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"What a weary day?"Helen exausted almost trembling to keep another step. The entire day was a day of quest yup it was so as she had planned to buy an extraordinary present for her hubby. Mr. Orea is a middle aged man who was a workaholic spending 24×7 engaging in his business firm. Every night he used to be too weary than Helen looked at present. His involvement in work is rather the effect of his love on his family which he wish to cherish. A worn-out Helen was in a dilemma whether the present she bought for Orea would impress him or not. She was quickly drawn to a memory which mused her, the first date with Orea.

"Will you fill my gaps?" Orea confessed his feeling for Helen,which Helen willingly accepted. Helen for sure was the first to have feeling for Orea but soon Orea fell for her care towards him. The day was a significant one in Helen's life where she received the first ever gift presented by Orea which struck her. Even the memory of the gift made her feel reluctant to unleash the inmate of the present.

"How fool I've been!"exclaimed Helen with a feverish tone. She was almost febrile partly by tiredness and partly by the nostalgic feeling of the past. Helen couldn't stop thinking of her fallacy, so far for her a present to Orea was something that she want to get him aware that she still love and care for him. But she totally forgot that Orea for sure was not going to be fascinated by any material gift. Every moment she thought of Orea's first present she felt ashamed of herself. What was that Orea gifted her?. Apparently those who were going through the story would toil about. Oops Helen has no will to unleash the mystery, but the narrator wishes to disclose it..

"What's that? It's too light but I'm curious to look at" Helen received the present from Orea and hastily unpacked it. Quite upset for her expectations are transcendent but the present left her with glass pearls on eyes. Let's open the present which was a wooden piece on which the following secret has been embedded in it( note that Helen donot want to disclose)

"You are the queen of my Castle

I will Crown you with the riches of the world

Remember you are my world which I'll never desolate

I'll be the knight protecting my Queen from all strife

Until by last breath I'll not let you down

I promise to shed all my comforts to make you feel comfortable

I will ever love you for you are mine"

Helen waited upon Orea's arrival with a rosy smile on her face which was no weary at present. Kindly don't let Helen know that I've disclosed her secret. "My Queen, soo pretty today" encounter Orea with a hearty smile reflecting Helen's. He neither showed his fatigue despite long hours of work. Helen with a faithful heart presented her gift to Orea which he received with amusement. What's the occasion? Question raised in Orea's mind. Having known his interrogative thought Helen wished him 'Happy 10th year Proposal Anniversary '.Orea was much more delighted for after ten years of marital life it's the first time Helen remembers their Proposal Anniversary. With more enthusiasm and quest Orea unpacked his present. He was soon drawn back with Pearls dazzling from his eyes. He hugged Helen repeating every word he promised for Helen in his present years ago. The wooden piece shone with tears with the following words..

"You are the prince of my dream

You are my treasure with I nurture with care

You are the throb of my heart

I will stand against the world for you, for your my world

I need no comfort rather than you, my only comfort and comforter

Be mine forever..."

Orea engaged himself in a hectic situation to make his beloved a Queen. He made all her dreams true,he made a tireless effort to enrich his Queen. The wood chunk lay aside where the two shadows held together as one. On the desk lay another present wishing Happy Anniversary dear Orea which was dated a week later...

December 06, 2019 17:35

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Felicia Barba
03:45 Dec 18, 2019

I love this- I submitted the same topic as well. AHH!!


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