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April Fools is not one of my favorite days. I came up with good deeds for the day instead of being around those that enjoyed seeing others scared out of their wits or finding ways to embarrass everyone you can

Instead I thought about spending my time helping others and doing good on this day. Such a beautiful spring time and did not want to spend my time figuring out ways to out do everyone. I took off work to just focus on doing things going on in the neighborhood and around the community. But I was not going to get off that easy. It was April Fools day and I knew someone would try and find a way to prank me.

OH my brother tried pulling a fast one on this day early in the morning. And I was ready for him, April Fools I got you first, he helped me fix breakfast for my parents. April fools was the day our parents got married go figure. I made the pancakes, eggs, and bacon and he poured the orange juice.

Didn't trust him to do the cooking he might put a spider on the plate or something silly. After breakfast I cleaned up the dishes and started my day of good deeds.

Could not get out the door before my mom caught me to put the laundry in and feed the dogs and take them out for their morning run around the yard.

My dad was grateful when I took the garbage to the front. Wow my good deeds for the day started off before I started my own good deeds. I laughed and finished all I could before I got busy with my day

After taking my brother to school and doing a few errands for my family and doing some for myself.

I picked up donuts to pass out today for the volunteer work I was doing at the community center. As I was checking out an older lady needed help with her bags, so I helped her to the car and put them inside for her. Thank you my dear she said as she tried to repay me for helping her.

No I told her, I did not mine helping at all.

Today at the community center I spent the part of the morning unpacking clothes and setting up tables for the clothing drive. We served breakfast to those in need and talked to others who needed someone just to listen. I met a lady, her name is Lynn and I said to her if you ever need someone to talk to I will be happy to sit with you whenever I see you at the center. We had a bingo game that gave away a small television. It was so much fun, and we were able to put smiles on alot of faces with all the give aways and the continue help we were giving all we could.

I finished passing out information for any help that people needed that could help them with housing, getting food and other health issues they may be facing

After finishing up at the community center a friend of mine Patty asked if i would help out at the nursing home. I helped cleaning rooms and sitting with others. Did bored games and outside activities as well. We sat and had lunch with them. Read stories and art activities was the best part of my time there.

My day was not done yet there was a lecture later that day and I helped pass out brochures and escorted those in at the front door.

It was women day at one of the centers in the neighborhood and I also sparked up a new friendship. She did not like April fools and the silly pranks as well. We hit it off right from the start. There were women from all over. So I helped as much as I could to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

The lady that I met was Lidia and she asked if I just did good deeds just for this day. I said I do this as much as I can. But especially on this day. I felt we need to do more than playing pranks and other crazy things. I told her for the whole day I grab every opportunity that i can to do something fun and that will help others in the community.

My ending on this day was just as rewarding as my beginning.

This has been a long day but a rewarding one. I ended my day with activities we were having at our church social. Our church decided to do something fun for this day and because we as a family help out at the church I decided that since this is good deeds day that even though I have had a very awesome but on the go day. I would fulfill my good deeds for the day at church.

I work with the children, I decided to do something a bit different, we made gifts for the nursing home, putting a friendly message in each one. They were to bring a small gift to go with the personal card that each of the children designed,

I helped serve cookies and juice to those who wanted them. It was getting late and the day had already been a good deed for the day already.

I'm nobodies fool and never an April fool.

My mom complimented me for all the things I did today. She doesn't like pranks either and doing good deeds is better than sitting around coming up with how to get even or scaring or making others uncomfortable.

The night did not end as quick as I wanted it to. I had to clean up a bit for my mom and get all the pets fed and help my brother get ready for bed.

This was a good deeds day. So instead of April fools A good deed is the best way of getting the attentions of others.

March 28, 2021 13:35

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Robin Simon
13:43 Mar 28, 2021

I like helping others and this story goes to show you. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. So go out and do a good deed.


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