Friendship High School Romance

Noah’s POV

Today’s 14th of September and it has been exactly eight years since Meghan and I started dating. We didn’t have a perfect relationship for all those six years and there were countless times we both wanted to call quits. But somehow, one way or another we always found the way back to each other. If Meghan didn’t become someone so important to me, with my personality back then I might have actually killed someone. That’s why I wanted to do something special for her tonight. Dating me wouldn’t have been an easy task at all. When we first started dating, I still had a pretty bad temper and whenever I get angry, I used to avoid her at all costs. I swear I have changed a lot now. I have a stable job and I can provide for her though she keeps telling she can provide for herself. Once I got into a big accident while I was driving my motorbike and I couldn’t walk properly for almost six months. If it wasn’t for her who stayed by my side every single day I would have gave up on my life and ended it without a doubt.

“Hey babe, Happy Anniversary! Did you receive my present?” I asked keeping my phone in my ear and searching for a special place to take her tonight.

“Gosh Noah! You didn’t have to send it so early in the morning,” she said yawning and it made me smile. I could imagine she waking up in the morning cursing the entire world while opening the door to the deliveryman. Meghan has never been a morning person unlike me.

“c’mon you should receive flowers first thing in the morning on your anniversary.”

“Noahhhhhhhh.. happy anniversaryyyyy!!!” I pushed the phone away from my ear as she was screaming. If there is anyone who could make me smile for nothing, it was Meghan and only her.

“I will pick you up at exactly 7pm near your office, is that time alright for you?” I asked looking at the big clock in the room.

“Oh shit! I’m late. That time is fine babe. I will call you back, I love you!” she hung the call before I could even say I love you back to her. Sometimes she is definitely unbearable. She always ends up sleeping until late and then dramatically curses everyone while running to the office.

I placed the phone on the table and went on to searching for a good place. More than the anniversary, I’m going to propose to her tonight. I stared at the ring box on the far end of the table and the key ring next to it. We once went to look for couple rings and Meghan was looking at a specific ring every single time I look away. But unknowing to her I saw that she was eyeing it. It wasn’t that costly but at that time I didn’t have money to buy it or the riverside small cottage she always wanted to buy someday whenever she saw it when we are going on a vacation. But now, I’m ready to give the ring and the cottage she wanted. I finally saved up enough to buy both of them. Meghan is someone irreplaceable to me. I have dated many girls but, Meghan is the only one who understood me and who really saw me for who I am. That was what I was looking for all my life. A connection that makes me want to open up and finally let go of everything that was bottled up in my heart.

I finally found a place called Marina Place. It is a beach side luxurious place and I can get a private suite just for ourselves. I contacted the place and asked if they can decorate the suite and the balcony so we could have dinner outside looking at the waves and they said it can be done but I would have to come and specifically tell them what I want. I looked at the big clock in the living room and it was already 10 a.m. I have to stop at the office to sign some documents and attend a meeting. By the time I finish the office work it’ll probably be around 5pm and I won’t have enough time to go to the place and come back to pick Meghan. I called my secretary and told I will be late for an hour or so, so that I have enough time to go there and then get into the office.


Meghan’s POV

It was already 7p.m and I was dead tired. I can’t believe I have been dating Noah for eight years and ten years ago if you tell me that I would be dating Noah, the bad boy, I would laugh at you and shake it off. We belonged to two different leagues. I was the typical nerd girl though my best friend, Kat was a cheerleader. I always hid behind a big hoodie and I walked looking down at the floor. Kat dated Taylor, Noah’s step brother and only because of them I got to meet Noah.

Our relationship is a roller-coaster ride. There were so many times that we used to fight and some days Noah used to ignore me for days and sometimes weeks. I would have called it quits if I didn’t realise I loved him even after all the fights we had. Noah may not know it but he is my biggest support. If it’s not for him, I would have given up on everything and gone somewhere faraway. it wasn’t easy dating Noah more so because he had a gang but if it wasn’t Noah, I wouldn’t even wait patiently for him.

Before going out, I changed into the red dress Noah had sent me in the morning. It was a beautiful short off-shoulder red dress. I quickly did my make up and let down my hair. I had to comb it as the whole day I had put it on a bun and it had curled up in a mess. Back when we first started dating, when Noah was the hot-tempered guy you don’t want to mess up with, he would start calling if I’m late more than 10 mins. Now he just waits until I come even it takes more than one hour (I mean girls need to dress up right?) changing my flats to heels I ran out not wanting to make Noah stay longer. He was standing outside and was leaning to the car checking his phone. Have I ever told you that my boyfriend is frigging handsome?? He’s like the perfect male protagonist of a drama. In high school he was way more popular than Taylor, the star quarterback. He always had that aura around him and the same aura attracted women to him. Girls would follow him everywhere until Noah gets mad and scolds them. Even now, my fellow office workers were goggling at him. Some were trying to make their friends go to him. But what surprised me was my boss and her secretary were also there looking at him. I don’t have a good relationship with my boss as she always picks on me for everything I didn’t do even when things are completely not fault.

Noah being the person he is, was completely oblivious to what’s happening around him and was focused on his phone. He was scowling and I could clearly see that all the attention is getting under his skin. I stood there admiring him and wondering how could I ever got lucky to get such a handsome and kind man in my life. He must’ve sensed my presence as he looked up and scanned the surrounding until his eyes met mine. His scowling slowly turned to her smile and he put the phone and his hands on to his pockets and smiled at me. I tucked my head and gave him a big smile before running to him and hugging him tightly.

On the whole way to the place, Noah refused to tell me where we are going. The only thing he said was it’s a surprise. He took me to a place that I couldn’t describe with words. It was called Marina Place and it was a luxurious hotel. It was one of the places that I dreamed of having a wedding when I was small and I couldn’t believe Noah took me there for our eighth anniversary of being a couple. He showed me the way and I was further taken back when he took me to the private suite. In Marina Place, the private suite is quite similar to the Presidential suite in other hotels. But before I could enter, he closed my eyes with bare hands and took me inside. When he finally let go of my eyes, I almost screamed in wonder. It was a perfect romantic dinner anyone could ever ask for, with all the balloons, decorations, and everything. I was mesmerized to a whole new level and I couldn’t believe Noah went so hard for our anniversary.

“Meghan” Noah called me and I turned around to thank him for everything as this a girl’s dream come true. But he wasn’t done surprising me and I could feel tears running down from my eyes. He was kneeling and in his hand was a ring. I covered my mouth with my hands to stop myself from screaming loudly. “Meghan, will you marry me?” when Noah finally asked me, the amount of happiness I felt inside my whole body is indescribable. I felt butterflies in my stomach the same way I felt when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Before Noah could take back his words, I said yes and that was the first time I heard Noah letting out a sigh and right after his face lightened up.


Noah’s POV

If you told me in middle school that I would date a nerd girl, who always hides behind a big hoodie I would have laughed at you. If you ever told me back then that such a girl would become my wife, I would’ve definitely thought you crazy. But now, sitting outside the hospital room, clutching and looking at our wedding photo, I saw how Meghan changed my life from the first day we met itself. That day, I was glad that I gave her a ride to the convenience store. I’m glad that she couldn’t hear her phone ringing under the books otherwise, I would have simply ignored her like I always did before that day, even when she was my tablemate at first.

My hands and legs were shivering. I could feel my heartbeat rising with every second. Every time I hear Meghan screaming, my heart breaks and I feel like breaking through the door and shouting. I wanted to go in, but I knew I don’t have the strength to see her suffering. She was everything to me. She is my whole world and sometimes I just can’t believe that I was so lucky to have a wife like her in my life. I won’t say our wedding life is perfect. There are countless days that we get mad at each other. But we always, no matter how busy we are, talk with each other and solve whatever problem we have. One thing she always used to tell me is that whenever a problem arises, it’s not me against her, but both of us against the problem. I used to make fun of her for it but that is one of the wisest things Meghan has ever told as if she didn’t say it, I would have avoided her whenever a problem arises.

I was so concentrated on my thoughts that I didn’t hear the sound of a baby crying until meghan’s father came to call.

“go in. she’s waiting for you to hold the baby first. It’s a girl.”

i ran into the room and i saw Meghan lying in the bed and our little girl sleeping beside her. i went on to her and kissed her forehead slowly whispering, "you made me a happy man yet again, Meghan. I love you!"

February 17, 2021 13:01

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