Adventure Fantasy Romance

Arlin, a beautiful young girl in her teen loved nature more than anything. As she is the lover of literature, she wishes to go for trekking in hilly places with her friends.

   One fine morning, she visited a hill called ‘Kolli Malai’. She met tribal people and enjoyed a lot in that particular trip. She heard a music of humming bird far away. She was overjoyed to listen to the music. She felt someone watching her from far behind. Edward, the King of werewolf is a young boy who happen to pass by that particular road Arlin took. The moment she crossed paths, he was hit the most beautiful smell, the combination of Chocolate and Strawberries. The wind blows with chimming of bells, he opened his eyes. "Yes! It's her " he said to himself. His eyes rolled everywhere in search of her. Her beautiful hair flew like a feather, her lips smiled at everyone with friendly manner. The chubby cheeks in her showed her emotions brightly. "Arlin! Arlin! " her friend Deepthy called. "Arlin" his lips murmurred with happiness. He knew she was his mate. The pack use to change shape only at night, during daytime they roam everywhere alike a human being. Alpha saw the girl and beyond the mate pull he fell in love with her. 

Few weeks before, the pack decided to marry him a strong female partner, so that the pack can get maximum power and strategy from their king and queen. But he declined for what they have decided. In his inner soul he wasn’t ready to live with someone who was not his mate. So he said that he will wait for few more years for his mate, even if by that time he doesn’t find his mate he would marry the one who the older pack members choose. 

But now he found out who his life partner is, he reveals it to other werewolves. Everyone rejoiced with so much happiness cause they have found their Luna. But the elders of the pack demanded a specific condition,

“Alpha Edward, You should not reveal to her about our race, She should find out by herself, only then can we accept her as our Luna!!!”

“ Yes! For sure” Edward shock his head willingly. He accepted the deal and went out of forest in search of Arlin, his queen of heart. He walked for miles and reached a place called Coimbatore. He doesn’t know were to go, but with the help of his wolf’s sense he knew he is moving close to her. Later after few days of search he found out that she was a Arts student in National Painting Academy He applied to enter into the college, and finally he did so . He too got into tha painting department.

  He joined in the same college and tried to get closer with her but he faced lot of failures to approach her. He followed her where ever she goes. He found that, Arlin loves music more than anything, as a part of her name is named from the musical instrument ‘violin’. He took efforts in learning the love if musical instrument, violin. To make himself visible to her, he participated in college Cultural. He played the favourite song of Arlin. ‘What a surprise! He played a music of a humming bird' where Arlin heard from her trekking long back. Alpha won the musical competition and won the hearts of everyone. Everyone appreciated his music and Arlin too appreciated him and asked about the creative musical piece. She felt spark going up her hands while she shock hands with him. In a hurry, they both left hands. An he departed but she couldn’t sleep that night. 

“How did he played that apt music, I love the most? “

“Who is he ? “

“Where did he come from? “

Lot of questions arises in her mind. 

 Next morning, she was so eager to meet him to ask about the musical piece. On the other side, Alpha is so happy to meet Arlin. They met and became close to each other as their thoughts where same. 

   They didn’t propose each other. Alpha tries to reveal his origin, but the condition of the werewolf made him not to reveal. One day, Alpha asked her to visit his house. Arlin accepted his invitation and went to his house along with him. The house was inside the forest were she visited years back. She started throwing questions at him. 

“How did you built a house here? “

Who were there in your house? 

Why don’t you built a house in a city?

Edward was fed up with her questions. He was about to reveal who he was, right at the moment the elders of the pack arrived. They saw the real beauty of Arlin. They where really astonished with her beauty and innocence and at the same time where really shocked to see the maturity in her. The elders invited her to the family dinner. They ate silently. 

After the dinner, Edward took her to his room. Arlin kept on asking questions. On the other hand Edward kept on smiling at her stupid questions. She got a little irritated with his attitude. So to show het emotion, she turned back and started walking towards the door. At that moment, Edward got down from the bed and caught her from behind. At that time, unknowingly, the hand of Arlin pushed a photo frame down from the table. She immediately took the frame, Edward was inch away from snatching it from her. She looked at the photo. She stood there like a statue, she was stunned. Photo fell to the floor. Edward tried to grab her, but she moved away from him. He took one step towards her, she took two backwards. He was about to grab her hands she ran to the washroom and locked herself. She sat silently at the back of the bathroom door. And tears flowed from her eyes. She knew she wasn’t sad but she was broken. She kept on crying aimlessly, he kept on saying sorry behind the door. 

Finally, regaining her consciousness, she opened the door, the moment the lock opened, Edward rushed inside and hugged her. She felt sad for making him cry. She knew that her fate was attached to him. She took the bold step and asked him to mark her. Edward was astonished, he asked her not to force herself and said that they where nit in a hurry. She again demanded, to mark her. He looked straight in her eyes and he knew that she wasn’t joking, he was really proud of his lady, he moved the hairs on her neck towards the other side, she took a deep breath, she asked will it pain?, He answers, ‘just a little bit baby'. He pierced his two fangs deep in her flesh. They were bonded for life. He was hers, she was hiss.!!!

October 24, 2020 03:51

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18:13 Mar 27, 2021

Very strong one ma'am. I love supernatural creatures and their stories😍 this one is amazing


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18:09 Mar 27, 2021

Very nice ma'am 😊


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Riya Richard R L
12:39 Nov 07, 2020

Mam I think the love and romantic sense was quite plain, it need to be highlighted. Also the last scene was very direct, (after seeing the photo Arlin cried and asked Edward to mark her) If some twist was there then it would have been nice. Well good effort mam😊 Keep Renovating !


13:16 Nov 08, 2020

Thank you for your comment and suggestion dear.


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