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It was a Thursday evening, my Mum was from China and my dad worked as a British dentist. We lived in a penthouse in London. I had a younger and older sibling. My older sister aged 16 was staying in America with my aunt and uncle and my younger brother Francis was 9 and I was 12. We had servants to prepare our meals but when my mum wanted to prepare authentic food she made it herself. She was in the kitchen busy preparing dumplings. I was doing my homework. Our German Shepherd was playing with my brother. All of a sudden, the lights when off. My brother had a fear of the dark. He started crying for my mum. She heard him cry but the house was so big.

"Jo, where are you?" she called. She knew she couldn't do anything. She quickly called my dad to come. We could not find Joe. Luna the dog was barking loudly. I had to hold her collar to control her. My dad came rushing from his clinic. The house was chaotic.

"Jo, come out buddy. Stop crying!" he called. We could hear Joe's crying but we didn't know where he was. We found him after an hour. His face was

R"Mum, are wee..." asked Jo.

"Don't worry, darling. Finish your chicken. I'll order 2 desserts for the both of you soon," smiled my mum. We ate the food and we ate dessert. We left the restaurant. We drove the car.

"Are we going home?" asked Jo.

"Yes, there is electricity. Come, sleep and Dad will carry you," Jo slept quickly. We reached home and my dad carried Jo. There was still no electricity.

"Mary, just be with Jo. I will be in front," My mum went to her make- up studio. She went to get her nail- polish.

"Xia, is he asleep?"

"Yes, I have to paint my nails as I have to go for modelling tomorrow at the beach," My mum worked as a model. After an hour, we heard Jo crying. My mum ran to him. He was crying bitterly.

"Where's my night- lamp?" he asked. My mum just didn't reply.

"Relax!" my mum answered. He started crying. My dad sighed.

“I think we should stay in the holiday house. You bring the kids and Luna and I’ll be here,” my dad told my mum.

“You sure you will be fine, here alone?” she asked.

“Yes,” My mum hugged my dad tightly and left with Jo and me. Our holiday home was wonderful. We reached there. It was a large mansion. It belonged to my grandfather. Jo finally stopped weeping and went to bed. I was in the living room with Luna. My mum came down. She was very thin because of her job. 

“Eva, you’re not sleepy?” she asked.

“No Mum, come sit with me,” I called her. 

“Tell me how you met Dad,” I lay on her laps. 

“I worked as a model in China. I wanted to put braces so I went to Dad. He once called me out and he proposed to me at home,” she smiled. I laughed. 

“I’m going upstairs, Mum. Good night,” I smiled. I went upstairs with Luna and I went to bed. It was the next morning, Jo was still asleep. My mum was in her beach clothes with heavy make-up and sunglasses on her head.

“Darling, I have to go now,” she kissed me and left. I sat home with Jo playing his lego and toys. It was afternoon, my mum came. Jo ran to her and hugged her. 

“Darlings, the electricity has been fixed in our house. We can leave right?” my mum asked. 

“Yes,” We left for the old house. We reached. There was no electricity. My mum carried Jo.

“Darling, what happened?” my mum called. All of a sudden, the lights switched on and to my surprise stood my excited sister. Her hair was open. 

“Sandy!” my mum shouted. Sandy ran to my mother and hugged her tightly. 

"Jo, you cried for no reason. It was a surprise from your sister," my mum smiled.

“Mum,” she said. 

“Sandy, are you fine? You lose weight. Are you eating well?” my mum asked.

“Mum, I swim everyday. I eat like a pig,” Sandy came to me and my brother. 

“Sandy, since when did you come?” I asked.

“Dad and I planned to surprise Mum. I had the no electricity plan,”

“Thanks darling. You made me so happy. Come, I’ll prepare some Chinese cuisine for all of us,” smiled my mum. We all cheered. My mum was cooking in the kitchen and Sandy came to her.

“Mum, I planned to move back with you. I don’t want to stay with your friend anymore. I mean, they are pretty nice. I want to be with you, Dad, Eva, Jo and Luna,” she said.

“Alright, I’ll transfer you sports school,” Sandy smiled and went to the dining room. The food was ready and my mum made chilli with some Szechuan Chili Chicken, Spring Rolls, Honey Chili Potato, Hot Pot, Pork Balls in gravy, Hot and Sour soup, Garlic Soya Chicken, Stir- fry tofu, Sweet and Sour pork, Kung Pao chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Dumplings, Peking duck and some Chinese noodles.

“That’s a lot of food! I don’t know where to start!” laughed my dad.

“There’ s dessert also later,” smiled my mum. We all started eating. The food tasted like heaven. Next, the servants brought the desserts. There were steamed pears, durian ice- cream, snowflake cake, almond float and mango pudding. I loved the desserts made by my mum. When I went to China to visit my grandparents I ate so much food prepared by them. 

“Thanks for the food, Mum. Best in the world. Dad, make some British food tomorrow,” reminded Sandy eating the snowflake cake. 

“Yes, I will,” my dad smiled.

"Sandy, finish the Peking duck," my mum said.

"Right," she said. She tore a piece and gave a cue to Luna. Luna sprang on her laps. Luna was still a puppy.

"There you go, Luna," Luna ate the balance of the duck meat.

"Can someone finish the noodle, please? I will get the servants to clear the table,'' my mum requested. I took the noodles and shared it with Luna.

"Evaline, why are you sharing the noodles with Luna?" my dad asked.

"Luna is my pet," I laughed. Sandy never went back to America and she lived with us.

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