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Robbie looked around the house. He hated parties, hated the gathering of people. He hated having to clean up before and after. Robbie put the vacuum cleaner back in the closet and let of a groan. Why did he agree to have a party again? They would be here in a few hours, people and apparently a lot of them. Should he cancel? Should he tell them that the party was moved somewhere else? Groaning loudly he picked up the broom and continued to clean.

A few hours later with his house clean, Robbie set up the table for snacks and got his coolers ready. A knock sounded on the door, it was his friend Andy bringing drinks and more snacks.

“Wow, looky here. You cleaned up nice. You know it’s just going to get messed up again, right?” Andy said.

“Yeah I know, but at least it won’t be as messy.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, but whatever it’s your house.”

They finished setting up in silence until Andy spoke up, “Okay, it is way to quiet in here. Where is your radio, CD player, ipod, something to play some music?”

“Um, I have a radio and CD player combined. Oh and it has a place to hook up an ipod! Take your pick, the CDs I have are on the shelf underneath it.” Robbie replied pointing to the corner where the radio and CD player was sitting on a stand.

“Oh, great! Let’s see, what you are into. Ohhh, I see you have a little of everything. Nice.” Andy said scanning through the CDs.

Robbie turned away and started putting ice and drinks into the cooler.

Andy stood and stretched her back out. It took a lot to convince Robbie to have this party; he was so shy and didn’t get out much. Andy wanted to change that, she knew how great and fun Robbie was, if only others could see it. She knew if she could get him to let loose some at this party he would make more friends and have a great time. People should be showing up soon so Andy started setting up some games to play while Robbie got the grill ready on the porch.

Robbie prepared the chicken with seasonings and got the hot dogs ready when Andy walked through the sliding door.

“Mmm, that’s smells great! Do you need help with anything?”

“Uh, not that I think of though people should be showing up soon, so guess you can get the plates and stuff. Chicken will be ready in about five.”

Andy nodded and headed back inside. Sure enough the party goers started walking in. She greeted everyone and told them there was food on the table and drinks in the coolers. Soon Robbie came in with pans of grilled chicken and hot dogs which he sat on the counter next to the potato salad and hot dog buns. He greeted his guests and made sure they were situated when more people showed up. Robbie went over to Andy to discuss what to do next when the song switched on the radio. Andy’s eyes shot towards Robbie and she knew this was his moment, this was his song.

Robbie stared at Andy for a while and then thought screw it, this was his song and his house. He was going to dance. It was an older country tune that came on. It had a nice beat and he got his rhythm and starting dancing. He started stepping in line towards the beat, he stepped forward four times, then to the right four times, he spun around did a little shimmy shake dipped down then stepped backward four times. He criss crossed his legs in a jump and spun around again. Then he started the routine all over again. At this point others were watching and some joined in. They were all laughing, even Robbie, Andy knew this was a good idea. 

The song ended and Robbie went to get some food and a drink. Andy came over and stood next to him.

“Nice moves there Rob- O.”

“Haha, thanks. Don’t call me Rob-O though, that’s weird.”

“Ok, Ok, noted. You’re not into nicknames.”

“Well Robbie is a nickname, technically.” He chuckled.

“Oh right, haha, so you got any more sick dance moves?”

“Maybe I do, if I hear the right song that is.”

They laughed together and one of there friends came over to talk to them.

“Wow Rob, I didn’t know you could dance like that. Plus this chicken is super yummy!” She said.

“Uh, thanks. Andy here seasoned it I just put it on the grill and flipped it over.” He said grinning.

“Well it was delicious. You are going to have to show me some of those dance moves again.” She said walking away.

“Wow, could she be even more obvious” Andy said.

“Wow what? What do you mean?” Rob replied.

“She is totally into you and your sick dance moves.” Andy said winking.

Robbie picked up his plate and walked to the table, Andy followed.

“So, where did you learn to dance like that anyway? People are going to talk about it, you know.” Andy said with a smirk.

“It was just a dance. Have people never heard of youtube. I didn’t make it up or anything just watched the video and learned the moves, it’s simple really.”

“Alright, no need to get grouchy.” Andy said getting up from the table and joining the party.

Robbie finished him food and tossed the empty plate into the trash. Andy was right he didn’t have to snap at her like that. Truth is he liked her, a lot. He didn’t know if the teasing was her flirting or just being mean. Robbie contemplated going to talk to her, maybe he should teach her some moves. Mind made up Robbie walked over to were Andy was sitting.

“Care to dance?” He asked.

Confused Andy looked up at Robbie and said, “Really? But the music isn’t a slow song.”

“Who says we need a slow song to dance together?” Robbie grinned and pulled Andy to her feet.

Robbie started by swaying against Andy to the fast pace song. The tempo started going faster so he brought her into a swing dance, he spun her around then took a step back. He held onto her with one hand and started shaking his hips and leg kind of like a jive. Robbie grabbed both of Andy’s hands and started swaying from side to side. Everyone stopped what they were doing and started watching Robbie and Andy dance. The song was about over when Robbie took Andy and spun her around again, bringing her close to dip her slightly with the last beat of the song. After the song ended he pulled her close and smiled down at her, she was smiling just as big. They room exploded with applause, they pulled apart blushing slightly, and then took a bow.

“Thanks for the dance.” Robbie said with a wink.

Andy blushed and replied, “No, thank you that was really fun.”

For the rest of the party people would come up and chat Robbie up. They complimented him on his dancing skills, some joked around about it. Robbie was having a great time, he was so glad he agreed to have this party. On the plus side he got to spend more time with Andy and even get a dance or two in.   

May 14, 2021 22:40

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