Fantasy Fiction Thriller

Hello, hello, can anybody hear me"?

 Yells Bryan as he tremors in fear of the darkness 

"NO one can hear you!" Kelly said while pacing back and forth, trying to figure out a plan to get out of the Darkness and to some light. 

Stuck in the city of Tennessee in the middle of nowhere. Bryan reached into his pants pocket to grab his phone; when he opened it, he noticed it only had 3 bars left. While he knew that 3 percent of a battery wouldn't last long, he smiled and shined the light on Kelly. "Look, we have some light," Kelly's eyes beamed with excitement, "I think you saved our lives," walking side by side. 

Bryan used his light to help guide him and Kelly to somewhere safe.

"Where is everyone? Why are we the only ones here"? Cried kelly 

"I don't know," Bryan said as he continued to look around as he walked forward.

"Wait," whispered Bryan. I see something. He saw a white piece of paper folded on The ground. He bent down and picked it up, and opened it slowly. The letter read

Dear Bryan and Kelly, you both have been disobedient and lack the acts of kindness among others, so as punishment, yall have been chosen to live in a life of Darkness. So treat others the way to would want to be treated. 

Sincerely, The Darkness 

Kelly snatched the paper out of Bryan's hands 

"what is this? Some kind of prank!" she said furiously as she balled the paper up and threw it on the ground. Kelly stomped on the letter, continuously screaming. 


Bryan looked down at his phone and saw that he only had 2 percent left.

"being angry isn't going to get us out of here, kelly,"  said Bryan

"So what do you expect us to do?" smart guy?" Kelly rolled her eyes and slouched on the ground.

"Just let me think,"  Bryan said as he scratched his head. Then, in shock, There was a sound of someone crying nearby; Kelly and Bryan looked and each other in fear. 

"Do you hear that?" they both said to each other simultaneously. They nodded and sauntered to figure out where the noise was coming from. Bryan's phone light captured a boy about nine years old. He had short brown hair, light green eyes, and no shoes or socks on his feet. He had on a shirt sleeve red striped shirt with blue jeans. The boy was shivering with coldness. 

"Hey, what is your name, and what are you doing out here!" said Bryan looking at the boy in his eyes. 

My name is Coby, "I do not know how I got here; all I remember is telling my mom that I hated her and that I wish I didn't have a little sister." he said, trying to catch all the tears that came gliding down his face. 

"But I didn't mean it. I love my mom and my sister."

"I only said that because I was angry at mom for showing my sister more. Attention than me."  

"I.......... want my mom and my sister back." Coby continued to shiver.

Kelly took her coat off and wrapped it around the boy. Here take this young fellow. "You need it more than me."  

"Thank you said Coby"  his feet began to turn purple from the cold. As Bryan noticed, he took his socks and shoes off his feet and gave them to the boy.

Bryan grabbed the boy by his hand. 

"You may not know this, but I am pretty sure you are here in the dark because you were disobedient to your mom; the darkness doesn't like destructive behavior, and as a result, this is your punishment."

Coby frowned, but

  "I am only a kid. I didn't mean it. I love my mom and my sister."

"This should teach you to never say or do things you don't mean again," Bryan said. He looks down at his phone to only 1 percent. Coby looked at Kelly and Bryan. "I have nothing to give you guys, but I have this." Coby got up and opened his arms wide, giving Kelly and Bryan a hug of gratefulness. He knew he was safe.

"thank you, Kelly and Bryan."

"You welcome, buddy," said Kelly 

"Shoot, my phone went dead!" yells Bryan

"It is okay; we have each other," said Coby 

Bryan whispers, "I don't know if a kid can save me."

Coby Laughs, "it is amazing what Kids can do."

Kelly, Bryan, and Coby remain in the Darkness, trying to figure out how they can make it to light. 

"I have a question," said Coby

Kelly looked straight ahead as if she could see him. "Ask us anything."  

"What did you and Bryan do to get here in the darkness?"

Before Kelly replied, The grounds began to shake, the winds blew furiously, and the dark sky moved slowly. A  roaring noise Started to speak viciously, 

"Hello, My dear children Kelly, Bryan, and Cody. I am your friend Darkness." 

"No, I don't want to die," shouts Coby. Covering his whole body with Kelly’s coat.

The Darkness laughs. "My Child, if I was going to hurt you, I would have done that already." 

The Darkness continued to move the sky around, leaving Kelly, Bryan, and Coby terrified. 

"Every one of you  did an act of kindness today. 

Kelly, you gave Coby your coat to keep him warm; 

Bryan, you gave Coby your socks and shoe, leaving you bare.

 And Coby gave away your trust and love in the warmth of your touch".  

The Darkness smiled "since you all shared an act of kindness. Therefore, I will grant you light and free of Darkness".

However, "If any of you ever breaks the rules of kindness, then you will be stuck with me forever"!

"NO, We understand completely yells Bryan '' Just the thought of being in the Darkness forever made Bryans's heart beat rapidly.

The sky began to make a loud, echoing noise. Kelly, Coby, and Bryan had their ears and eyes covered before they knew they were back in the light. People were walking around downtown Tennessee happily and holding hands while shopping. 

"We did it!" Cody jumps up and down, running to Kelly and Bryan, who is smiling from ear to ear. 

"Yes, we did." Kelly swings Coby around while hugging him.

"Kelly, I have a question."

"Ask me anything, kiddo."

"How did you and Bryan end up in the darkness when yall are so nice?"

Before Kelly could answer the question, a lady came behind her and pushed her out of the way.

"You are walking too slow get out of my way," the grumpy old lady said 

Kelly had evil thoughts racing in her head of retaliating, but she composed herself. She never wanted to see the Darkness again. With out answering Coby's question? Kelly stared at the old lady and then at Coby 

"On that note, we will save that answer for another time. See what a little act of kindness can do"?

Coby, Bryan, and Kelly laughed and never saw the Darkness again.

February 05, 2023 17:16

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Arty -
21:11 Feb 15, 2023

It's quite a unique story, enjoyed reading it. I like the idea behind it, it's very creative! Welcome to reedsy!


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Wendy Kaminski
02:23 Feb 12, 2023

Slightly unsettling story about the figurative darkness that acts of unkindness can bring to our souls, Tameka. Great illustration of the "moral of the story." Welcome to Reedsy!


Tameka Blackwell
10:57 Feb 12, 2023

Thank you I am glad to be here ❤️


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