Adventure High School Romance

“Wanna do something fun?” Jules asks me. 

“Like what?” I ask her while scrolling through my phone, only looking up at her when she doesn’t say anything back. 

She just stares at me smiling and says, “do you trust me?” Now, the truth is... not exactly. I trust her with regular things like life problems, things that make me upset, things I don’t tell anyone. I mean I have known her for over 10+ years and I do consider her my best friend. I guess some people would call her “fun”. Simply because she takes risks, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just, I’m not a risk-taker… I’m basic, I stay out of trouble; in other words, I’m boring. So I suppose it would be nice to do something fun. 

“Ok, fine. Where are we going?” I ask her. 

She sticks her hand in my brown messy hair and messes it up more. “I thought you said you trust me Aiden,” Jules says with a frown. 

I don’t correct her, saying that I trust her. Again, I trust her with regular stuff just not stuff that I could get in trouble for.

 I stand up from the comfort of my chair and shove my phone into my pocket, waiting for her to give me instructions on what to do and where to go. She grins in satisfaction and turns to walk down a hall in my house, hair flipping with her, heading for the back door. She looks back at me with a finger over her mouth and whispers, “quiet” as she pushes herself up against the wall motioning for me to do the same. We quietly sneak out of my house and tiptoe to the front of it. I start to walk to my car but she shakes her head no. “Why not?” I mouth, confused. 

“Let’s walk.” She mouths back. 

“Whatever you say, Jules,” I say aloud. 

Quiet! Do you want to get caught before we even get out of your driveway? ” She says quietly, barely audible. “I guess not,” I whisper back to her. “Sorry.” We start walking towards the exit to my neighborhood. Once we get there, we turn left and walk along the side of the road.

“May I ask where we are going now?” I ask curiously. 

“It’s a surprise!” Jules responds happily. 

“Alright.” We continue walking straight for about 15 minutes then cross the road and walk into Jules neighborhood. “What are we doing here?” I ask her. 

“Pit stop,” she grins when I roll my eyes at her. If you could even call it that; I can’t roll my eyes ‘correctly’. It just looks like I’m looking from side to side when I try to, she loves to pick on me about it. I find it annoying, but then again I love it when she smiles so I can live through it. Instead of walking to the front or back door of her house, she runs to a ditch that separates her yard and her neighbor’s yard and jumps down into it. 

“Jules!” I whisper yell. 

“Down here,” she says, annoyed. 

“Well obviously,” I say under my breath in a matter-of-a-fact tone. I walk over to where she jumped into the ditch. 

“Aiden,” Jules says. 

“Right here,” I say in return. 

“Take this.” She hands me something. I slowly grab it, unable to see what it actually is in the dark. 

“Oh,” I say awkwardly. It’s her skateboard. 

“This too.” She hands me another object. 

“I’ve been looking everywhere for this! When did you take it?” I asked Jules, surprised that she of all people had it. 

I didn’t take it. You left it at school last Thursday, I forgot to bring it back to you. When I got home I put it in here with mine, since I’m technically not allowed to have skateboards.” She responds sounding offended. 

I start laughing quietly. “What,” Jules says, in a tone that if she didn’t just roll her eyes I’d be extremely surprised. 

“It’s… just… that…” I say between laughs. “That I still can’t believe you rode your skateboard down your staircase!” I burst out laughing again. “And you smashed your face into a wall!” I say, barely able to control my laughter. 

“Once I get back up there I’m going to punch you!” she says.

Determined, she tries to climb the dirt walls and she pulls on roots to try to lift herself out of the ditch. 

“As funny as it would be to continue watching you try to get out of there or just leave you down there altogether, I would like to see where the rest of the night takes us.” I hold my hands out for her to grab. She grabs them almost immediately as if I would actually leave her down there. I lift her out in one pull, but with too much force. She falls on top of me. Once we get up, we laugh it off. 

“Thanks.” She says to me. “Now I don’t have to punch you.” She says. 

I snort, “right.” I hand her skateboard to her and I hold out an arm for her to lead the way. “After you,” I say. 

She grabs her board and puts it on the ground. We skate out of her neighborhood. Then we get on the sidewalk. 

“I think we should do this more often… Well depending on where we end up later.” I say to Jules. 

“I agree with you on that. We should definitely do this more. Without the whole… ditch incident.” She says, obviously embarrassed. 

“Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad.” But it was. I silently laugh to myself.

We turn into a plaza. Grocery stores and clothing stores. “What are we doing here?” I ask. 

“This is a detour, we aren’t here for these stores.” 

“Well, then what’s the detour for?” I say impatiently. 

“We are literally two minutes away from our next stop. Calm down.” She picks up the pace on her skateboard, leaving me behind. I catch up to her, but slow down for the turn she is about to take. She doesn’t. She starts to turn and begins to lean more to the right than she should. I speed up to her left side and grab her hand to lean her back the other way. So she doesn’t fall. “Thanks. Didn’t think I was gonna make that one.” She says with a shaky laugh.

“No problem,” I tell her.

 “Turn right, around this corner. Then you are going to want to go straight across the street and take another right.” She tells me, most likely because we are still holding hands. I try to look for the destination from her instructions but it’s another plaza and there are two many buildings and stores that we could go to. 

“Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry?” she asks me. 

I look at her, confused. “Huh?” 

“Well, I suppose there’s oreo also. Oh, and cup or cone? Or do you want a milkshake?” Is all she says back. 

I look back in front of me. We are riding right to McDonald’s. Ice cream. “Oh, I don’t have any money with me,” I tell her. 

“Well, I do. Duh. So what flavor?” 

Hmm, I can never decide, vanilla is simple. I’ll go with that. “Vanilla is fine, and a cone please,” I say to her. 

“So, same as me.” I can’t tell if she was saying that to me, herself, or both. I don’t ask. The drive-thru is completely empty so we ride our skateboards through. “Umm.” she looks down at our hands, cheeks red. 

“Oh. Right. Uh, sorry.” I feel my cheeks flush and I let go of her hand, I had forgotten that I was even holding her hand. She fumbles for the money in her pocket. She replies with “It’s fine.” 

Jules orders our ice cream and we go to the window to pay. We ride to the next window to get the ice cream. “Oh aren’t you two just the cutest and-” the lady -I look at her name tag, Sharron- at the window says to us. “We uh… actually aren’t… um,” I look to Jules to help me out but she just shrugs her shoulders. “That’s too bad!” Sharron says. “I guess,” I say to her. “The ice cream machine just broke!” she says. Jules frowns, at what, I’m unsure of. “The good news,” she says, “is that we made one before it broke.” 

“You can have it,” Jules and I say at the same time to each other. Sharron laughs. “Why don’t you just share it?” Sharron says. 

“Um… why not?” Jules says. 

“Alright, I guess.” She grabs the cone from Sharron. 

We ride out of the drive-thru in silence. In all honesty, I don’t mind sharing an ice cream cone with Jules. My only concern is that she would have a problem with it. Although it doesn’t seem like she has a problem with it since she licked the ice cream a few times and is now handing it to me. I eat half of it then I give her the rest.

“One more stop.” She says after a while. We pulled into a park. I get off my board.

“What are you doing?” Jules asks me. “We aren’t to the next stop yet, although I suppose we could just walk the rest of the way there. It’s up to you.” 

I get back on my board and start riding again. She smiles as if she knew I’d do that. I don’t think I will ever stop loving her smile, her smile is so joyful and she has the type of smile that when she smiles you smile. 

“I love this place.” She says to me, or maybe not to me. 

The skate park. “Me too.” 

She looks back at me and goes down a hill at the same time. I don’t think she properly estimated how long she would go down that hill because when she starts to go up the next hill she doesn’t pivot her feet or bend her knees to go up the steep hill. So she falls backward, all while staring at me. As soon as she falls I run down the hill to her. “Jules!” I say, a little late.

She starts to laugh. 

“It’s not funny.” I go to her left side and I bend down to help her up, but she grabs my hand and pulls me down to the ground beside her. “What was that for?” I exclaim. 

Jules says, “Look up.” 

“Wow,” I say immediately. 

We stay looking at the stars, side by side, for at least 15 minutes. 

“Aiden?” Jules says, in a soft tone that gives me butterflies. 

“Yeah?” I say back to her, also turning to look at her. Her bright, rich blue eyes pierce me to the spot. I smile nervously. She seems to do the same, which isn’t like her. She is always bold and confident about everything she does. She sits up a little bit to lean on her left elbow, staring down at me. She leans a bit closer, almost hovering directly over me. I lean up a little too, leaning on my right elbow. Now towering over her, she looks up at me. I can feel her breath on my face, we stay there for a few long seconds. If either of us moved just a fraction forward, our lips would without a doubt meet. My breath hitches a bit. I think about what would happen if our lips did meet. I look down at her lips, as I do she bites her bottom lip. I look back up at her eyes. I decided that I really want that to happen. I take my left hand and tilt her chin up and I bring my lips down to hers. Her eyes widen, then she closes them. As I close my eyelids, she leans into the kiss a bit more-

Ring Ring. Jules and I break apart at the sound. I feel my cheeks heat. I pull my phone out of my pocket. Mom, it is in giant letters across the screen. My heartbeat quickens even further. She knows. I slowly clicked the answer button. 

“You do know that I can track your phone, correct?” my Mom says through the phone. “Yes Ma’am,” I say to her. I look at Jules, she is already standing up. “I’m on my way to the park, I’ll be there in 5. Next time you want to go to the park, just ask, and as long as you're not gone until 12 a.m. on a school night. I won’t have a problem. Although there won’t be a next time for at least 3 weeks. I’ll see you in a few minutes. I love you, honey.” She hangs up the phone before I can say anything. 

I look up at Jules and say to her “Well at least you were smart enough not to bring your phone.” 

“Yeah, but if you’re getting in trouble, so am I,” Jules says to me. “It’s my fault you even went out at all.” She says to me, sadly. 

“Hey,” I stand up and walk over to her, “I agreed to come with you, and I would do it all over again,” I tell her. I pull her into a hug to reassure her that I meant what I said. “I would too,” she whispers.

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01:03 Oct 20, 2021

Iiii love this story it is Soo good


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Kendall Defoe
18:12 Oct 14, 2021

Some small problems with capitalization, but I liked your story. Send in more!


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