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Mystery Fiction Suspense


hi there 👋

just wanted to say this is a nested story.


flora Johnson- a mysterious girl, who is said to be having a gift.

Nancy Matthew- she is a goth girl from whom all her friends are scared.

Ellie isadora - a lovely girl who is charming, and is from the UK.

Park darian - a boy from Kentucky who is obsessed with magic.

Peter Roland - a boy who is.... weird? and crafty


scene-1 ( at the café)


Nancy- did you hear that flora has " A gift" ?

Ellie (with British accent)- hmmm, I'm afraid not, but she does seem rather mysterious

Peter- ok, enough chit-chat now let's go and call park! he can tell us a lot of things about this "gift" stuff.

Nancy- yes, agreed


scene-2 (at park's house)


(bell rings)

Park (with southern accent)- hey guys, what are y'all doin' here? come in!'

Peter- hey park!

Ellie- hello park!

Nancy- whats up? we wanted to talk to you about something

(they all go and sit on the couch)

Park- ok, so what did y'all wanna talk about?

Nancy - I received some texts from flora about some gift.

Park- oh, ok, can ya show em t'me ?

(Nancy gets her phone out and shows the texts to park)


hi! Nancy 😎


hey flora 👋


ya know some of that gift stuff park always keeps talking about? 😛


yep! totally annoying 😂

(park looks at Nancy)

(Nancy makes an awkward face)


well that is real!

well at least some of it!


wut da wut ? 😟


well I have the gift!!!!!!!


liar 🤥


no! I'm not lying !!!!!!! 😣


prove it 😼😼😼😼


u know wut?

maybe I will

bring our friends to my house at 6pm tomorrow will you?


I gtg bye! 👋


umm, 🤨 ok?

bye 👋

(Nancy switches her phone off)

park- hey its 5:24, we can go to flora's House!

Peter- ya sure, right after I finish these macaroons.

Ellie- PETER!

Peter- sorry!


scene 3 at flora's house


(bell rings)

flora- hey guys come in.

(flora takes them to her room)

Flora- okay! so lets play truth and dare

Peter- ok sure, anything but those creepy, creepy skulls.

flora(laughs) - ok!

Flora- ummm, park you first, truth or dare?

park- ummm, im not sure, truth?

flora-ooh, okay. tell me the truth, you were the one who farted in class and blamed Peter right?

(park blushes)

(Peter looks angrily at park)

park- ok yes! I did

park- ok next person, flora why don't you have a go?

flora- ok! I pick truth too.

park- ok, so tell me you started the food fight yesterday during recess right?

flora- yes I did!

flora- ok I pick Peter next.

Peter- what!!?? me?

flora-yes you, truth or dare?

Peter-truth !I mean dare!, I mean truth !I mean dare!, I mean dare, dare, dare.

flora- ugh, ok, wear this pendant.

(flora hands Peter a pendant with a sapphire on it)

Peter- wait, that's it? then i'll gladly do it.

(Peter wears the pendant)

(everything goes black)

Nancy- where are we? Peter was did you do?

Peter- nothing! I just wore that stupid pendant flora gave me!

Ellie- speaking of which where is flora?

park- guys, look!

( they see flora from a giant blue circular window)

Ellie- the gift was not knowing when you're lying, its the pendant!

Nancy- she trapped us here.

Ellie- but why were all best friends?

Nancy- BUT WHY?

{part 2 coming up}


August 14, 2021 08:06

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