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The Wompup creature was a curious thing.

The fact that I'd found it first made me want to sing!

A little thing, nestled in a hole in the ground, so quiet and soft, it didn't make a sound.

Tiny little wings adorned it's sides, and when it's lids blinked open, I saw bright yellow eyes.

I carefully reached into the hole, and brought out my discovery that was as black as coal.

The sweet little thing refused to move, but slept in my hand and I had not a clue what to do.

Should I give it up?

Should I let it go?

Or should I keep it as a pet until I grow old?

The last question appealed to me, so I kept my new friend.

Although I didn't know of the powers it held within.

As I brought my new companion inside, my siblings bombarded me; Nancy, Kurt, and Clyde.

"Get away!" I yelled, protecting my pet.

"We want to see!" They yelled.

I replied, "Not yet."

I ran to my room as fast as I could, being careful not to drop the little creature as black as soot.

Once in my room, I shuffled around.

I was looking for a habitat, but none could be found.

I softly laid my fuzzy friend on the bed, and wondered what in the world this little guy could be fed.

I tried orange slices, hot dogs, kale and penne, but my miniature friend didn't have a liking for any.

We tried fruits, liquids, dairy and meat, but I found after while that my friend liked beets!

I would chop them up small and serve them on a doll's plate, and my pet would scarf them down as if he needed to leave the house and he was very very late.

After he finished I sat next to my window that looked out over the town, and suddenly the creature's eyes blinked open, and were staring me down.

I gasped as little black nose twitched, and his small clawed foot reached up to his tiny ears to itch.

He made a little yawn and made a squeaky sound, then sat up like a tiny dog, his wings flapping around.

He cocked his head and looked at me, straight into the eyes.

I daresay if you looked close, his face almost looked wise.

"I'll call you Wompup." I told the little guy.

The name just came to me and I liked it, don't ask me why.

I reached out to pet his head.

He jerked away quickly and scooted across my bed.

Suddenly he jumped off the bed and scampered to my bedroom door.

He scraped on the cherry wood, wanting to be outdoors.

I ran to the trapped little guy and slowly I sat down beside.

He looked up at me with his yellow eyes, and purred like a cat, to my surprise.

With utmost caution I pet his fuzzy coat, hoping he wouldn't bite me with his tiny fangs as white as snow.

"Sorry, little guy, I can't let you out. You were sleeping in my yard, and I found you. You're mine now!"

He looked at me sadly and laid on the floor.

I wondered what else he wanted that was outside my door.

I swept my auburn hair out of my eyes and stroked the fluffy creature who had the aroma of cherry pie.

Cherry pie? I thought to myself.

What could give this weird creature that great smell?

I shrugged my shoulders and thought:

After everything I've seen, who could ever tell?

Maybe I could search the black puff, and see why I could find.

I looked over at my computer and I made up my mind.

Slowly I picked up the jet black thing that couldn't get any cuter, set him on my bed again, and sat down at my computer.

I went to the search bar to find out what he was.

But nothing I found looked like my little ball of fuzz!

After a while I gave up and sat back down on my bed.

I reached out to tap his little nose, but he still would not let me pet his head.

Suddenly his wings started flapping, but he did not fly.

His miniature wings were the reason why.

It squinted it's yellow eyes, and to me it looked like it was trying to disappear.

I scoffed at it's sweet attempts until it vanished into thin air.

I gasped as my hands became void of my companion.

I looked around my room, up, down, underneath, out, and in, I could not see the little creature as small as a rat.

Where did he go?

Where was he at?

All of the sudden, a plop sounded into my laundry basket.

I peered inside, and what did I find?

My cute little Wompup, trying to climb.

I reached in and pulled out my magical pal.

He was the most interesting thing I'd had in a while!

I marveled at his disappearing act, every day he'd practice disappearing out of my hat.

For days I kept him in my room.

"Did you know I am super happy to have you?"

The little guy never replied, but I could see in his eyes how desperately he wanted to be back outside.

"What do you want? Aren't you happy here?"

The jet black creature responded with a flick of his little floppy ears.

I didn't want to loose my pet, it would be too hard, but I followed my inclinations and took my boy out into the yard.

I hoped he wouldn't disappear, finding him would be quiet hard.

I watched as his little body made it's way through the tall grass.

He found his way back to his hole which I saw was deeper than I had noticed last.

Suddenly my little pet squeaked, calling to his own kind.

Three little heads peeked out from the hole, each as black as coal from a mine.

I gasped in realization that my little Wompup had a family.

It was time for him to go.

It was time for me to let him free.

He looked up at me with a kindly glance, and finally I got my chance.

I pet his head and his fuzzy features, knowing this might be the last time I touch this creature.

With a flap of his wings and a blink of his yellow eyes, my Wompup scampered back into his own life.

The one thing in my mind that will forever ring...

The Wompup creature was a curious thing.

May 11, 2020 16:47

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Linda Rossi
16:09 May 24, 2020

Great read and creative!


✰ Jessica ✰
15:38 May 25, 2020

Thank you!!


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Keri Dyck
19:13 Aug 26, 2020

Awwww! This was so cute and lovable!


✰ Jessica ✰
22:49 Aug 28, 2020

Thank you! It was a fun story to write. I don't usually do this type of style, but it was fun to do once.


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