Rick and Celina are again going to their rocking place which they used to call "fun time". For others it's just an underground fun station but for them it's more than that as Rick who's an orphan find that place comforting to avoid his loneliness,whereas Celina called a curly girl because of her messy curly hair and because of her hair somewhat people saw her as timid but she's exactly opposite. Those who think of her as timid she's rebellious to them. She's a lively girl and want to cherish every moment. They both want to pursue as an architecture.

About their friendship it's little complicated as both of their first impression wasn't good enough towards each other. They both bunk their classes so they share the detention. In their detention while talking to each other they find themselves having common interest. Celina invited Rick to join her in fun time. Since then they share a good bond.

Seasons passed and their friendship became stronger, this time visiting fun time Celina seems excited to introduce her another close friend to him.

But the two didn't find the meeting pleasant. Celina tightly hug Allen and introduce him to Rick, they unpleasantly share greeting. Celina went to the fun station inviting both of them. Allen joined her But Rick denied to go with them.

Rick stand alone in a corner and start remembering the bitter memories, the pain which starts to bother him again, a brother like friend who always cheer him up. His friend father was richest and treat him nicely like his own son. Rick was a good artist as well as a good swimmer or you can define him the champion swimmer. His life goal been targeted to anyhow become a National champion in swimming. To him swimming is the only source to achieve everything in life.

Once on dinner his friend's father talked to both of them about adopting Rick, this gives a hope to Rick to live normally like a family.

But his friend didn't find this pleasant and find himself insecure about his love, wealth and fame.

Once they both visit his friend rehearsing room where a competitor(Tom) arrive and invite them to have lunch with him but Rick advised him not to disturb his bestie as his bestie having competition next week.

His friend was a great singer, Tom find him talking to some street rookies and asked him why he's involving with the rookies and his friend told him that they're not that dangerous and it's good to keep friendship with them and Rick introduce them to me. They are organising a party tonight and they're going to invite famous personalities there too. When Tom visit the party, he find the party filled with rookies but he has to evolve his career and become famous so he didn't leave the party. Suddenly the sheriffs arrived and arrest them.

His friend bailed Tom out and told him that the party's drugged and he's not at fault as Rick's the one who messed up him in this. After bailing from jail the goons approached Tom as in the party he's the only one who's uninvited.

When goons interrogated Tom about sheriffs he told them about Rick. The goons beated him so badly that he discharged from the hospital after two weeks....

Just when Celina came from behind and asked what are you doing alone here???

He smiled and said enjoying myself. They both laughed hard. Just when she approached Allen to come over here and join them.

Rick and Allen both staring towards each other. Allen remembered how he used to like their brotherly relationship but Rick always misjudged him and never even treated him as a friend even. Allen knew that back then mostly people wanted to become his friends because of his father's wealth but he wanted to have his own friends and he considered Rick one; as they spent most of times together and Rick knew that he hated when people approached him just because of his dad.

They both wanted to elope as soon as possible. Never wanted to be in each other contacts ever but here they are sharing fun time together. If it wouldn't for Celina then they would have elope from there already. Celina is very close to both of them and they don't want her to know that they were even friends back then. Because keeping friendship means nothing to them now. They never wanted to remember their sweet cum bitter memories ever because its takes a lot of time for them to move on in their respective lives.

But actually the truth is that Allen planned everything in the past,and hurt his bestie that hard,that he couldn't able to participate in the championship. That's when Rick hated him the most and he didn't need any proof to find the truth as he can read his bestie expression and he confronted Allen also to ,which he accepted that he did that out of insecurity.

But truth is actually something else that Allen father concerned about Allen illness so he wanted to adopt Rick so Allen can find peace from his stressful life which became worsening day by day.

When Allen eavesdrop this,he felt regretful about his insecurity of losing his wealth and sharing everything which he owns to his friend. So he went to meet the famous swimmer,to get an autograph for Rick but when he's going to give it to him he eavesdrop Rick advising someone not to think Allen as an idol as he only knows how to hurt others, and being rich he only lives by his dad's name and he didn't have any talent. Since then he never believed on the word "Best friendship" until he met Celina who again made him believe in true friendship so for Celina he can stay with any rookie for hours.

The evening ended and Celina pointed out that you two are really something as you guys even didn't enjoyed anything and even didn't share any ride with me.

She said I am going to plan next trip for sure so that we all can get along well. She asked them do you guys agree they nodded as they don't want to hurt her feelings.

But In adults world words doesn't matter,so they are for sure going to make an excuse to avoid the next trip.

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