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In 2027, everyone was preparing for a skiing trip to Lake Tahoe and even the Kolesnikovs were no exception. After all, Nastya and her husband named Konstantin had already packed their bags and they were also helping Elizabeth and Matt pack theirs too.

“Are you kids ready for your upcoming skiing lessons?” Nastya asked.

“We sure are, Mommy!” Elizabeth chirped.

“But all of the instructors speak English!” Matt complained. “And I still don’t speak good English yet!”

“Don’t worry, tiger,” Konstantin mused, “I’m sure your sister will translate for you.”

Then when everyone was eventually done packing, they immediately had to go to bed early, since they would still have to get up early in the morning in order to drive to Lake Tahoe. Then when morning eventually came, they all had to drive from Carmichael to Lake Tahoe, sometimes stopping by at a gas station for bathroom breaks in their process. Then as soon as they eventually arrived at Lake Tahoe and then stepped into the cabin, there were a few other kids there too, such as Victor Poronskov and his little sister named Chelsea and Gordon Mikhailov and his little sister named Gloria. Also, the only other adults were Lydia and Andrei Mikhailov and, truth be told, they weren’t the brightest people in the world; after all, Andrei was always watching trashy TV shows and rarely ever reading books. Lydia, on the other hand, was a compulsive liar and had even complained that another Russian parent named Tanya Zelenko wouldn’t let Gloria and Gordon anywhere near her daughters named Claire (the older daughter) and Karen (the younger daughter) and vice versa out of fear that the girls in question would get hurt, but that's another story.

Anyway, Chelsea had to go to Montbleu hotel with her parents named Julia and Alexander Poronskov while the rest of the kids had to stay behind in the cabin. While Elizabeth would sleep in the loft with Victor and Gordon, Matt had to share a room with Nastya and Konstantin; Gloria, on the other hand, had to share a room with Lydia and Andrei.

Then the next day, everyone had to go skiing (and in the case of the kids, take skiing lessons). However, that didn’t stop Gloria and Gordon from bullying all of the kids around them (except for Victor and, in Gloria’s case, Elizabeth). When everyone was eventually done skiing, Elizabeth and Matt decided to go sledding for the first time in their lives while Victor had to do his best to keep Gloria and Gordon at bay in addition to distracting them with video games and whatnots, so Elizabeth and Matt could bring their respective sleds outside and go sledding in peace.

“WHEEEEEEE!!!” Matt squealed in joy as he was sledding down the slope.

“This is fun, isn’t it, Matt?” Elizabeth chirped as she sledded down the slope afterwards.

“Yeah, yeah!” Matt squealed in agreement.

“Good thing we have Victor around,” Elizabeth stated, “so at least those bullies won’t get to us while we’re sledding our butts off!”

“I know, Big Sis,” Matt agreed. “I’ve never liked bullies!”

“Yeah, bullies suck!” Elizabeth said in agreement.

Then both of the kids continued to go sledding until the adults called them over for dinner, after which the kids had to take their respective sleds with them back into the cabin. While everyone was having dinner, Gloria and Gordon were sneaky enough to wait until everyone was done having dinner; after dinner time was over and the adults left the kids to their own devices, Gloria and Gordon began bullying Matt and Chelsea, who were protected by Elizabeth and Victor, respectively, until the adults eventually came back and then everyone had to go to bed (and in the cases of Julia, Alexander and Chelsea, go back to their hotel room).

Then the next morning, when everyone had to go skiing again, Gloria was misbehaving and picking on Matt again when Andrei decided to ground her by sending her to the room that she had to share with him and Lydia, even telling her to go back to said room whenever Gloria whined that she wanted to go skiing, which happened a few times afterwards.

“I still want to go skiing!” Gloria whined as she came out of said room once more.

“I already said that you can’t come out yet!” Andrei yelled as he chased his daughter towards their room, where he pinned her down on his bed prior to spanking her while the shocked Matt came to see what was happening.

“Get out, Matt!” Gloria yelled as Andrei continued to smack her.

“Come on, Matt,” Elizabeth said, “we still need to get ready.”

Then as soon as the kids were ready, Nastya and Konstantin had to take them skiing again, as did Julia and Alexander taking Victor and Chelsea. Then everyone (except Gloria, who was already grounded) continued to go skiing afterwards until the sunset, after which they had to come back to the cabin for the last time; afterwards, everyone had to pack, since they were finally leaving Lake Tahoe and returning to their respective homes. However, that didn’t stop Gloria from being mean to Matt, even blaming him for the loss of her skiing privileges, and when everyone eventually had to leave the cabin and go home afterwards, Gloria kept being rude to Matt as she had to step into a white Mercedes-Benz SUV with Gordon, Lydia and Andrei (who was the driver) in tow. As everyone left, the Kolesnikovs (with Konstantin as the driver) stopped by at the Montbleu Hotel with the Poronskovs (with Alexander as the driver) together, during which they had a dinner buffet; afterwards, they had to go home for sure, with the Kolesnikovs going back to Carmichael and the Poronskovs going back to Redwood City. Matt was very upset about having to leave Lake Tahoe, but his parents kept reassuring him that they could always go again when he wanted, to which he agreed.

Why did they have to go home, should I ask? Because they had to go back to school (and in the cases of the parents, go to work) tomorrow!

January 22, 2021 11:57

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