Adventure Fiction Romance

12:00 AM, Saturday, Hailey.

I hear a phone buzz. I check the time. I am in a white shirt and boxers? A wake-up call, 12:00. "Justin, get ready, we are leaving soon!" Somebody yells. Oh right, it is soulmate swap day. I text my number, which I memorized, into his phone. I ask why he woke up early, and what was happening. I explained a bit. It was facial recognition to open it, that was great. The same person walks into his room. "Justin," his mom says, "Get up. Our plane is leaving soon, we are moving to Oklahoma and the next plane takes off in two hours. Get up." I make him get up. Justin, ok. He already had an outfit picked out. A shirt and jeans. Cool. I packed up what we were sleeping on in the suitcase his mom put in there.

Then we left. The plane took off. I lived in Oklahoma too, maybe I would be able to meet him at school. Justin was lean, with a bit of facial hair. Actually, he was kind of cute. He looked like a football player. Which was the only thing that I did not like. I did not want an athlete. But it was fine. Once we land, I finally got Justin's response. He used to live in Maine, but his dad's job moved them. The plane woke up early. Thank goodness it was a weekend, or else he would have probably ruined it. But then I remember, today my grandmother was coming to my house. I always tried to please her. And Justin seemed a bit more like the type to not care. This was a train wreck! How would I live his life for him?

6:00 AM, Saturday, Justin.

I woke up in a nightgown. What? I barely knew what that was, much less wear one! Oh right, it was soulmate swap day. Good thing I was not in my body. I hated planes. They made me motion sick. But then I saw her. Ugly skinny girl. I wanted someone who looked like a model. She looked like a train wreck. I check her phone, and she texted me. I text her back a little answer. Moments after she texts again. Her grandmother is coming today. I had to be nice to her. Great. I never had grandparents. I wished that I met them when I was little. But according to my parents, they did. I just did not remember. Then I felt a massive pain in my gut. I ate, but it only made it worse. I called her. Then she laughed at me. Told me to figure it out, and ask her mom.

But her mom was no help. She said to figure it out too. Oh no! Not to mention how much blood she was losing! I was glad though. I did not want her as my soulmate. I wanted a pretty skinny model. And she is like the complete and utter opposite. So I was stuck with her. I hated it. I got her dressed in something ok looking. I could not believe it. What was I going to do? How was I going to please her grandmother in this state? There was no way! I texted her the directions from my new house to her house telling her she better rush over. Just to lie to my parents so I could see her. Talk to her. But in the meantime, I had to see what I can do to figure this out. Think things through.

8:00 AM, Saturday, Hailey, and Justin.

Hailey and Justin in each other's bodies were panicking. They had no clue what to do about their situations. Hailey was calmer. She decided they can stick together through it, pretend for one day. Just try to get through the day. Hailey helped Justin figure out that problem, and how to please her grandmother. Justin told her to just move the boxes with his room labeled Justin into the room his parents tell him to. by the end, they are both much calmer and believe they can get through it, even if they are not in their correct bodies.

The rest of Hailey in Justin's body's day went like this/when Hailey woke up again. (Told from Hailey's point of view.)

I kept loading box after box. I emptied his suitcase and organized his closet for him. Then I set up his bed. After that, I cleaned his room. I organized his desk. After all of that, I helped his parents load things into the house. They remarked how helpful he was being. How unusual. They had Chinese food in the evening, and for lunch they bought sandwiches. Then they went to bed. I hoped he would like the way his room was, and the way I had set it up. I was asleep in minutes from how tired I was. When I woke up the next morning I was happily back in my regular body in the morning. I had never been so happy to be back in my regular body. I texted him that I was glad it was over and enjoy his room as soon as I had my phone. I was glad it had happened.

The rest of Justin in Hailey's body's day went like this/when Justin woke up again. (Told from Justin's point of view.)

Her grandmother was a very nice person. Once she left, I was able to just lounge around and enjoy myself. Her parents were working, so I barely talked to them. They barely spoke to her. I realized how much my parents meant to her. As much as I tried to talk to them or tell them about something, they pushed her away. After Hailey came over, I looked much better. Turns out she has problems sleeping. I had trouble getting her to bed. But after I was able to get her to sleep I was much more comfortable. When I woke up I saw my new room for the first time.

She decorated it, organized my closet, and did my bed in a very clean matter. I was surprised. I texted her thank you, that it meant a lot to me. I was so happy. My soulmate really cared. And I cared for her.

May 08, 2022 14:00

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