know how to swim!” my leg hit a big rock. It hurt me and left a bruise. I wanted to catch the big rock, but the water kept pushing me away. I was sinking, but I tried to swim to the surface. “Help!” I screamed. “Please! I can’t swim!”

I was sinking more but couldn’t go to the surface anymore. I was out of breath already. My chest felt tightened. There was no air to breathe. The sides of my vision darkened.

Is that it? I thought. I’ll die like that. No one knows where I am. So, in my whole life, I’ll stay alone. I never had friends and never will. I wish I know how to swim. I want to breathe …but… my eyes rolled back in my head and I passed out.

“Nina!” I heard someone shout. “Nina wake up! Please!”

I finally breathed and woke up. I coughed out water. My vision was blurry, but I saw someone.

“Nina!” the person said. It sounded like a girl. “You are finally awake! I was so scared for you!”

I still couldn’t see anything. But I saw black hair and snowflake white skin.

“Augh…” I groaned. My body hurt me. But my leg hurt from the big rock I hit.

Who saved me? I thought. who is that kind person that cares about me?

My vision went back to normal and saw who it was. The person that saved me was unexpected. It was a person that hated me. A person that never liked me.

“…Stacy?” I asked as I sat up. We were in the middle of the forest. Alone.

“Yes, Nina,” she said. “Are you okay?”

“…y…yes…” I said. her hair was all wet and messy. “Thank you…”

“Nina, I’m sorry,” Stacy said. “I’m sorry I always pushed you around and gave you hateful looks. please forgive me. I’m so sorry. Do you forgive me.”

“Yeah…” I said. “Why are you being sorry now?”

“Listen, I always wanted to be your friend, alright, but something stopped me from coming to you,” she said. “Something always told me that I should ignore you and gave you hateful looks and push you around. I guess I’m jealous of you. Your dad is too rich, and you are pretty. I mean, I am a shy person sometimes. Can we be friends? Please? I will never do to you what I did. I am so sorry.”

“Okay,” I said as happiness surged through me.

“You know what?” Stacy said as she stood up and helped me stand. “I’ll leave my group. I’ll stay with you.”

I smiled and said, “Okay, but where is everyone?”

“Uh…didn't think of that,” she said. “You were far in the river, so I swan to you. I guess we're lost.”

“Oh no,” I said. “What should we do?”

“I don’t know, but Miss Callie said that we should try to find the road or something.”

We walked out of the forest. I felt it took us hours, but Stacy and I kept talking as we walked. Finally, we were beside the road. We walked down the road, but we didn’t find the school bus.

“Uh… Stacy, are you sure that is the road we came from?” I asked as I look around. “Cause from what I remember, that isn’t the one we came from.”

“You are right,” she said as she looked around too. “We are on the wrong road.”

“We have to walk all the way back?!” I said.

“Yup!” Stacy said. “Walk all the way back!”

I groaned. “I am already tired!”

“Don’t be that lazy,” she said. “Come on. The bus won’t leave anyway. We’re camping here.”

We walked to the opposite side of the forest and found the road and the bus. Everyone was there, even the teachers.

“Stacy and Nina,” Miss Callie said. “Everyone was too worried for you, where were you?”

“Well…” I said. I didn’t know what to say. “I fell in the water and drowned… and…”

“I dived in and helped my friend out,” Stacy said quickly.

Mister Liam gave both of us blankets when we changed our clothes. We sat beside the fire to feel warmer. It was freezing.

“You know,” Stacy said. “I wish I was your friend a long time ago. not just in the time of need. But you should know, I’ll be there for you.”

May 02, 2020 01:25

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Palak Shah
14:14 Apr 02, 2021

I love the characterisation of Stacy it is wonderful because she was a typical mean girl nevertheless I didn't hate her. I love your writing style !!!


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Guilherme Copati
22:36 Jun 07, 2020

I like this story a lot. Stacy is your typical mean girl lol! But I'm glad you found a way to make her likable. Keep up the good work! I'll be looking forward to reading some of your other stories.


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15:07 May 04, 2020

Nice story, but the last line is something Stacy has said before, no? Maybe there is something else -- profound or otherwise she could say at the end?


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Ai Jiang
02:29 May 04, 2020

Hi Yageen, I like how your story is fast-paced and the loneliness and feelings of the narrator are very relatable. However, I do believe that there could be more details added during the scene where she is walking through the forest as well as when she has fallen into the water. I feel like it was over as soon as it started and I wasn't as panicked about the narrator's predicament because it was so brief. The idea behind your story is very heartwarming but I feel like it may be a little idealistic but perhaps it is because the characters ...


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Hawwa Yusuf
17:19 May 03, 2020

great story!!!!!!!


Yageen Faiz
08:59 May 04, 2020

thank you! glad you liked it!


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