Romance Fiction

 1.Christmas gift to a boy and girl

Once upon a time there was a boy whose age was 14 years old. His name was Timba and his sister name was Drikshika. She was elder than the boy Timba. It was the time of Christmas Eve. Everyone were enjoying the festive season. All the people of Tale city were celebrating the Christmas Eve silently and lovingly.

       So the father and mother of Timba and Drikshika was happy and it came the Santa Claus on the occasion of Christmas Eve. Santa gave many gifts to Timba and Drikshika. The gifts were toffee, cake and a precious fish bowl having a golden fish in it.

               So Timba played many hour before golden fish. And he feels bore. And went for sleep at night.


2. An old room of Timba and Drikshika

At the night of Christmas Eve. There was an old room situated inside the house of Timba and Drikshika. As no-one was living in an old room. So it was vacant and only one witch living at the room. Then some one came in an old room and she began fighting with witch. She wins the fight between the witch and her. So witch leaved the old room. And she left a lock box of wood. Then witch reached at the secret world of Weet land.

                Then she who fought opens the lock box of wood to find the fairy stick. She found a stick. She took the stick and does the magic but that was vain.

   And only the magic can be done by a secret lucky boy who will be lucky? So she did a magic and came in another room and selected the lucky boy Timba. And then she does a magic at his gifted golden fish of fish bowl. And she vanished.


3.  At morning after Christmas Eve.

When Timba woke up by his sister Drikshika. He brushed his teeth and took the bath and he began playing with golden fish.

He offers the food to eat for fish. Then Timba was called by his sister to take his meal. But another voice came from there that don't go away without leaving her?

  So Timba shocked by the unseen voice of someone who was not present at there.

                    So Timba told to voice that who is she? Then again the voice came from the fish bowl that please look at her. As she was talking from a fish bowl and she was a little fish.

    Then Timba saw that the golden fish was talking with him by making the bubble. 

                   So he ask to golden fish that how she can talk to him? Then fish told that someone came before her at night and she gave her the magical power. The fish told that your are lucky boy and selected by her who gave me the voice? So she left a task for you that please go to an old room where you will find a stick of fairy? The stick will have not the magic. And at the side of the box of wood there is a flying broom of violet color. Just climb at the broom and fly to Weet land. I am sending you to Weet land because only you can solve the problem. As the problem will be dictated by a squirrel of Prince Castle and Princess Capricorn. Actually squirrel is prince army. Then Timba asked to talking fish that who was she who has given you the task?

           Then talking fish told No, I will not tell you right now. For only when you will meet with the squirrel who is the prince Castle and Princess Capricorn army. The you will know who was she? Who had gave me talking power?

                   Then Timba called his sister and dictated everything which told the talking fish? His sister first of all chided the brother think and thought. But after some time when Drikshika saw the truth. That a fish is talking to her. Then she realises that her brother is right. 

    So both came at the old room and opened the box of wood. As the box was opened by someone.

        In the box there were old clothes, old mirrors, old cartoon and a stick of fairy. So Timba took the stick of fairy as told by the talking fish. And does the magic but that was fail due to some reason. Then Timba's sister saw a broom of two person height of climbing and they sit at it by climbing and began a new journey to Weet land by air.


       4. At Weet land

The sky was clear. And only Timba and his sister Drikshika were flying by flying broom in the air. So the broom came down below a forest. And there was a road takes to tree big hole house.

     Then the Timba and Drikshika travel the road at squirrel home and reach at his home. The squirrel was upon the another branch of tree. When he saw that someone came at his home. 

     Then squirrel came down from the tree and reaches at Timba and Drikshika. Squirrel when saw the stick of fairy in Timba's hand then he understood all the matter. Then he told to Timba that come this side of Wood tree. Here is my home at the big hole of tree. And inside this big hole there is a big room and you both are welcome in the Weet land. You know Weet land is not your real home. But I think you are far from your place. Then Timba dictated all his speech of his golden fish and she told me to ask about your problem. Then squirrel told please give me your fairy stick. Then Timba told no. Actually it does not contain the magic. So squirrel told don't worry? I am a simple squirrel and this is my home at Weet land. Also the prince Castle and princess Capricorn is fade up by the power of witch. There is one old couple who is evil? And she had a wrong power. And she is most powerful. So Drikshika asked to squirrel that what is the story of Weet land? Then squirrel took the fairy stick and tries to do the magic. But it came a voice from his home that you are not a fairy. But I am fairy only I can do the magic. So there was living a small fairy in squirrel home. Who took the fairy stick and told that O, I see! This is not a simple fairy stick. But sensing it I came to know that only this stick works against the power of old witch and unless the story of the both old couple who is living in another side of Weet land? And who is a couple but now she is an evil witch and her husband is imprisoned by her. So after the end of story only a magic will glow at the tip of fairy stick. And that magic in doing it occur that a change will come in evil witch and then she will be converted in to young fairy. And her husband could again love her and he will be a young person after magic of stick. 

                       Then Timba became puzzled and told to small fairy and squirrel that who was she? Fairy asked, who? Timba asked the first women who help him to hold this mission? Then squirrel told O, what I want to tell you that at the end of this Weet land there is a paradise? And only. Fairy mother can does this to you. Only she had taken the step of quarrel with witch of your living house. And also the time has come to fight with witches of the Weet land.

           Then small fairy sat at a place and began the story of an old couple who is evil witch. And one her husband is in imprisoned by her. All of them began listing:-

The story said that love can glow love and then at the end of story the magical stick will glow. 

           So it was a story of Valentine day. One teen age boy name Chandra was waiting for a girl of her age to come at hotel place. But not a girl came. Chandra wants to propose the girl. She wants that if he thinks in future then he only marry with a fairy. As Chandra was a handsome boy and he has immense love for fairy. So no one came at the valentine day to meet him.

    After one day when Chandra was at his home. It came a gift of box at his door. Chandra opens the door with ringing of door bell. A box was there lying down the door. Who sent the gift no one knows? Then Chandra opened the gift box. It was a color feather inside the box. So unknowingly Chandra rubbed the feather with his hand. And he feels soft. Then he feels that someone appear in his room. She was a fairy. Her name was Rosy fairy. She told that why you called me? Chandra told that only he had rubbed the feather and you came. Fairy satisfied with Chandra. And told that how you got my feather? Then Chandra told that someone put it at his door and he/she was not there. Then fairy does the magic, she saw that small dwarf has taken the feather from fairy on breaking of it. And the dwarf sent it to you. Then fairy told that I came here to give you a boon. Only then I will go to fairy land. Then Chandra told that why don't you marry with him. Then fairy amazed and wonder at him. She told that, it is against the paradise rule. Fairy mother will not believe me. And she might give me a curse. So it is impossible. But Chandra began to insist her.

                        Then fairy told ok. My name is Rosy fairy. And from today I am your wife. And it sent a message from Rosy fairy to fairy mother that she had married with a boy name Chandra. And he is human. 

                      The fairy mother was a strict fairy. So she called the Chandra and Rosy fairy from his home to paradise. And she gave a curse to Rosy fairy that you will be converted into witch and must live in Weet land of animals. And you will live with the witches of Weet land.

                   Then Chandra stood amazed, he began to tell sorry before fairy mother. Fairy mother told that you also live with Rosy fairy. Then fairy mother does a magic of stick. And Rosy converted in to witch. And Chandra became the imprisoned by the Rosy witch at the side of Weet land.

                         So this was all the story of couple who is in punishment from decade?

                    And then the fairy told to Timba, why don't you do the magic from fairy stick of Rosy? As this stick is made apart from her with the converting of witches. Also the story of couple is over.

          Then Timba took his Stick and told a fairy magical word Hocus- Pocus and it glows the light at the tip of fairy stick. 

       Then the matter reaches to the ears of Prince Castle and Princess Capricorn.

      Prince Castle and princess Capricorn sent his/ her troops to call the new guest of Weet land. So they called the small fairy, squirrel and one brother name Timba and his sister name Drikshika.

       The prince Castle took the stick of fairy from Timba. And called his troops to began a fight between prince Castle and witch Rosy.

                 So prince Castle fought the war with Rosy witch and did the fairy stick magic and the Rosy witch got converted in to young fairy Rosy.

 And when Rosy knows her power that she is not a witch now. She did a magic from her stick and converted her old husband Chandra to young age. And it ends the curse of fairy mother. And both couple began living together.

                         And after some days Timba and Drikshika came at his/ her home at Tale city.

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A very nice and creative story Sudhanshu! :)


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Ola Hotchpotch
16:20 Feb 18, 2021

Nice story. The names princess castle and Prince Capricorn are very interesting. The weet land is also an interesting name.


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07:23 Feb 18, 2021

Thanks for reading my story.


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C.J Dunstall
23:09 Feb 17, 2021

I love your story. So creative


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Charlie Murphy
19:42 Feb 23, 2021

Great story! Keep writing! = ]


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Darien Shaver
01:22 Feb 23, 2021

The names of the prince and Princess reminded me of A Princess Bride.I enjoyed the story. Keep going!


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Sparkle Fingers
17:23 Feb 19, 2021

Lovely story, keep writing to improve your great skills :)


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