Outside, the wind is howling, the blizzard seems to be getting worse minute by minute. But the small motel that is located in the middle of nowhere is brightly lit. In the lobby, there were five people, who are all stranded inside this motel because of this blizzard.

Kate Jenkins is one of them.

She looks around, taking in the detail of the surrounding. The painting in the walls are peeling off and there were cracks on the wall. The lobby is only sparsely furnished, with two faded green colored sofas, torn on the side. A damp carpet is in the middle of the lobby with a coffee table in the middle. Around the coffee table, the five people have all gathered around.

It seems weird that they were the only ones inside this motel. Other than the lobby and the reception area, which are brightly lit, the rest of the motel look empty and dark. There was a single radio on the reception desk, which is turned on but the signal is very weak that the only sound that is coming out of the radio is the static sound.

Kate glanced over at her cell phone. There is no signal and probably this snow blizzard must have wiped out the connections. She was on her way to her house for the Christmas holidays, driving all the way from Boulder to the sate of Utah. Many thought she was crazy to go out of state for her studies, when she could have remained in Utah instead. But Kate is a wild and adventurous person and she wanted to be far from home as possible.

Except during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

She can't get hold of her father to let him know that she is stuck in somewhere in Colorado, with no signal.

The wind is blowing strong, making the noises and Kate suddenly feels of scared to even go out.

All the four people inside here were on their way to their homes. Matt is a scrawny looking dark haired boy with spider legs and arms was on his way home from Denver when he got stuck here. A warm looking middle aged couple, who introduced themselves as John and Grace Simpson was on their way to Denver, for a family reunion from Grace's side of the family. Phil Goldberg was on his way to somewhere. All of them are stuck here in this cramped run down motel with no sight of an owner or the occupants.

What was the name of the motel? Sun Down Motel. What a weird name...Kate thought.

But Kate's mind was not on the motel or the fact how to get in touch with her father or the fact of reaching home before Christmas eve.

Her mind is on the back of her car, now perhaps covered with snow. A thing in the back of her car.

"Let's play a game," Matt said clapping his hand to get everyone's attention.

"The blizzard is going to get worse," John groaned.

"I don't want to go outside," Grace shivered.

"All right, so who wants to play a game?" Matt asked annoyed at the change of subject.

"What sort of game?" Phil asked.

Matt smiled.

"It's like truth or dare, except, this is only the truth...ask a question and then answer truthfully," he said, eyeing all of us.

"That sounds like a childish game," John groaned.

"OK, I'll start first," Matt said, ignoring John. "Someone has to ask me a question,"

"Fine, where are you from and what are you doing here?" Phil asked.

Matt smiled. "I am from Colorado Springs, but live in Denver. I am on my way to Utah to meet my sister," he explained. He looks at Phil. "Now where are you from and what are you doing here?"

Phil shrugged. "I am originally from New York, but moved to Denver, I am off to Aspen to join some of my buddies from college,"

Matt glances at Kate. "What about you? Where you from?"

Kate sighed.

"I am from Logan, Utah," Kate said softly.

And then so on, the questions were around and around, some funny questions, some bursting into fits of laughter and giggle, easing the tense in the atmosphere.

"Now, let's get serious," Matt said, rubbing his hands. "Who do you think owns this place?"

There was silence. Everyone looked at each other.

"I don't know..." Grace said shaking her head. "Now that you mentioned it, this place looks...eerie,"

"Funny there are no one staying here," Phil noted.

Kate glanced around. She looked up. The ceilings seemed to leak. This building really needs a repair. She really hoped that the blizzard will not ruin this place.

She kept thinking about the thing in the back of the car.

Matt suddenly gets up and starts pacing around the lobby. He walks over to the reception desk. He looks around as if he was searching for something.

"There's a broken telephone but nothing else," he said sounding surprised.

"Are we done with the game?" John asked yawning. "I want to sleep,"

"I don't want to sleep here," Grace shuddered. "This place smells like cockroaches,"

Matt goes towards the door. Kate realized that he was discreetly locking the door.

"No," Matt answered. He gives them a smile and Kate couldn't help but notice what a twisted smile he has. He takes a chair and then sits down, facing us. "Here is the thing...we are the only people in this motel...there's no one here except the five of us..." his dark eyes flashed. He doesn't look scrawny anymore, instead look more demented. Kate's heart turned cold.

"There's a killer among us," he said.

There was silence, as each of them took those words into their head. John laughed.

"Are you trying to scare us?" John asked laughing.

"No..." Matt said, and Kate realized that he was looking at her. "One of us here is a killer...have you seen the news about the serial killings that were taking place around Boulder?"

Kate's head started spinning. How did Matt know? Is he a detective or police? Cold sweat swept through the back, heart hammering against her chest.

Grace froze. Phil looks at Matt.

"I heard the news." Phil said. "Are you said that there is a killer among us..."

Kate looks at Matt and for a moment, their eyes locked together. A sinister smile played on his lips.

Few hours earlier...

Kate and Matt were sitting in the car, the radio turned on. Some Elvis Presley song is playing on the radio and Matt's fingers were drumming on the steering wheel.

Kate looks out of the window and sees a dark haired Indian looking girl walking out of the library.

"There," Kate said, pointing at the girl.

Matt looks. He then gets down from the car. He starts walking towards the girl. Kate closes her eyes. She turns the volume high up as she didn't want to see what Matt is going to do to the girl. The sudden rapping on the window jerked Kate up.

"Help me," Matt said, half carrying the unconscious girl.

Kate got down from the car and opened the back of the car. They hurled the girl into the back of the car and closed the door. Matt kisses her on the lips.

"I can't wait to play the game tonight," he said, whispering.

Kate hoped that no one had seen them abducting the girl. So far, they have managed to get away without anyone spotting.


"Yes, there is a killer," Matt said.

Kate knows what Matt is thinking. They are going to play the game here, right now.

Kate then smiled.

Grace sensing what is happening immediately bolted towards the door and Matt pushed Grace hard on the floor. He kicks Grace hard and she whimpered.

John grinned.

"I know...the game..." John said softly.

Grace looks helplessly around.

Phil lights a cigarette.

"Where's the other girl? I thought it was her," Phil said pointing at Kate.

"Kate is my girlfriend. I am not using her...but we got a girl," Matt said grinning. He heads out of the door and Grace tries to make a run towards the door only to be stopped by John and Phil. She starts screaming, hitting and clawing at them. Kate is enjoying the show.

This is the secret...the thing. The secret game that the police will never solve.

May 21, 2020 15:27

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Ruey Fern Tan
04:37 May 28, 2020

Hi there! I was linked to this story by the Reedsy Critique Circle. I thought this was pretty interesting; it kept me guessing about the characters' true intentions until the very end. One thing that confused me, though, was the tense - is it meant to be written in present tense or past tense? It seemed to switch between the two kind of inconsistently. Other than that, however, I loved your descriptions, especially of Matt with his "spider arms and legs". Great job <3


Samadhee Ismail
15:03 May 28, 2020

Thank you!


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