Fantasy Romance

The troubling part was how loud her mind was at all times. Having a direct connection to both the spirit world and specific beings just meant thoughts that weren’t hers and distractions. It was beyond frustrating but that was her life. Being a witch meant these things - at least, being a witch who works with the undead. Elaine sighed deeply, the candle flames in front of her blowing out. ‘Great. Wonderful. Yet another thing I need to fix’. She tied up her long hair, the soft white waves turned different colours with the glowing lights around the room. Maybe if less was touching her, the easier it would be?

A soft whisper turned to a traveling spark and relit the candles and illuminated her freckled face. ‘One more time’. Meditation for non-magical folks consisted of sitting still and listening to their breath, which would be preferred if she didn’t have to focus. Witches meditate to regain the energy to continue using their powers. It needed focus and silence. It was a ritual after all. Elaine gripped the crystal spire tightening for a moment, letting her whole body relax and her eyes lose focus of the world around her. Finally, the spire began emitting a soft purple light that matched her eyes. The air around her got colder, her body starting to rise above the hard floor and worn rug–

“Hey Elaine! I’m back!” 

The witch huffed as she hit the floor, the cool air rushing away from her and sending the room into darkness. The door opened, the harsh yellow hall light was bright enough to give her a headache. 

“Whatchya doin’ sittin’ in the dark?” A head of short, fluffy lime green hair peeked into the room, wide brown eyes staring at the witch. 

“I was meditating.” She stood up slowly and began picking up the mess she had made. 

“Oh yeah? How’s that goin’ for ya?” The smirk in his voice irked her. 

Wonderfully, thank you, Felix.” 

The door was kicked open fully with the male propped up against the doorway. An incubus. Who also happened to be her familiar. Which made no sense to Elaine when it happened, and still didn’t make sense now. But he was the one that she summoned and witches only get so many attempts before it won’t work. 

“Well, since you’re not busy anymore, I made dinner!” He beamed. Felix made dinner? Elaine narrowed her eyes at him, silently demanding more from him. The last time the incubus attempted to cook, it nearly ended with them being homeless. “Okay, I ordered dinner. Thai. You said you wanted that when I left.”

“I never said that.” Elaine let her hair down and walked past him into the hall. 

“Not out loud, no. But I definitely heard you want it. In your brain space.” Felix followed her to the kitchen, the paper boxes on the table already separated out for them. 

“Brain space? Really?”

“Yeah, what else am I supposed to call it?” He gave her a shrug and plopped down into a chair. 

“You can hear through all that?” Being connected in the subconscious way meant a lot of traffic for the inexperienced. 

“Crystal clear. You have some very interesting thoughts sometimes.” 

Elaine sat herself down slowly, bright eyes never moving from Felix. He could just hear her. Without any help or direct touch or anything. Was that an incubus thing? She felt her mind go clear for a moment, one word in her familiars’ voice ringing in the empty space. 


She looked down to a full plate of food and back up to a slightly concerned incubus. 

“You spaced out pretty hard there, kid.” Pet names would usually annoy her but she was too tired to push against it. He had already gotten through half his food. 

“Why are you even eating? You get nothing from human food.” Elaine ate slowly, trying to piece together just how easily Felix was able to do that. 

“Tastes good. Do I need any other reason?”

The longer the silence was held between them, the larger his smirk grew. 

“You need a break.”

“A break.” She sounded dull and her face fell flat.

“Yep. I found a couple cool places on the way that we can go see. Though you might wanna put on something other than shorts and a tank top.” Felix quickly finished his food and went off to her bedroom, leaving her to finish eating in theoretical silence. As soon as she finished, Felix was back in the kitchen, holding clean, warm clothes for her. 

“Wanna fly yourself or would you like me to hold you?” He teased, watching her change. 

“Lucky you. I don’t have the magic to fly so I guess you’re carrying me.” Elaine pulled the hoodie over her head, fluffing her hair out behind her. Felix grinned and dashed down the hall, coming back almost immediately to snatch her up. People wouldn’t see them as they flew thanks to Felix, so she wasn’t complaining too much. She just hoped he’d remember to lock the door this time. 

The duo made their way to the front porch and met the cold breeze of the night. Felix locked the door behind him and winked at her before his wings became visible and they took off. Elaine held on tightly, purple eyes staring up at him in the dark. She always forgot that he had wings since he keeps them hidden until he needs them. They both stayed silent as they flew over the bright city, unable to hear the busy traffic. It soon became too dark to distinguish any of the others features, the thick clouds hid away the moon for long moments at a time. 

“Not too cold?” Felix broke the silence first and hugged the witch closer. 

“No, I’m good. Thanks…” Her face felt warm. It was rare that he asked her anything like that, too much the kind of person to just do things without thinking at all. Could she really blame a mostly immortal being for being reckless or forgetful? Elaine was snapped from her thoughts as they dove down into a large clearing. The grass had grown wild, brushing their calves as they landed, almost inviting them to move closer to the towering stones ahead of them. Elaine stood stunned, just observing the area closely. An old ritual circle just out in the mountains that bordered her city. And she’s never been before.

“You really don’t get out of the city much, do ya?” Felix nudged her a little and they moved into the circle. “Place’s probably been out of use for a century at least. And you looked cramped in that closet you were trying to use to meditate.” 

Though the place has been dormant for years, the pressure and the loud voices she’d be subject to dwindled down to nothing but whispers as she entered the circle, letting out a much needed sigh. Felix put a hand on her shoulder and pulled the crystal spire from his pocket, offering it to her. 

“Figured you’d just needed a change in scenery. Took me a few hours to get this place picked up.” 

“So this is where you were all day?” 

“Yep! You’ve been stressed since last week and I thought it was about time you needed a proper recharge.”

Elaine smiled at him and moved to the center of the large circle, setting herself up on the ground. Felix sat himself across from her, something he’s never done before. 

“What? I can’t help you? Isn’t this my job?” He didn’t sound like his usual, snarky self. Instead, his voice was a lot softer, kinder sounding, but still trying to get her to crack a smile. “You know, if you took it easy sometimes, you’d waste a lot less energy. But we can work on that later.” 

For now though, let’s talk here.

Hearing his voice in her mind was startling for only a second. Elaine held the spire loosely and Felix’s hands held hers. 

It’s weird being able to hear you so clearly.

Felix chuckled out loud and gave her hands a squeeze. 

Yeah, I’m sure. 

Elaine relaxed, enjoying the silence and the air around them. The whispers ebbed away slowly and the spire began to glow softly, lighting up their faces. Though it swayed from purple to orange this time, starting from where their hands were to the top and back again. Her body lifted off the cold grass, the orange lights grew brighter as they slowly faded to white and then purple. 

You’re going to tire yourself out if you keep doing that.

I know.

Elaine felt her fingertips growing hot, a warning that an energy surge was going to start if they didn’t stop yet. He met her eyes and smiled softly as they landed back on the grass, the lights fading back into the spire. 

“Feeling better, El?” She nodded in response, letting the buzzy feeling of his energy last on her skin. 

“Much better.” Elaine smiling like that felt almost as good as being fed, to Felix at least. He just wanted her to be happier. 

“Good. You know I’ll always be here to help you. You don’t need to drain yourself so much like that.” Felix leaned forward, a hand moving up to cup her cheek. 

“I… will, next time. I promise.”

“So when we get home can we–”

Yes, Felix. Way to ruin the moment you big perv.”

The incubus laughed and stood, helping her to her feet before taking off once more. 

“I’ll bring you here every time you need it. As long as you feed me.” Elaine scoffed and held onto him, enjoying his warmth. Maybe she was too hard on him sometimes. 

“As long as you keep me from killing myself through stress.”

“Deal!” Felix laughed again, holding her close to his chest. 

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