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"Where's Madam?"

"Must have gone partying, I guess," shrugged the maid. He sighed and said to himself,

Then, a small girl came out of the room. Her amber coloured eyes twinkled..

"Olivia, go back to sleep. I'm coming," he said getting a shock. The little girl entered the room. Her ten year old brother was sleeping soundly.

"Where is Mummy?" asked the little girl laying down.

"She went out. Now, stop worrying and go back to sleep," he said. The little girl soon slept and he creeped out of the room. He sat by the poolside using his laptop. After thirty minutes, his wife came in her black Jaguar. She came in a black party dress and stilettos.

"Hi Edward," she smiled.

"Meghan, what is this? Why are you coming home so late?" she asked her.

"Can you relax? Do you want the kids to get up?" she answered rudely. She went upstairs with her pissed husband following. She changed her clothes and sat down on the bed.

"Meghan, I need to know where are you going? What's this behavior of yours?" he asked.

"I had to go to the night club for a friend's party. What's wrong in that? Don't give me that stupid excuse that the kids wanted to have dinner with me. One dinner without me won't make a difference. Or one goodnight," she laughed.

"It did. Olivia and James were upset. I had to sit in the room for hours during their bedtime. They had an incomplete dinner," he answered back. She just smiled. Then, Edward opened his Instagram and saw images of his wife. He gasped,

"Remove this images!" he said.

"Why?" she questioned him.

"You are putting photos of you drinking non-stop. Imagine, if Olivia sees this. She'll think you love partying more than her,"

“I don’t care. Anyways, my daughter is not that weak!”

“Meghan, why on earth can’t you behave yourself? You know that Dana is a spy and she will tell my mother everything,”

“Do you think I care about that useless maid?” she yelled.

“My mother was against my marriage with you. Just because you’re from Thailand. She wanted me to get married to one of my patient. So could you please behave? I want to be with you my whole life,” he yelled.

“Your mother the old hag! She wears those stupid night dresses!” she yelled.

“How dare you say that!” he yelled back at her. Then, the door opened and crying Olivia stood there.

“Stop fighting, Mummy and Daddy!” the girl sobbed.

“Olivia!” Both her parents stood there silent and shock. She entered in the room. While walking, she vomited on the ground. She ran on the bed to sit on her father’s laps crying and sniffling.

“Edward, I’ll put her to sleep. Just go and the maid to clean up this mess,”

“Do you want the maid to know that Olivia is crying because of you and tell my mother?” barked Edward.

“I don’t care! I’m calling her upstairs!” She called the maid and Dana came upstairs to clean up. She saw Olivia sleeping on the bed.

“What happened to her? Why did she vomit?” asked Dana.

“Just quietly do the work and out! Hurry up!” yelled Meghan. Before, Dana left Meghan told her,

“What happens in my house stays here! I don’t want you going gossiping around. Or I’ll deduct your salary. You already burned by green satin dress,” Dana left. Olivia was sleeping on the bed. She woke suddenly at night and started crying. Her mother woke up.

“Olivia, what is it?” asked her mother. The girl started panting and crying. Her mother immediately switched on the lights and went to Edward’s room. He was doing work on his laptop.

“She’s crying again and panting. I need to sleep. Could I send her here?”

“Yes,” Olivia came downstairs and sleep with her father. It was the next morning, the kids had went to school. During, the afternoon Edward received a phone call.

“Olivia, fainted in the bathroom. The school nurse can’t revive her. Can you please see her at the hospital?” asked the teacher. Edward had to leave his dental clinic.

“Beth, I have to leave now. My daughter fainted in school. Just close the clinic early today,” he cried. He rushed to the hospital. He entered in the ward and saw his daughter lying down with a nurse taking her blood sample. She was sleeping.

“Sir, Dr. Holly wants to speak with you about the patient’s condition,” cried the nurse. Edward went to the doctor’s room.

“Good aftern0on, I have to say that Olivia is suffering from depression and anxiety,” cried the doctor.


“Yes, she is calling her mother repeatedly telling her to come back and never go out again. Her teacher brought her here. She fainted in the school bathroom. Her brain could not take it anymore. I have to let her stay here for a few nights. After, that we have to start anti-depression pills and counselling,”

“Alright, thanks. Will she recover from it?”

“In order, her mother comes back to her. If you don’t mind me asking where is your wife?”

“My wife is in this country. She’s been going to parties and night clubs for the past month. Olivia is a very sensitive child and she needed her mother to put her to bed. I can’t because my dental clinic is twenty- hours. It is a business between my siblings. I know got my sister to cover up my time so I can spend time with Olivia. My wife just doesn’t understand what is happening to her child,”

“This is what is affecting her badly. Her mind has no joy. Even tough, you can do whatever her mind is not in peace. Please excuse me! I have to go now,” Edward sighed. He was so angry he banged his fist on the table. He pipped and if Olivia was fine. She was asleep. He knew what he was going to do. He drove home as fast as he could. He reached and he slammed his car door. He opened the door of his house and saw his wife painting her nails.

“Edward, I am going out today. Got a pool party to attend,” she smiled.

“Do you know that Olivia fainted in school and she’s in the hospital. She has depression!” Edward yelled.

“What! Which ward is she in?”

“You’re banned from seeing her,”

“Why?” she screamed.

“Also, I need you to meet me at the court office for a divorce,” She started to cry. He entered in the car with her. He drove angrily to the court office. Edward quickly sighed the paper. A tear of emotion fell from his eye.

“I don’t want to sign the papers,” said Meghan crying. Edward held her hand and signed it.

“You’re officially nor longer husband and wife,” cried the person in charge. Edward and Meghan went back home. Meghan sat in the car her face all red and swollen. Edward came out of the car. His wife was getting from out of the car and she almost fainted.

“Sir, Madam is not feeling well,” Dana called. Edward turned back. He knew he couldn’t do leave her alone.

“Dana, bring her in,” he called. Dana brought her inside and made her seat on the sofa.

“Drink this, Madam,” served Dana. Edward sat down on the sofa.

“Are you feeling abit better?”

“Just a bit dizzy. Could you please send me to the hospital as I need to see Olivia before I go home to Thailand?”

“Could you help me pack my bag?” she asked. He nodded his head. They packed up. There was this image of their image of their whole family. She put it in her bag. She packed up her things. While seeing the house, tears rolled down from her eyes. She saw Dana.

“I’m sorry for all the rude and mean things I’ve said t0 you. Please take care of my two children. Give them all the love and care in this world,” she said. Edward drove her to the airport.

‘Where do you intend to stay in Thailand?” he asked.

“With my parents,” she answered.

“How about your dentist appointments?”

“I’ll just find one. No one in this world will be better than you,” she said. The airport was nearing. Her eyes were full of tears.

“Please take good care of yourself and the kids. I regret doing the rubbish I did. I lost the love of my life and my kids,” she said crying. Edward hugged her tightly and started crying. Meghan left. Edward resumed his life normal. Olivia started recovering from depression. Their mother would videocall the kids. After three months, they went to Thailand. They rang the doorbell. A thin frail women opened the door.

“Mummy,” called the children hugging their mother.

“Are you two eating well?”

“It looks like Mummy hasn’t been eating well,” cried Edward. Just then, Meghan’s mother came.

“Granny,” both the kids shrieked.

“Come let me show you the room. I made some Tom Yam,” The children followed their Granny.

“I wanted to tell you something…” he said.

“Yes?” He genuflect on the ground and said,

“Meghan, will you be my bride again?” he asked.

“Yes!” She said. The whole family was very happy about the news.

“Yay! We get to see Mummy and Daddy wedding,” chanted Oliver. The wedding was finished and they got back to England. They had a child and lead their lives happily. 

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