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Hey, everyone! I wrote a short story that is about a paragraph long revolving around a "Butter" prompt. And in honor of Halloween, I made it a horror. My goal was to challenge myself and limit the number of words I wrote. I am quite proud of this. Enjoy! :)

(Feedback would be appreciated.)


As I laid the butter on the table, my heart began to race, thumping faster and faster, leaping into my throat. My eyes wandered to where my victim was sitting, she was quiet, reading by the light of the roaring fire. It was about time for her to go. My brain filled with thoughts as I yelled, “Dinners ready!” No going back now, I watched her tuck her legs under the table and fill her plate with bread, turkey, apples, and last of all the butter. She shoveled the warm bread, dripping with melting butter into her mouth, just before her last breath escaped her lips. I caught her just before she hit the floor, and her eyes shut for the final time. I picked myself up off the floor and walked back to where I left the butter. It was a melting pool by now, but it smelled so delicious. I was so compelled I couldn't stop myself. I grabbed a handful of the warm melted butter and licked my hand clean, I fell to the ground and watched as the darkness enveloped me.

I don't know how to post a story with less than 1,000 words so I am going to add some little bonus snippets of other stories I never finished. :) 

Rain, Rain

As I stared out the window, rain spitting and dripping down the side, I watched the little drops race to the bottom. Some stopped before reaching there. I sighed and wondered why it was raining. I had heard that rain was God crying or some other nonsense. But it always seemed to rain on days like this, funeral days. Lighting cracking across the sky, thunder booming. It was as if all the gods were furious about my person being taken. 


Three sisters is always such an odd number of sisters, because one is always cut off from the rest, abandoned, and alone. I watched as Tyra ran off to Jocelyn, giggling and gossiping on the way. Sighing, I brushed the leaves away from my lap and wandered the premises. I glared at Tyra and Jocelyn walking and giggling. It's not fair, Tyra was supposed to be my twin sister, my built-in best friend.  

Last Meal

One year ago I fell into the depths of emotions as most girls do when they connect with their other halves, their “meant-to-be’s”. Some would say Gabe and I were two opposites who were destined to start out bad and end good. Although to me, the definition of our relationship was execrable. I felt like sometimes I hated him so much that I loved him too much. The lasting effects of my fear of autophobia from my last relationship managed to twist my perspective on the word ‘LOVE’. I never thought he would hurt me though. I believed he would stay with me till the end. I couldn't even picture him with another girl. 

Until I did. 

I was terrible with emotions as a whole so it was no surprise, my relationship was a mess but when they came out, they were terrifying. The voices in my head constantly whispered through the night, trying to express anger, betrayal, sadness, and grief all at once. That early Saturday evening, my emotions were on the loose, my eyes clouded with so much hate that I ignored the movements of my hands and the evil thoughts I felt, and just acted.

The first time I saw him I knew. I wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, but I believed this was. Or maybe something more. That warm autumn day, the air was blowing the leaves in swirls of yellow, brown, and fiery red. His dark black hair fell perfectly into ringlets, as the sun reflected off of it. “Ivanna? Ivanna!” My attention snapped toward my friend Jasmine. “I thought I had lost you there, Ivanna.” I chuckled and turned back in Gabe's direction. Jasmine followed my line of vision to see who I was ogling. “Oh, Ivanna, not him. Anyone, but him.” 

“Why not him?”

“Because he has a reputation.” Sighing, I knew she was right, a guy like him would never go for a girl like me. Needless to say, I still went and talked to him, I noticed how his eyes sparkled under the sun, golden flecks in his bright blue eyes. We went on date after date, I slowly began truly falling for him, but also growing a bit scared of him. We hit our one-year anniversary, and then year two. After all that time, we never grew together, but we didn’t grow apart, well not exactly.

The End of Men

We gave them their chances. To improve the world, better the place they destroyed. Instead, they left it worse than we could have possibly imagined. Men. They destroyed our once happy world, full of freedom. A kingdom of women. My dreamland. It was euphoric. Then they came. No one knows how the hell they really came to be, but we do know they claimed they could fix our world, rid us of our inhumane ways. We gave them their shot, they’ve been here for over 100,000 years. 

It's time to take back our world and restore it to its perfection. Bye-bye men. Women are here to stay.

Part of Part Three to Deceit

I ended up wandering in circles for hours. I was lost deep in my thoughts before I realized the sun was setting. I sighed. I couldn’t get off the island, I couldn’t go home, and the one person I loved my entire life was now my enemy. As my world continued to crumble, I realized how much of my life didn’t matter. I barely impacted anyone or anything, I had no real passions or dreams. It was like my entire life had revolved around him. I refused to accept that. I am perfectly capable of free will, and I am in control of my life. I would not let him win. I raced up towards the building that protected Finley and busted the door open. I let all the anger inside me out, screaming, cussing, and determined to find Fin. This asshole was going to pay.

Okay, that’s all for now! Let me know in the comments if there is any story you would like me to finish and post!  

October 25, 2021 14:49

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Akshara P
16:43 Jan 20, 2022

Hi eleanor, or should I say sophia? Just a bit of a thank you for spamming likes! I loved reading this. the descriptions and details were well written. and btw, you have a real knack for writing! ❤ Did you see the new prompts and have any ideas? they don't make any sense to me haha. :)


💫 Sophia 💫
18:19 Jan 20, 2022

Thank you so much! Me and my friend Luna are actually writing a story for a prompt right now :).


Akshara P
08:46 Jan 21, 2022

Luna? I love her! Thats great, wishing you luck. <3


💫 Sophia 💫
14:01 Jan 21, 2022

Thank you! We should have posted by 3 pm EST time!


💫 Sophia 💫
02:35 Jan 22, 2022

Its posted! :)


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