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Fantasy Drama Creative Nonfiction

When I opened my eyes, I saw myself standing infront of someone's backyard. For the near view, I went close to look upon that apartment. The gate automatically opened and robo welcomed me and asked for my entry, whom I'm going to visit in the apartment such formalities. I was so amazed by seeing a robo because till now I haven't seen any human figure so I concluded that this is a robo world for sure.

I donno what to answer so I anonymously answered the robot's questions. I was uplifting by the elevated floor which was taking me to my stop. Suddenly I saw a child playing so my all thoughts about robo world disappeared, who just looked like my son Max Jones so I went to him and asked his dear name he replied he's Jerry Jones. I was surprised to knew about his surname. I further questioned him about his guardian, he's going to say something just then his mother came and took him with her.

I don't know where I am,how I ended up here,how to find my way out of here. I just felt like to scream out loud. I cried aloud just when a man in his early 40s taunt me to stop crying like a freak. He asked my name, i donno what to do ,I freezed... when he didn't able to get my answer he started calling sheriff,introduced himself as Max Jones and keeps on threatening ,yelling over me to do such cheap stuffs , raising noise pollution. When he yelled over me I felt like he's my son.....after taking long I replied I'm Venus, the guy freeze for a moment. He replied you share the same name as my late mother. I Venus got dead WTF.... Right now Am i a soul? No no that can't be possible because if I m a soul then I wouldn't be talking to him.

Wait a minute did he just say he's my son ......oh my.... what's with his age then because my son's 24, I'm sure about that.

Wait Am I seeing a dream...let me pinch myself....oops its hurts. The man replied why were you screaming back then, she didn't know what to say, just then she remembered when she was registering for the entry Flat No. 102b man going out and submitting his keys to robo so she replied I am here to visit flat no. 102b. He sighed did you lost the way that's why you screamed right? She said yes,he shown her the way towards the flat, when they reached at the entrance of the flat he asked for his leave,he turned to go out just when she screamed again for help, she said I called my friend but it looks like they aren't home so would you mind taking me to your home just for an hour as I got a message from my friend that she will be back in an hour and I came from very far place so I can't choose to go back home.

He reluctantly agreed and takes me to his flat, i saw the earlier child and his mother, which he introduced as his wife and son. So I got a clear picture that I came ahead in time and they are my future family.

By Observing the family pictures wall I got clear picture in my mind that they are going to be the future Jones. She got to know that his mother died 15years ago whereas his father lives in old care center. He yelled on the phone over his sister Anne ,to fix her wedding issues otherwise it will be such a disgrace for our family.

He just continuously talking about his father,not even a word for his mother so she asked what about your mother how's she back then. He replied she sucks,how can a woman able to survive on her husband's salary all years with no sense of responsibility.

It made her fall sick how her son thinks too low about her and his wife laughed as if it was a big laughable thing. They shown me the guest room, the tears wouldn't stop coming from my eyes, I kept telling myself I am a loser all these years to them, I am worthless for them. She remembered that she's having fun with Sis Rachel last night and they were talking about their adventure of visiting future, she's sure Rachel help her to give a visit to the future, she's terro card reader and an exorcist. She called on her. She argues with Rachel to stop befooling her as She's having enough. Rachel confront her and tells her the way of coming back.

Venus leaves the house and feeling hallunication, just when she fainted and when she opened her eyes she saw herself with her present family, she thanked to god.

Her husband Henry Jones getting late for his office so he asked her to hurry up and bring him the handkerchief and his bag. He gave her a goodbye kiss and went to office whereas her son waiting at the table to have breakfast, she served him the breakfast but instead of thanking her, he screamed at her as she forgot to made him pasta today, which he had been continuously telling her to follow his routine schedule. He angrily left the table and went with his rocking cum badass friends. Just then she could hear the music sound coming from her daughter's room Anne Jones age 18,who's busy in doing excercise, she asked her daughter to have breakfast but she left for her high school with her boyfriend Jason Harold and with some bitches who she called her besties so she can imagine that her daughter's again on diet. She's living a happy marriage of now 20 years, having two healthy kids. According to her, the Jones is the happiest family whereas no one even give respect to her in her family but if she thinks their family is the happiest so let it be.

But as a mother she could imagine what her children do all the day because none of them attend classes and she got their teachers call everyday. Her children went around the streets, taking drugs and went to clubs all this while. She complained about all this to her husband but he's too busy in himself that he let his children to do all odd stuffs, when I used to asked them the reason they either yell or give some excuses.

By the way let me introduce myself, I am Venus Jones,a housewife and a mother of two. My husband and children all have their busy schedule so I mostly spent my time being alone. Even at the weekend no one around me, as on mostly weekend my husband colleagues have dinner with us so all quite remain busy with themselves, but I used to find my happiness when I saw my husband getting back home happy,my children's healthy and satisfied with their lives.

I may not much involved with thier lives but I know they love me. But when I saw me having no identity in the future, I feel like worthless as if I had played no role in their lives. Maybe because I am not like others wives who talk back with their children, but I can't as I m polite and just want my children to be happy,if they are happy without me even then it's alright.

But I had enough I don't want to lose my children and husband,my dear family so I will follow my plan to get involved back in their lives. I got up late that morning, all started to yelling at me like I'm a machine and I will be dominated by them so I stood for myself for the first time against them, I first deal with my husband to stop it, you should come home early and don't you dare invite your colleagues on weekend, you make sure you take me to beach this weekend. I threw him out of the house then comes my son Max, you attend college lecture otherwise I will cut all your allowance and don't you dare talk back with me,all freezed hearing me and opened their mouth in shock then next comes is princess syndrome daughter, you are going to attend all the classes otherwise I am not allowing you to meet that street rookies and if you want to file a complain against me then go-ahead I have so much proofs to prove you all guilty and irresponsible in the court. You guys are just like parasites who feed on others, you guys are bad kids. I hope you learnt lessons in your life which I think I might able to forget to give you.

I didn't like what I did to them but now they all atleast pay attention to me.

August 30, 2020 17:46

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