My name is Reed a simple girl who lives in a village with many friends but I'm too scared to share anything." Hey Reed! "Said, Grove.

"Hey." I said, in a low voice.

"Hey what's the matter scare bear." Said, Grove.

"I don't want to talk about it Grove!" I said, a little bit louder.

"Sigh you won't talk about anything these days." Said, Grove.

"Ever since you said your parents went on a business trip you haven't been happy or cheerful."

"I said I don't want to talk about it!" I shouted at him.

"Hey wait that isn't your way home!" "Why are you going where the orphans live?“ Grove said, in a confused way.

I ran to my new home the orphanage my aunt lives there and takes care of me while my parents are gone.

”Hi sweetie want some chocolate chip cookies that the orphans made, they are quite delicious.“ Said Aunt Sally cheerfully.

”I'm not eating anything today.“ I said, I walked to my room with decorative stickers and I turned on my shaggy lamp and plopped myself on my bed. I hugged my fluffy stuffed bear. I turned and tossed on my bed but I couldn't sleep. I looked at my family's picture that includes my parents. I loved them. I started to cry, I could feel each tear drop sliding down my cheeks. I couldn't stop it just keep coming. Then I heard a BOOM then a CRASH! Then I saw a dragon at my window.

"Oh it's you." I said calmly.

"Yes I'm back and I can see you are upset." Said, the Fire dragon calmly.

"I am." I said, in a sad voice

"I can help you coop." The Fire Dragon said calmly, with a hint of smile on his face.

I smiled and said, "alright how about you help me coop by letting me ask questions?"

"Alright, I was about to let you ask me 20 questions that's all for today." He said in a sympatric way.

I threw my trash in a trash can it landed with a clang then a plop.

"Ok !"I said excited.

"What is your name."

"Azamondius." Said Azamondius calmly.

"Wow that's a long name." I said, with amazement.

"Azamondius, how old are you?"

"I am 10 years old, I know what are you thinking your this young and you are that big. "Azamondius said, with a chuckle.

I laughed, and said "wow you are sure big! Ok next question where do you live?"

"I live In a place called it's in the middle of the ocean and nowhere, also you will need to dive to a whirlpool in order to get there." Azamondius said then starts laughing hard.

"Careful don't laugh too hard! Remember it's the middle of the night! My Aunt will get suspicious." I said, cautiously.

"Hmm your right I shouldn't laugh too hard, overall my laughing is loud." He said with a smile.

"Alright I don't want to ask 20 questions ,so this is my last one before you leave because it's almost dawn." I said with a smile.

"Are you suppose to be here?"

"Yes I am because it's my duty as a care dragon to care for kind, sad child's and dragonets, that's my job in the dragon world." Said Azamondius and smiled.

The next morning I went to town and saw Grove.

"Hey Grove!" I said, calmly with a hint of happiness.

"Oh hi Reed looks like you are happy as a bird today!" Grove said, with a big smile.

"Hey don't expect me to reveal everything." I said, with a hint of sadness.

"Hmm how bout we head to the bakery? I'm starving!" Said, Grove with a very hungry look.

"Alright let's go you look like you haven't ate in months!" I teased

"Yippee I'll order 2 cupcakes a loaf of bread and a bagel." He said, to the cashier.

Then I spotted one of my friends, Avery. "Avery! Hi! Over here!" I said, with a happy cheer.

"Hi Reed!" Said, Avery

Then a bird landed on my head I looked at it, it's wing is injured! Then I shouted Avery your moms a vet right?

"Yes what's wrong?" She said, with a confused look.

"This bird has a injured wing!" I said, sadly.

"Oh dear she needs immediate help now!" She said, in panic.

"Lets go go go Grove this bird needs help!"

"Wait what about my food?" Said, Grove

"Just pack it up in a bag!" Said, Avery in a very hurried way.

"And meet us at my moms place!"

I ran as fast as lightning then I said Mrs. Mason you have to look at this bird!

Then Avery's mom lifted her head up and said "oh dear you three head out I'll take care of this."

Then I told Avery and Grove to huddle up and I said, "I have something to share with you."

"I always thought that birds are my sprit animals, and when it fell down it looked like a human falling or dying!" I said, crying with tears.

"Oh I never thought of that." Said, Avery quietly and shaking her head.

"I find that sad and seeing my friend crying makes me wanna cry." Said, Grove while sobbing.

"Why does it look so so...… horrible?!" I said, bursting out of the silence.

"Oh Reed it's alright there is nothing bad that's going to happen to you I promise you that." Said, Avery with a soothing voice

"You remind my of my mother." I said, while sobbing and added a hint of humor.

"Haha! Really? I am older than you I'm 15 now and you are 12 what can expect ,not to help you?" She said, and a teasing way.

I nodded, "the older you get the more wiser you get." I said, in a hushed voice.

"Now you sound like great ol Yoda". Avery said, burst out laughing.

"Then all of us laughed ol great Yoda we all shouted."

"Well I got to head back for lunch see ya after lunch!" I said, still laughing

Avery and Grove nodded.

"Hey there dear ,we are having peanut butter jelly sandwiches would you like some?" Said, Aunt Sally

"Of Course!" I said

"Peanut butter Jelly sandwiches are the best and my favorite!"

"Mmhm I see someone's in a good mood today." Said, Aunt Sally.

"Mmhm I stuffed my mouth with peanut butter sandwiches. Well I got to go catch up on friends bye Aunt Sally!" I said, waving her a goodbye.

"Goodbye dear see you tonight." Said, Aunt Sally.

"Ok guys there is something I've been hiding hiding from you guys." I said, calmly.

So then Reed told them how the bird reminds her of her parents death, and told them her parent didn't survive the trip and died with a severe head injury and that's why she was sad and also went to live with her Aunt Sally.


May 19, 2020 15:20

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16:41 May 19, 2020

Interesting story. Great job. Now here's the other part: It has some spelling errors such as mode instead of mood and repetition of some words. Try to edit carefully while writing next and allow someone to check it out for you too. That said, I think you are great and I'm waiting for your next story.


Emily Li
16:45 May 19, 2020

thanks I was trying to figure out how to spell that word


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15:58 May 19, 2020

Make sure you add " " when someone is talking, like this. Avery said, "Hi Emily!"


Emily Li
16:19 May 19, 2020

Thanks i'll go add that in


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A. Y. R
21:47 May 19, 2020

Lovely story! I felt like I was a child in your story as I was reading the advertures of Reed! For editing - you're missing a couple of commas and other punctuation here and there


Emily Li
12:03 May 20, 2020

I'll try to fix it!


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