A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Leopold’s Dacha

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Gay LGBTQ+ Romance

One fine morning, the mischievous mice were sleeping peacefully when Motya suddenly got up and looked out the window, only to see some flowers beginning to bloom. That surprised the overweight gray mouse very greatly, so he knew he had to break the news to his boyfriend.

“Mitya, wake up, man!” Motya shouted as he proceeded to wake the sleeping Mitya awake.

“Wha-whassat?” Mitya murmured sleepily as he stirred, having yet to recover from sleep.

“Dude, the flowers are blooming!” Motya said excitedly. “That means it’s finally spring!”

“Spring?” Mitya yawned as he was rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“Yeah,” Motya stated. “I guess that means we might have to bust out our scooter and prank Leopold!”

“Oh yeah!” Mitya gasped in surprise as they began to get dressed.

Just then, when they came outside, they saw a familiar-looking cat get into his car prior to driving away to his dacha from his apartment, so they had to catch up; once they managed to catch up with his car, they ended up holding on for dear life as he continued to drive towards his dacha. When he was almost there, the mice suddenly lost their grips on his car and ended up tumbling off of the trunk prior to landing on the ground.

“What just happened?” Mitya wondered.

Just then, as soon as they got up, they ended up trying to find their way towards the dacha. Just then, they found some more flowers in full bloom.

“Wow,” Motya breathed in amazement.

“These flowers look so beautiful,” Mitya beamed in equal astonishment as the mice began to stop and look at the flowers in trancelike wonder.

Of course, the flowers looked very beautiful and were ranging from roses to daffodils to irises to calla lilies to buttercups and many others. Just then, only Motya broke out of his trance and decided that he would like to do something special for Mitya.

I know what Mitya would like, Motya thought to himself as he proceeded to head over to a bunch of scarlet pimpernels and forget-me-nots prior to picking some out in addition to creating a very beautiful flower crown for his boyfriend.

When he was eventually done, he ran over to Mitya (who was still enchanted by the flowers) with a newly-crafted flower crown in tow.

“Mitya,” Motya called out, breaking Mitya out of his trance.

“What’s going on?” Mitya asked as he turned to Motya, who was holding a newly-crafted flower crown. “For me?”

“Yup, it’s for you,” Motya smiled as he proceeded to lovingly put the flower crown on Mitya’s head. Afterwards, Mitya walked over to the lake nearby and as he gazed at his reflection, he was instantly astonished and in a good way.

“Wow, it’s wonderful,” Mitya cooed as he ran up to Motya prior to hugging him. “Thank you! It’s so sweet of you!”

“You’re welcome, dear,” Motya purred lovingly as the mice began to cuddle each other.

As the mice continued to cuddle each other, they decided to head over to the flower fields (with Motya carrying Mitya, bridal-style), where they ended up taking an afternoon nap in a loving embrace, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

An hour eventually passed as one of the tulip poplar trees’ seed pod began to open, releasing a bunch of cotton-like seed fluffs; during which they began to float away gracefully as Mitya and Motya were still sleeping peacefully, contented to be with each other in somewhere so beautiful. Just then, a very beautiful fairy saw the sleeping mice and proceeded to fly down to them prior to gently shaking Motya awake. She had long brown hair in loose curls and sapphire blue eyes and she was wearing an ankle-length pale blue gown with a smocked empire waist, short puffed sleeves and an extremely billowing skirt portion; she was also wearing a flower crown consisting of azure pimpernels. Her wings, on the other hand, were reminiscent of the blue-colored swallowtail butterfly wings.

“Huh? Afternoon already?” Motya yawned prior to gazing at the fairy, much to his own surprise.

“Well, what are you two lovebirds doing here?” the fairy asked curiously.

“Oh, we were taking a wonderful afternoon nap when you came down here,” Motya replied. “Who are you, by the way?”

“Allow me to introduce myself,” the fairy giggled. “I’m Ambrosia and, yes, I live in this flower field. Can I have your names?”

“I’m Matvei, but everyone calls me ‘Motya’”, Motya stated as Mitya began to stir.

“Best nap ever,” Mitya yawned as well prior to seeing that Motya had already woken up from this beautiful slumber. “Wow, did I sleep for so long?”

“Not too long, my love,” Motya smiled softly as he wrapped his big-boned arms around Mitya in a loving embrace. “By the way, this is my wonderful boyfriend named Dimitry, even though we all call him ‘Mitya’. Mitya, this is Ambrosia.”

“Nice to meet you, miss,” Mitya smiled.

“It’s a pleasure,” Ambrosia chirped. “So, what brings you here?”

“Well, we were looking at those flowers when we came here,” Mitya explained. “After that, we ended up taking an afternoon nap here until you came down here.”

“I see,” Ambrosia replied intriguingly. “So, how long have you lovebirds been together?”

“Long story short,” Mitya said. “I had a girlfriend once and her name is Candice. We used to date each other until the day she got accepted into her dream school somewhere in Vienna and that was when she dumped me. It kinda hurt me until the day Motya became my boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your ex-girlfriend,” Ambrosia said sympathetically. “Anyway, I can put a spell on you guys to make your love for each other last forever if you want.”

“Actually, I’d like that,” Mitya grinned.

“Me too,” Motya smiled as well.

“Very good,” Ambrosia cooed as she began to dance very gracefully with the billowing skirt portion of her blue gown beginning to twirl with her. “The ties that bind, two soulmates combined, may your love for each other become so strong that it will last forever.”

As if on cue, Ambrosia began to gently blow a pink glitter-like powder towards the mice’s direction, causing said powder to wash over them. Mitya and Motya just stood there, taking the time to breathe in the shimmering powder that was enveloping them very beautifully, after which their respective bodies began glowing an alluringly soft pink light for ten seconds until the glow died down. When all was said and done, Mitya and Motya gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes prior to embracing each other as Ambrosia looked on contentedly, happy that her spell had just worked its magic on the mice.

“This is beautiful,” Mitya cooed as he then looked up at Ambrosia, delighted by the spell that she just cast upon him and Motya.

“Consider this a gift,” Ambrosia giggled. “A gift of everlasting love for each other. Anyway, this field is yours to explore with your hearts’ content.”

As if on cue, Mitya and Motya began to glide down the flower field, hand-in-hand, while continuing to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. Then they eventually stopped their romantic stroll and as they kept their loving gaze into each other’s eyes, their eyes temporarily changed into pink hearts for ten seconds; once their eyes returned to normal afterwards, that was when they began to kiss passionately while embracing each other. After they were done kissing passionately, they continued their loving stroll around the flower field.

“I’m so glad to date you, my big, handsome love,” Mitya cooed sweetly.

“I’m glad to date you too, my darling,” Motya purred tenderly.

Just then, they decided that they should create bouquets of flowers for each other, one bouquet for each mouse, so they did. Motya picked out some roses, chamomiles, lavender and asters to create a bouquet for Mitya, who, in the meantime, was picking out some bird’s foot trefoils, violets, primroses, jasmines, white poppies and Bermuda buttercups to create a bouquet for Motya. When all was said and done, they glided towards each other with the respective bouquets in tow prior to exchanging bouquets with each other.

“Wow, these are so beautiful,” Motya cooed as he received the bouquet that Mitya created for him. “Thank you so much for these wonderful flowers.”

“And thank you for them too,” Mitya cooed lovingly as he received the bouquet that Motya created.

Then the mice sighed lovingly as they embraced each other.

“So, do any of you lovebirds plan to put these flowers in your vases?” Ambrosia asked playfully.

“Yes we do,” Mitya replied, “and we have vases in our mouse hole at Leopold’s dacha—“

Just then, he froze for a moment, suddenly remembering that he and Motya were still supposed to go to Leopold’s dacha.

“Sweetheart, are you okay?” Motya asked worriedly.

“I remember now,” Mitya said to his overweight lover. “We should still head over to Leopold’s dacha.”

“Leopold’s dacha?” Motya quizzed prior to gasping in realization. “Wow, now I remember that too!”

“Is anything alright?” Ambrosia asked worriedly.

“Well,” Mitya explained, “the funny thing really happened to us. The funny thing is that we were one our way to Leopold’s dacha when we suddenly fell off of his car and got lost. Then we stopped to look at these beautiful flowers prior to heading over to the flower field nearby, where we took a nap until you found us.”

“Who’s Leopold?” Ambrosia asked curiously.

“You won’t know him,” Mitya explained again. “He’s that gardening cat and my boyfriend and I always pull pranks on him. Anyway, is there a way we can get to his dacha?”

“Well, I may not know him very well,” Ambrosia admitted, “I remember flying over to his dacha a few times, so yeah, I know where it is. After all, I can send you floating there if you want. I’m just sad that you have to leave.”

“So are we,” Motya said in agreement.

“However,” Mitya stated, “if you want, we can always come back here.”

“Of course you can,” Ambrosia smiled. “You can come back here anytime you want! Say, why not come back here tomorrow?”

“Good idea!” Mitya and Motya said in unison.

“Great!” Ambrosia grinned as she conjured up the equally beautifully shimmering gold powder prior to gently sprinkling it on Mitya and Motya. Afterwards, they began to glow an equally soft gold light for ten seconds; when the alluring glow eventually died down afterwards, Mitya and Motya began to slowly float up in the air.

“Bye, Ambrosia,” Mitya called out as he began to float away with Motya in tow. “We’re looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow,” Motya called out as well as he and Mitya continued to float away.

“I can’t wait to see you lovebirds again tomorrow!” Ambrosia called out as well and she waved them goodbye and vice-versa while looking on as the mice continued to float away.

As Mitya and Motya were floating away towards Leopold’s dacha, they began to wrap their arms around each other in a loving embrace while still clutching their respective bouquets. Then half an hour later, they slowly began sinking down until their respective feet gently touched Leopold’s doorsteps.

“We’re here,” Motya marveled.

“This is it,” Mitya said as he gently knocked on the door prior to someone answering it.

After the door opened, before the mice stood a familiar-looking cat and he was genuinely surprised to see them on his doorsteps. Sure enough, a funny thing really happened on the way to his dacha; after all, they got lost in the flower fields and ended up forgetting about him until they created bouquets of flowers for each other and then suddenly remembered him and had to get to his dacha, so get to his dacha they did, with the help of Ambrosia.

“What are you two rodent rascals doing here?” Leopold asked.

“We’re sorry for chasing you until we got lost in those flower fields, Leopold,” Mitya said apologetically.

“Please forgive us, Leopold,” Motya apologized as well. “We promise to be good to you.”

“That’s okay,” Leopold smiled warmly prior to letting the mice in, after which he helped them put their respective bouquets in the small vases, one bouquet in each vase.

“Thanks for your help, Leopold,” Mitya and Motya said in unison.

“You’re welcome,” Leopold said with the warm smile still gracing his muzzle. “Now is the time to be friends. Say, why don’t we explore the flower fields together tomorrow?”

Of course the mice liked that idea, so after dinner, they began to exchange stories with Leopold about Ambrosia and the flower fields until it was time to go to bed, after which Leopold set up a futon for them to sleep on in his work room, during which they bid each other a good night. After Leopold went upstairs to bed, Mitya and Motya began to cuddle each other lovingly until they drifted off to a deep sleep in each other’s loving arms.

They might not be in the flower fields at this time, but they were still blessed with such an alluring gift that Ambrosia bestowed on them earlier.

The gift of everlasting love.

Everlasting love for each other.

(**AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a Leopold the Cat-related love story. In case you’re wondering, Leopold the Cat is a Russian cartoon and it’s best that you google it. The same goes for Leopold, Mitya and Motya’s respective names. BTW, NO HATE COMMENTS, PLEASE!!!)

March 25, 2021 10:37

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