Another Hot Day

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Its July first year 2020. One of the hottest summer in years. The temperature hut over 100 degrees at least ten times. It's beat all the heat recorders for atleast ten years. They said eat light dress light and drink plenty of water. Remember the sunscreen, summer hat and sunglasses.

I don't even remember the last couple of summers. It rained alot last summer.

I'm pretty sure they were not this hot. I believe we had a warmer spring but not summer. I don't even remember any heat waves. Also I don't see any of last year shorts or tank tops. I got a bright red and off white tank top. I don't even have any left over sunscreen its a new one I got this year.

Well anyways it's finally Sunday morning. I've been working hard all week. Yesterday day was laundry and the day before was grocery shopping. I have more to clean around the apartment but not going to happen well it's 110 degrees.

Ill try a little later if it's cooler. I really should clean everything. Especially with covid-19. I wish I had a cleaning lady. It's not that big of an apartment. There just so expensive cleaning ladies.

I'm so tired from the heat wave. It's so hot in this apartment. Especially with no central air. All the fan does is blow hot air. No extra window in the kitchen. Maybe I'll go to the pool outside. Hope that will help.

Its just so hot. First I need my bathing suit. I no I have a bathing suit. Honestly I can't remember where I last left it.

A half hour went by and I'm still looking. I only have one bathing suit. I also hope it will fit. A whole year passed. So my weight has changed alittle. First year I lost some.

I no I have one. I went to the beach last summer. I also took that swimming class with exercises in the water. They were twice a week.

Oh here it is. Its pink and black I remember. I'll try it on later.

It took so long to find I probably won't swim now. I'm hungry it's lunch time.

I haven't eaten anything yet. What should I make?

Its so hot, this heat wave won't break for another two days.

Theres that new egg place down the street. I go there.

If I make the here it will be really hot. I don't have a window in my kitchen.

I can't take this heat. I just can't.

Too hot for me.

It took less than ten minutes to get there. Oh my I feel dizzy.

Before I got a table I asked the waitress for some ice water.

"Sure of course you can,

Is everything okay?"

The waitress gave me the ice water, really fast.

"Thank you I really appreciate that."

"Of course I'll bring you another one with your meal. Would you like to order?"

"I'll have two eggs over well. Some toast with jam and ice coffee. "

"We don't have ice coffee.

I can bring you some ice on the side."

I think so I'm just dehydrated from the heat and haven't had anything to eat.

Ten minutes passed and my order was here.

"Wow that was fast!

Thank you."

It looked so nice cucumber on the plate too.

"I'll get the jam and ketchup."

It took me about twenty five minutes to eat. Well maybe I had a second cup of cold coffee. I was going to stand up before I got my bill. I had to sit back down. I'm so sweaty. I feel dizzy again. Maybe I should of had some sugar in the coffee.

I waited ten minutes.

Stood up again. Saw the waitress pass by and said.

"Miss can I have my bill?"

I feel a bit better but I'm going to call a taxi. Not a time to save money. The taxi came really fast.

I was home in under five minutes.

I paid the taxi and went up stairs.

I could Braley open the door. I took of my mask dropped my purse. In two minutes I was on the couch.

By the time I turned on the news of course the weather was already on. This is traffic update, that useless to me at the moment.

I have a friend she follows the weather.

Ill make a fast phone call. She was home. She told me by tomorrow morning. I'm hoping she's right. She likes the heat but not me. She also has central air I don't.

I'm so tired I'm just going to take a five ten minute nap. An hour later I woke up. Oh look the weather. Yes she is right. Maybe even in the middle of the early morning before the sun comes up.

Well I've been sitting all afternoon with sweat. I'll go and take a fast shower. Then I'll pray for this heat wave to pass. Then dinner I'll have a few minutes to decide what I want.

Okay fast shower I'll put my sleep wear on . Eat some left overs. Maybe some icecream. Well that will put on a couple of pounds. I really don't care at the moment I just want icecream. Great strawberry and chocolate sauce.

I'll watch some TV in bed and fall asleep. Oh my it's morning I must have fallen asleep with the TV on. So hot last night. It's already six am. Of course I can't seem to sleep in. I'm on an automated clock. I'll get up and take a nap later.

I'll run into the shower fast. I'll wash my hair tonight and eat breakfast after I see the news. Oh darn I missed the weather again. I'm not making another phone call. I'll switch channels.

My prayers were answered. I'll have to pray more often. Maybe if I keep it up I'll be able to afford a cleaning lady.

Either way I'm just as happy the heat wave is over for another three days.

August 01, 2020 22:03

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