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"We are running out of time for God's sake , Greg!, Yes, I am a Nigerian and in Nigeria , we don't take things like this lightly! 

For God's sake , Greg, we are in our late 50s , when are we going to get this done?

I'm scared , I'm so scared that either one of us might die and this is how we'd end up!

Please , Greg, think about this , please really give it a thought"!

I dropped the phone and bean to cry for the hundredth time that morning.

Looking around the nursery where I sat ever since Greg left for work, I began to reminisce if I hadn't made a mistake marrying Greg against my mother's wish.

I was just a young Nigerian who just came into the States to finish my degree and imet Greg who was working as an intern at the place where i worked part time.

Leaving Nigeria , I never had it in mind to fall hopelessly in love with a foreigner and i never thought i'd go against my mother's wish like that.

My mother was heartbroken when she learnt that i would not be marrying from her ancestral village.

Smiling sheepishly, i could clearly remember her mom's when she met Greg.

"Mom, stop looking at him like that" i told my mom in our hometown's dialect when her mom couldn't stop staring at Greg like he fell from the heavens.

3 years later , we got married and here we are , 25 years later , we have no child to show for it and now , my mum's giving me that 'i told you so' look.

Ugh!, sometimes I'd really wish I had listen to my mom and maybe , just maybe I wouldn't be in this situation.

I loved kids and I wanted a houseful of mine so badly and Greg isn't even bothered about it.

Maybe my mom was right, maybe I should have left Greg that time , maybe , ughhhhh! all these maybes won't solve anything...

Standing up angrily, I wiped my eyes and stomped down to the kitchen , I took some whipped cream and gulped it down carelessly and walked back to my room, and laid down it violently.

The door bell chiming woke me up with a start , I checked the time and it was 7:30pm already .

Wow, that was so fast, the bell rang again and I quickly took , ran my hands through my hair to look presentable and opened the door.

I met Greg's face staring at me transitioning from a smile to a little frown.

"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

"Yes, I am", I said as I made way for him to enter into the house.

"You look like you have been crying your eyes out and pulling at your hair too"

" Oh ,is it that bad?, I laughed hysterically.

"I just woke up from a nap, that's all" I said trying to convince him, I knew how easily he gets worried on my account.

He stared at me for a while and went about his routine of undressing .

As I watched him eat , I found myself wringing my hands trying so hard to hold my inquisition in till he's done eating but unfortunately I didn't know when I blurted the question out.

His spoon stopped halfway to his mouth,

"Doing what?, he stuttered.

Babe, I thought we were done with this issue?".

At that point , I literally saw my mom laughing at me mockingly and I saw red.

All I could think of was why I went against my mum's wish to marry Greg.

But I realized the deed has been done.

"Greg?", I asked as calmly as I could .

"Don't you want kids?"

"Don't you want little versions of you running around this house?"

"Don't you....., I broke off , I couldn't hold back the tears .

Greg came over to my side and held me close .

'But the doctor said it's not the fault of either of us"

"I know , I know , that's why I said we should adopt kids ,please". I looked at him pleadingly.

Shaking his head profusely," we can't adopt kids", he said yet again.

"Why can't we?, I asked him again, I'm almost 50 , I'll soon get to my menopause , when are we going to have kids?" I cried.

Greg opened his mouth and said , " Let's wait for God's time"...

"God's time?", I shrieked,"when will that God's time be?

Greg looked away and I knew it was time I took action on my own.

I stood up and walked down to the bedroom.

Greg came up few minutes later , standing at doorway, he proclaimed,"have you forgotten the story of Abraham and Sarah in the bible?"

Have you forgotten the story of Hannah?"

Let's be patient, dear".

I looked at Greg and tears filled my eyes , I couldn't believe he was saying this at this crucial moment.

I lay down on the bed and cried myself to sleep.

Greg wakes me up next morning to announce his departure to work.

How on Earth did I not wake up for once during his whole routine?

This was the first time I would sleep in like this and man, I feel so tired.

I woke up , I was motivated to say a prayer which I don't usually do. I was a bit surprised at myself at how happy I felt inwardly.

I even found myself whistling and humming to a song.

What happened in the night?

I don't know exactly what but I definitely liked this mood I was put into.

I finished up my chores , then showered, I took breakfast and proceeded to work on my computer.

I found myself saying a prayer at few intervals and I was so surprised at myself. Time went by , the doorbell rang and I joyfully went over to open it to find Greg's face there.

He was surprised at my countenance and didn't bother to hide it.

I laughed him off , helped him with his briefcase and talked about work to him as he changed up.

"Ann, what happened?" He asked.

"What happened to what?", I asked him

"What happened to you?"You are definitely glowing ..he said confusedly.

"Don't you want me to glow" , I asked friendly.

He stuttered, ' I do but it's just that you were definitely not like this yesterday".

"Oh, oh , that was yesterday and this is today, my love" I chimed in.

He laughed and I saw him bow his head in prayer.

I was gardening when the dizziness set in , I fainted and no one found me till Greg returned from the grocery store.

I found myself at the hospital with the doctor smiling over my head.

He confirmed I was a month gone.

I did not believe him , I mean I saw my period the other month so how come?

He explained that hormones could have interrupted the nature of things.

I couldn't believe my ears , Greg came in and holding ourselves .

He whispered to me, "God's time is truly the best, we never run of time with God"

July 11, 2022 14:33

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T.S.A. Maiven
21:11 Jul 15, 2022

Good first story. I do have feedback for your editing. Some "I's" are capital and some lower case and your commas have spaces between the words so that just a small thing to make your writing even better! You did a great job! Keep on writing. One more thing...I'm your first follower!!! Hehehe. Let's grow in this community together!


Henrietta Summer
16:39 Jul 22, 2022

Thank you , I really appreciate you taking out time to read my story. All corrections noted! ,I promise to do better next time. And thank you for the follow. Cheers❤️


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