Stranger things summer my own story and title

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Kids Middle School

In the wheelers house:

In mikes basement*

Dude it's super hot said Lucas

ik it is stop whining like a little girl said Dustin

Dude shut up said Lucas

No u shut up little girl said dustin

Shut up said Lucas

Guys how about i tell my mom if she can take us to the pools said mike

Yes tell her said Lucas I'm dying

Little girl said Dustin

Shut up said Lucas

Ok I'll be right back said mike

Ok said Lucas

Mike walked to the kitchen*

mom said mike

Yes said his mom

Can u take me Lucas Dustin and will to the pools said it's super hot said mike

Sweetie I will love to but I'm busy how about i turn on the sprinklers said his mom

mom but we r already old to play in the sprinklers said mike

No u guys r not said his mom

Yes we r said mike

Mike do u want u and ur friends to be not hot anymore said his mom

No said mike

Then I'ma go turn on the sprinklers said his mom mikes Mom walked to the front door and opened it and closed it* Mike walked back to the basement*

Dude what did she said said Lucas

She said no and she's busy and she's going to turn on the sprinklers said mike she's so stupid said mike

Busy with what said Lucas

Idk maybe busy of being lazy said mike

mike said dustin yeah said mike in an angry voice*

at least we aren't gonna be hot anymore said dustin and I think ur mom doesn't wanna take us because people sometimes pee in the pools or there's a lot of people or people drown said dustin

i think ur right said mike

Yeah let's just go outside and wet ourselves with the sprinklers said dustin

Ok said mike

Dude what r we gonna get wet with our clothes said Lucas

No I'ma let u guys barrow some shorts said mike

Oh said Lucas

let's just go get change before we get more hot said mike

mike will Lucas Dustin got up where they were sitting and followed mike to his room*

mike gaved will Dustin Lucas some shorts* the 4 boys took out their shirt and pants and put the shorts on*

2 minutes later the 4 boys went outside and walked to the sprinklers* Lucas runned to the sprinklers and got wet* dustin mike and will got wet* 2 boys saw the 4 boys wetting their self in the sprinklers* and looked at them weird and left* 4 minutes later* the boys finished wetting their self and dryed their self and put on their clothes*

guys said Lucas

Yeah said mike

How about we go to the store and buy some ice cream said Lucas

Ok said mike no thanks Im broke said dustin

hahaha said Lucas

hahaha at least I have a friend who works in the ice cream store in the mall and gaves me free ice cream said dustin

Whatever said Lucas

will said dustin

yeah said will

do u want to go to the mall with me and get ice cream said dustin

idk said will

If u don't have any money it's ok I can tell my friend steve if he can give u a free ice cream said dustin

Ok said will

Bye will said mike bye said will Dustin and will headed

downstairs* Dustin opened the door and closed it will and dustin got on their bike dustin rode his bike to the mall will followed him*

5 minutes later* Dustin and will arrived to the mall and

walked to the ice cream store the 2 boys lined up

behind a girl* I'll take a strawberry popsicles said the girl ok said Steve Steve got a strawberry popsicles and

gaved it to the girl* the girl grabbed it* it will cost 6 dollars said Steve ok said the girl the girl got 6 dollars from her bag and gaved it to Steve* ty nexts said Steve Harrington said dustin Henderson said steve hey man said Steve hey said dustin how r u said Steve I'm good said dustin how about u said dustin I'm fine said Steve do u want an ice cream said Steve yeah can u give one to my friend for free said Dustin sure said Steve Steve got 2 plastic cups and put chocolate ice cream in the cup and got 2 spoon's and gaved the ice creams to will and dustin* ty man said Dustin np man said Steve Henderson said Steve yeah said dustin do u wanna come to my house on the other Friday said Steve sure said dustin ok said Steve bye I'll cya on the other Friday said dustin bye said Steve the 2 boys walked out the ice cream store * and headed out the mall and got on their bike I'll cya on monday said dustin ok said will bye said dustin bye said will will rode his bike home* dustin rode his bike home to* Lucas and mike went to the store and came back and walked down the basement Lucas and mike sat down the couch mike had in his basement Lucas opened his ice cream and started to eat it* this ice cream is so good said Lucas dude slow down said mike i can't it's so delicious said Lucas dude said mike Lucas felt like berping *

Mike said Lucas yeah said mike Lucas got up where he was sitting and walked with mike Lucas didn't say anything and stood in front of mike mike got up where he was sitting on what said mike Lucas didn't say anything still* what said mike Lucas walk a little close to him and started to berped in mikes face Lucas said mike oops said Lucas ur so disgusting no I'm not laughed Lucas yes u r gross said mike mike walked to the kitchen and turned on the water from the sink and wash his face* Lucas laughed so hard mike turned off the water and got some paper towels and wiped his face and threw away the paper towels in the garbage and walked back to the basement* Lucas still laughed that wasn't funny said mike yes it was said Lucas no it wasn't said mike Lucas was still laughing dude stop said mike Lucas keeped laughing the end....

March 19, 2024 23:52

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John Jenkins
17:40 Mar 24, 2024

You would probably really enjoy screenwriting. It's just like this, and it's got the greatest return on investment.


01:48 Mar 28, 2024



John Jenkins
13:07 Mar 28, 2024

Yeah, screenwriting really fits with what you're doing. You name the character, then the character speaks.


20:24 Mar 28, 2024

thats so cool


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01:48 Mar 28, 2024

what is screen writing?


John Jenkins
13:08 Mar 28, 2024

Screenwriting is writing the words that actors say in movies. Do you have a favorite movie? All of the actors are saying words that a screenwriter wrote down. Many screenwriters.


20:22 Mar 28, 2024

yes my favorite movie is call luca


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22:10 Mar 27, 2024

john i am so sorry if i didnt respond my tablet got wet and it doesnt work anymore im using my school computer


John Jenkins
13:07 Mar 28, 2024

Oh, you're in school? That's great!


20:23 Mar 28, 2024



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20:37 Mar 28, 2024

but i didnt go to school today because today we have confences and yesterday was the last day going to school we dont have school tomorrow or on monday until april 8 i took my school laptop home because i barrow my brothers charger and i dont have a charger at school


John Jenkins
13:13 Mar 29, 2024

You're going to be an excellent writer someday.


18:39 Mar 29, 2024



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