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Fiction Friendship Holiday

April 1st, also know as April’s fool’s day is the day we let our playful spirit out of the box and have some fun. Some people like to prank their friends, families and even random people they can find. Some of us don’t like getting pranked but likes to prank others.

Some of the pranks we pull off can be an ultimate prank or a normal prank, but sometimes our victims can be embarrassed by our pranks. That’s why some of us don’t like getting pranked.

George Sherman has a long history of his April’s Fool’s. Every year on April’s Fool’s day, he always get pranked by his friends and family. It’s kind of embarrassing to get pranked. The best prank of all comes from his sister. His sister makes prank videos. Her pranks are always the best and the worst part is, every one can see how embarrassing he is because she posts the videos on social medias!

George made a long list of her sister’s pranks so he can avoid them. But she always comes up with new pranks every year, his friends always prank him with the same prank every year: “Putting lots of chilies in his food, scaring him with Halloween costumes, pouring a water bucket on him when he’s asleep and much more.

George knows how all of his friends’ pranks works, but he can’t avoid getting pranked because his friends convince him to fall right into it.

It’s been lots of years and he’s tired of getting pranked, so he decided to avoid getting pranked by going on great lengths, as far as he could imagine, even go to space to avoid them.

It’s March and he’s already thinking about his plan to avoid being pranked. He went to a restaurant to meet with his friends.

“Hi, George. Ready to get pranked this year.” Daniel said. “Sort of.” George replied “You know how our pranks work, try not to be convinced this year.” Brian said. “Yeah, watch out dude, pranks are coming to your way!” Liam said.

“You guys know there are lots of persons to prank right?” George said. “Of course we do.” Daniel replied.

“We know what you are thinking, you want to know why we always prank you, right?” Liam said. “Yeah!” George replied.

“I’ve been waiting to say this, we prank you because we are your friends. If we are not your friends, we won’t even care.” Brian replied. “Anyways, let’s talk about other things. Alright?” Daniel said.

They talked about how they are living and doing right now and forget about April’s Fool’s this year. George went home earlier than his friends, he don’t want to be humiliated this year too. He went to bed and think about how he could avoid the pranks.

“How could I avoid their pranks this year, maybe I should talk to my sister tomorrow. She will understand me. I just don’t want to get pranked this time.” He talked to himself for a long time. He really doesn’t want to get pranked.

“Hi sis, meet me tomorrow at the café down town.” He messaged to his sister and went to bed. He stopped talking to himself and just tries to relax.

He went to the café and talk with his sister just like he scheduled yesterday.

“Hi sis, how are you doing?” George greeted his sister. “I’m fine, thanks, but you looked nervous.” Andy said. “Well yeah, I talked to my friends yesterday and tried to make them stop pranking me, but instead they told me because they’re my friends and they care about me. They said that’s why they prank me!” George said.

“Well, they might be right. If they don’t care about you, they won’t even talk to you. They care about you and that is why they always prank you. They don’t prank others because they don’t care about them.” Anna said. “But I don’t, if they really care, they would listen to me.” George said.

“George, they are your friends and I’m your sister, we all care. They are proving they don’t forget about you every year.” Anna said.

“Like you, only care about me because you will get viewers. I’m out of here!” George said and left.

He went home and thinks about how to avoid them, that’s the only thing in his head right now. He’s thinking about why do they have to care about me by pranking, why don’t they listen to me!

Lots of days has passed and almost April’s Fool’s day, his worst nightmare is coming. Still thinking about how to avoid the pranks, laughter and humiliation this year. He can’t think straight.

“What should I do?” Asking himself. “I know, Let’s meet them again, but this time I’m not talking no for an answer.” He said to himself and called them to meet at the café again like last time, but his sister is coming too.

“Hey, George over here, everyone’s waiting for your meeting, what’s the big announcement?” Brian asked. “You guys know what it is, I don’t want to get pranked this year.” George said. “Well we all agreed to…” Daniel was saying and George talked without listening to him.

“Let me finish first! I don’t want to be pranked, ok? If you all really care about me, don’t prank me this year. Pranking me every year because you all care about me, that’s the worst thing ever happen to me.” George said angrily.

“George, this is the last thing I’m going to say in this conversation, if all of us don’t care about you, we wouldn’t even be here or prank you or hang out every day and year.” Daniel said. “He’s right, and we all agreed to not to prank you this year.” Anna said.

“Sounds like a prank you are about to pull off, I’m not falling for it, good bye!” George said and left.

He can’t think straight; he doesn’t want to know the dates because he doesn’t want it to be April 1st. He was looking at the news one night and saw a cruise that would take him to a relaxing island.

“Hello, if you want to relax on an island and eat great foods, then this is your chance to buy a ticket for a cruise that will take you to Miami Beach, but there’s just…” He was so excited to go there and avoid all the pranks. He turned off the commercial and bought the tickets online right away.

He went to the cruise the next day. He was so happy. He was on the cruise relaxing and texted to his friends: Adios guys, I’m on the cruise now and you can’t prank me this year.” Later Daniel sent back a message. “What are you talking about, April’s Fool’s was yesterday and we didn’t pranked you. By the way, I saw the commercial last night and you are going on a week long trip with none stop pranks.”

He didn’t hear that part on the TV last night because he was so excited and turned it off. He went on great lengths to avoid being pranked but he was so excited and didn’t watch the whole commercial and brought him self the worst nightmare of his life.

April 02, 2021 10:23

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I just loved this story! 🙂


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