Historical Fiction

Knowing the nature of humanity does not equate to understanding the actions of man; time in this dilemma is proceeded only by experience and a personal one at that.

Parklesis flapped his wings long and hard as we emerged from the wormhole. We had no say in the direction of our punishment but there was no way that I, Jaiden Storm,  would be going anywhere or rather anytime without Parklesis.

Parklesis was an aviant Equidae. Born from the ancient family of Perissa, to date, there was maybe a hundred of her kind across the span of time. You have to understand that upon the conclusion of the Quantum Tetrad (the leading scientific counsel of my era), Time was now known to be linear in every direction. That means you can be banished to anytime if you get yourself in the irreparable type of trouble that I liked to dabble in from time to time.

This time (no pun intended) it was different. I wasn’t trying to be a nuisance, I simply started asking some questions that maybe I shouldn’t have.

We struck through the air with a Sound boom. Parklesis wings pounding the air with incredible power and stealth. We had exited the wormhole into a dense fog and I spotted a few lightning bolts in the distance.

‘Great! Just what we need.’ I thought. “easy girl!” I stroked Paraklesis along her long nape. We both knew flying in fogged weather was not an ideal situation. To our advantage, there was no such thing as planes here. Flying saucers were known to show up in every era of time but somehow, I wasn’t afraid of bumbing into any of those. It was what or who was on the ground that worried me.

Paraklesis was now flying smooth. The clouds were becoming lighter and wispier. Slowly the terrain was coming into view. In the distance, we could see a range of mountain tops. They were dispersed with medium distances in between. There seemed to be forest patches in and around the mountains and we could see waterfalls streaming down into flowing lakes.

I pointed to a clearing and Parklesis headed in that direction. We landed with the thunderous clods of parklesis hoofs. Dust lifted around. We both seemed to breathe heavy as we looked around. It was eerily quiet. I dismounted keeping my hands on Parklesis nape to keep her calm. I needed her to do the same for me. There was a patch of forest to the right and we were just 100 meters shy of a group of boulders at the foot of a low lying mountain.

Suddenly, there was movement around one of the boulders. It looked like a head and then two and three. Ok, so there were people here. That was good…and then maybe not so good. I couldn’t know which yet. Parklesis neighed and I held her with two hands. “Easy girl! You are a rarety in our own time much more here. We don't scare them...unless we have to." Parklesis calmed down, she always seemed to understand me.

The figures came closer. I took three steps closer to them. I don’t know which of us was more awed. The three men were short. I could look them in the eye. I knew they were much older than me because of the thickness of their brow and the beards they wore about their faces. Their foreheads were broad and brooding and the muscles on their arms and legs were well defined and clung tightly to their bony frames. They walked with a tiny hunch forward but their eyes were fixated on us. I must have looked weird in my black leather all in one temperate suite. My black and silver streaked hair lay across my shoulders. I could take them if I had to.

How was I supposed to communicate with them? It was stupid of the Tetrad to send us here. The sooner I could find a way back, the better for me and Parklesis. The Tetrad council made a huge mistake with me, I was Jaiden Storm. Is there anything I couldn't do?

One of the men stepped out ahead of the others. He raised his hand in an awkward way. I think he meant us to follow him. I would go with them for now, no need to unleash my wrath…yet. They turned and walked off in the direction of the boulders. I followed with Parklesis. As we approached I saw that the boulders were really hiding the entrance to a cave. Was this an ambush of some sort?

It was a large enough opening for Parklesis to enter through also. The first of the men led us and the other two followed behind. The outside sun cast shadows on the walls of the cave and I could see what looked like drawings and symbols. It looked like bison or some form of wildebeest animals. They were surrounded by stick men figures with weapons of some sort maybe bows. I had heard of such creatures but they had long since been extinct to my Earth10 era. Soon we were almost in darkness winding along in the cave but a light appeared ahead of us. It was a passage under the mountain.

Soon we emerged on the other side. I squinted from the bright light again but tried to pry my eyes open because of the sounds and smells around. I needed to keep my guard up.

Parklesis neighed and I reached over to rub her. What we soon saw was an amazement to both of us. We were in a huge clearing that was filled with people similar to our escorts. There were men and women, small children and presumably teens. They were all short. They all wore cloths of some sort that looked like animal skins. They didn’t wear shoes and I wondered how they made it through the mountainous terrains and hard rocky grounds.

There seemed to be a unity among them even though there were divisions of activity. To one side there were more than ten men engaged in what looked like roasting over huge fire pits. Some of the men poked the fire, others were bringing more wood and the rest were mounting huge pieces of meat or even whole animals on huge stumps of wood that were placed in or over the fire.

Far away I could see some of those short women by a creek. Some were using pieces of sharp rock to clean animal skins. Other women were washing the skins in the river. There wasn’t much chatter but everyone worked.

There was more. There were some making blunt instruments like the drawings I saw on the wall. It could be spears or arrows. I did not know for sure. Still others were crafting what looked like bowls from the mud clay. Even small children were carrying skins of liquid or helping the men to erect posts.

But all of that stopped…as soon as we emerged from the cave. It took a fraction of a second but soon all eyes were on us. I am guessing that it was Parklesis that drew most of the attention. Judging from the way we were met when we landed-not being shot by arrow or clubbed to death-they must get banished visitors from time to time. I stroked Parklesis gently in their presence so they would know he was friend and not foe.

Soon the leader was beckoning us away again. There were no words transpired but it seems that introductions were made. We were led past all the cells of persons and towards a small forest area. We trudged on a lightly marked path and we could see small patches on either side where the ground was dug up or fresh soft plants were emerging. One of the men stooped down and pulled up a head bunch of those plants. Some tubers appeared at the bottom. What were they planning to do with us?

We arrived at the mouth of another cave. Our escorts paused. The one who had the tubers laid it at the mouth of the cave then they turned to go. I looked at Parklesis. “I guess this is where we are supposed to stay.” I walked into the cave. There were holes in the wall and the sunlight came streaming through. The light was a hazy purple shade. The sun was setting.

Parklesis and I settled for the night. But I couldn’t sleep. Did I really threaten them with my questions? Why was I really banished? I was going to uncover the truth; I was.

Here is what happened exactly.

There was a war looming on Earth10 and I seemed to be the only one who noticed or the only one who dared speak out. The Satiests had been brooding around a lot lately and they were starting to riot and loot in the lower cities. The Satiests are the lower class citizens of Earth10. They were an ungrateful lot but they weren’t always like this. Over five decades ago, the ruling Damatiests in their struggle to retain the support of the masses, started offering free food vouchers and financial gifts to the Satiests. It was like a drug and soon everyone was hooked. Many of them stopped working because the vouchers and gifts were so good. But like with all addictive things, they were never satisfied. They wanted to get more of the goodies but the Satiests didn’t fancy putting out much effort for it.

Slums rose up in all cities too. It was hard for businesses to stay open in these areas because looting was so high. Noone seemed to think any of this was strange. I did.

My parents were Capatists. That’s why I got in so much trouble. Capatists were the ones who owned everything. They owned the diamond mines, the oil gushes, the hospitals, food outlets and all the major clothing stores. They employed the Satiests who were willing to work for decent pay but I thought they could do better.

That’s where my trouble started.

It was my thinking. We had everything. Parklesis was a gift that very few could afford. My dad was amongst those very few. To hire an Equidae wrangler to search through time to find one for me was an astronomical cost some would say. To my dad, it wasn’t even a drop in our bucket.

Parklesis was seven years old when we first met and I was twelve. We’ve been together for ten years now. He is ten times stronger than he was that first day. His black coat is as thick and strong as any hide. The double layer of sturdy white feather wings that he uses to propel us creates a giant swooping sound in the air. It’s very cool.

When City II on lower Earth10 was set on fire I approached father. It wasn’t like I waited for him to come home that day. Jaiden Storm is never that subtle. I flew Parklesis to his office building in City I. We landed on the top platform of that 200 hundred story building and I stormed in on him. He was in a meeting and I knew it. It was the most important meeting of the year. All the Elite would be there discussing their vast wealth and how to build more empires.

Every eye was on me as I stormed past the secretary. I threw the huge double doors open and I walked in. That got everyone's attention. It wasn’t enough for me. I jumped on the huge conference table and amidst all the alarmed cries I said what I had to say.

“You disgust me! Every one of you! How can you be so greedy and heartless? Hundreds of people are hungry and the rioting is destroying the lower cities. How can you just sit back and do nothing?” I was loud.

I was wild with anger. I could feel another gray streak forming in my hair (yeah, it’s a thing that happens to me). Everyone was staring at me. They were still in shock so I still had their attention.

“There are people who can’t take care of themselves. They need you to do it? What did you have last night for dinner? Roe, Steak, lamb? Do you know what they had?...Wind pie and crystal punch.”

By now they were getting over their shock. My dad was at the head of the table but I didn’t make eye contact with him. Someone else spoke.

“Young lady you don’t know what you are saying. How dare you? Do you think we were handed our fortunes?” A man with a balding plate and thin reading glasses spewed at me.

“Things aren’t always what they appear to be Ms. Storm.” A tall man with a long hanging gray beard said.

A man stood up. It was Father. Suddenly my resolve sank to the bottom of my stomach. We locked gazes and I knew I was done for. He walked to the double doors without a word. I followed instinctly.


The sound of Parklesis neighing woke me. I was in a Cave. I remembered. I was banquished here. But I still didn’t know why it was to this time. Father gave the order; what a sting.

Parklesis was already outside. The air was good and I was hungry; Parklesis must be too. I remembered the tubers. I dusted the soil off of them and started peeling. I would much rather a meat pie or quail soup but beggars can’t be choosers. I bit into the root. It was sweet but raw. Parklesis gobbled it down with no complaints; I should be so humble.

We had barely finished our food and exercise when our escorts appeared. There was no verbal again but we knew we were to follow them and so we did. These weren’t the bastards I wanted to fight. I would save my energy.

Today was a new day but the activities of yesterday continued. Every one of those pigmy people were attuned to their tasks. The escort led us to the creek I noticed yesterday. I was left there. There again was no verbal but the woman in charge placed a skin and a tool in my hand. I didn’t want to be rude- I certainly know how- but the look on her face wouldn’t allow it. I tried to imitate their actions. At first, I could swear that they giggled at my efforts but soon I was just as them cleaning and stripping.

When the purple haze of the setting sun started the Pigmy’s began shuffling their efforts in a different manner. I followed the women as we stacked the skins and washed up. Soon there was a central bonfire set in the midst of the large clearing around which everyone sat. The atmosphere changed. Soon pans of roasted meat and skins of liquid were being passed around. It seemed to be ‘dinner and a movie’. We stared into the fiery crackle of the bonfire and indulged.


It had been nearly three months. We were still banished.

I had perfected the skill of cleaning, stretching and washing animal skins. “Maybe I could start a business when I got back.” I laughed to myself.

The Pigmy people were no longer strange to me. I admired them. Everyone worked hard. They all had a skill. They taught their children too. They had a tight knit community.

When the escort arrived this morning I sensed we had a new assignment. He walked with a spear headed cane and had a satchel around his neck with some other tool like objects. Today we walked in a new direction. It was a long walk. I rode on Parklesis but I didn’t dare fly. The Pigmy escorts walked ahead, neither the heat of the sun nor the hardness of the bare ground seeming to pose any barriers to them.

It was hours before we arrived at another cluster of mountains. Behind the boulders, another group of Pigmy men emerged.

Of course they stared at Parklesis for quite some time but then attended to their Pigmy visitors. Some minor communications ensued and I understood. My Pigmy clan had come to trade. They brought with them several tool like items and they were bargaining for some herbs and dried roots. We had climbed several feet of altitude so I assumed that these were items they could not grow lower down.


I wish I had the power to return to Earth10 but I don’t. This could be earth1 or Earth2, I’m not really sure. It’s not the crap hole I thought it was. These weren’t the Greedy Capatists or the Sorry Satiests I knew on Earth10. I was harsh and suspicious when I first arrived. I think that clouded my mind back then but now I am seeing clear.

I knew what I had to do back on Eart10. It was going to be a fight but not the one I was fighting. Mission has changed but I’m Jaiden Storm. What can’t I do?

Just then the clouds started brewing and turning black. Thunder rolled with one boom after the other. I jumped on Parklesis back and we rode up into the storm.

June 02, 2020 09:32

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