Mirrored Vision

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Fantasy Thriller Science Fiction

Jan lives in a small but comfortable home. She has three brothers, they're all older and she's only the youngest by 10 lousy minutes. Her brothers are good at everything, and they have always been. Being the first to accomplish something has always been hard for Jan to do, because her brothers have beaten her to it. Though, it is the first day of school, and anything could happen!

Not only is it a new school this year, but it's high school! She can't believe she made it. She's very anxious about it, no question, and unsure of what to expect. She wants to look her best and be the hippest girl in school. She rushes to get in the shower first, before her brothers use up all the hot water.

After she gets out of the shower and dresses, she wipes the steam off the mirror so she can finish getting ready. As she meets her own eyes in the mirror with a smile, the lights go out and the room starts to shake. In the mirror images begin to take shape:

She's in an office building looking down a mile long hall with cubicles.


A long stairwell that is dark except for an intermittent flashing light.


Smoke curls out from under a closing metal door.


Someone falls to the ground in a parking lot.


Her mother is sobbing.


The images all seem to go by so fast. Yet, it seems to take forever to end. She sinks to the floor in shock. She doesn't know how long she was on the floor, but she snapped back to the present when she hears her twin, Jeff, banging on the door.

“Hey, are you okay in there?” Jeff shouts through the door.

She pulls herself off the floor. She tries to convince herself that it wasn't real, it had to be a dream fragment, anything but what it was: a premonition.

The horrible images keep replaying behind her eyelids. As soon as she sees Jeff in the doorway, she bursts out, flying into her brother’s arms. He tries to steady her because she's shaking and crying. As he holds her, the contact makes him see the flashing scenes she saw. He felt a strong zap in his fingers, and he lets go of her quickly.

“What the—,” he says. He sucks on his fingers “Why’d you go and do that?”

“Do what?” Jan whimpers.

They’ve always felt in tune with each other. Being twins, it is an innate ability. She doesn't ever have to tell him exactly what's wrong, he usually just knows.

“Oh boy, I don't feel all that well. I just had a very weird dream/vision thing. I don't know how to explain it. But if I had to guess, it looked like the future.” She even hears the skepticism in her own voice.

Jeff gets an uneasy feeling, like they saw the same thing. “Umm… did you see Dad’s office building? With the cubicles and some smoke?”

“How did you know?!” her voice shakes and her breath becomes shallow. “What's happening? Is it a twin thing or something weirder?”

Jan runs down the stairs, jumping the last few, with Jeff right on her heels. “Daddy, please, you have to listen to me. You can't go to work today!” Jan cries.

“What are you two talking about?” Their dad, John, asks impatiently.

“In the mirror, in the bathroom. I think I saw the future.” Jan rambles on. John and her other brothers, Junior and James, look at each other nervously over breakfast.

“We're not making this up,” Jan whines, stomping her foot.

“We saw Dad's office,” Jeff continues, “a possible fire and someone lying in a parking lot, not moving.”

“You two know I have my big meeting today.” John says. “You know, the proposal I've been working on for over a month? I'm supposed to present it to the Board this morning. I can’t pull a no-show.”

“But Dad, why else were we able to see this if we’re not meant to do something about it?” Jan asks desperately.

“Jan, you need to stop this. Nothing's gonna happen to me today. You don’t need to worry about any of this today. Now, all of you, get in the car, it’s time for school.”

After John pulls away from the school, he calls his wife. “Jasmine, it’s happened.”

There is silence on the other end, then “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” John says. “Jan said something happens at my office, something about a fire.”

“Okay, I’m heading home now. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” Jasmine responds quickly.

“See you soon. You know I love you.”

“Don’t do that,” Jasmine says sharply, “No good-byes.”

Back at school, Jan has other Ideas. She corners James before he gets too far, Jeff is just behind her. Junior looks over his shoulder and sees that his siblings aren’t behind him. He groans and makes his way back to break it up.

“Come on guys, Dad told you to drop it. You need to trust that Mom and Dad can handle this—whatever comes to pass.”

Jeff squints at Junior “You know something! Don’t you?”

“Is this something to do with—” James starts to say. Junior gives a sharp look at James, and it stops him in his tracks.

“Hey, whoa, not fair! Fill us in too.” Jeff says heatedly “It’s bad enough Dad knows something and isn’t talking! You didn’t see what we saw! It’s not burned into the back of your eyelids!”

Junior looks around, “Fine. But not here.” Even though there isn’t anyone in ear shot, he pulls them all around to the back of the cafeteria.  

“Do you remember those poems Granny read to us every summer?” asks Junior. Jan and Jeff, in their twin way, agree together in unison.

“Well, they weren't just poems” James continues softly.

“Then what were they?” Jan asks with a little fear creeping into her voice.

“They are prophecies that have followed our family for centuries.” Junior states. Now Jeff and Jan look skeptically at James and Junior

“Right.” Jan says. “And you thought what we said was crazy.”

“The next prophecy that hasn't been fulfilled yet is,” Junior continues. He closes his eyes and tiredly says:

“Upon a day of new beginnings, the future will be seen by twins,

The patriarch can sense this evil, even as it acts like a friend,

At this turning point of good and evil, when, as a family, they can

banish this fiend”

“What does that even mean” Jan asks, looking dumbstruck.

“It means the prophecy has started, and we need to get to Dad’s office, now, so we can for fight our family.” Junior says. “Okay, hold on tight to me, I can get us there fastest,” Jan and Jeff look at each other then back at James and Junior.

“Sure, why not?” Jeff says hysterically. “This morning can't get any weirder, right?”

They grab onto Junior. He looks like he flinches from a punch that isn’t there, then they are lifted off their feet, like they’re doing a backflip while getting sucked into a vacuum. Their feet slam into the floor and they find themselves in a  janitor’s closet. And breakfast isn’t sitting too well in Jan’s stomach. Jeff leans forward and rest his hands on his knees.

“Whoa, what the—" Jan bursts out loudly.

“Jan! Shh.” Junior scolds.

“Did we make it in one jump?” James whispers.

“Yeah, we’re here.” Junior says, as he pokes his head out the door.

“Did we make what— where— how did we get here?” Jeff asks curiously.

“Let’s find Dad and get him home to Mom.” Junior continues. The three others follow Junior as they weave their way through to their Dad’s office. They turn a corner and Jan and Jeff gasp as they stop in their tracks. James looks at them and frowns.

“What is it?” he asked

“This—this is the first thing in the— the vision.” Jeff stutters, all the color draining out of his face. James and Junior look at each other knowingly. Junior walks back to the twins.

“Tell me everything, you saw in the vision.” Junior says it a little more demanding tone than he intended.

“It’s all fragmented.” Jan says in distress. “I can see Mom crying in the last part, but I think there’s something else just before that… UGH! why can’t I bring it back clearly?”

“Okay Jan, breathe in slowly. We need you to calm—” James stops, he shifts as he sees movement over Jan’s shoulder.

Jasmine gets home and, just as she’s unlocking the front door, John comes up the porch steps. He can tell she’s barely holding on.

“Not out here, honey.” John looks over his shoulder nervously. “We need to discuss this inside.” John hurries her in, closes the door and leads Jasmine to the couch in less than five seconds.

“I didn’t want to scare the kids, so I just told them to put it out of their minds and not worry. Junior will keep them in school. He knows what’s at stake.” he says, panting a little.

Jasmine looks into her husband’s eyes and can see the worry. “Let’s get them out of school and tell them.” A tear rolls silently down her cheek.

“If he's coming, where will he be?”

“Jan mentioned my office. And a fire.” John says sadly.

“After we get the kids, we’ll need to get there and stop this as a family.” Jasmine demands.

“Okay.” John concedes. He takes her hand and they head back out to the car.

They screech to a stop in front of the school, they zip right inside, faster than a blink of an eye. When they burst into the office, the Office Manager, Maggie, jumps as she looks up to see these distressed parents.

“How can I help you?” Maggie looks closer, “Are you two alright?”

“No, we’re really not” John says. “We need you to pull our kids out of class. Jan, Jeff, James and Junior? We’re the Jetsons. My Mother just passed very suddenly and we need to be together.”

“Oh, right away!” Maggie says. “How awful, I’m so sorry.”

Jasmine sighs and rests her head on John’s shoulder. “We made it.” She says quietly. When Maggie comes back, she looks very confused. “Your children aren’t in their Homeroom classes this morning.”

If possible, more color leeches out of Jasmine’s face. “What do you mean they’re not here?” she says. She turns to John “You don’t think they went—”

The Jetsons' look at each other and they seem to dissolve in to vapor as they hear Maggie’s gasp.

Junior turns around to see what James sees.

“Hey,” Jeff whispers. “Isn't that Dad's boss?”

Zach Sanchez is a formidable man, he's 6’ 4”, broad shoulders, a blinding white smile and a deep voice. “Well now,” Mr. Sanchez says. “It's the Jetson kids. How have you all been? It's been, what, two months?

“More like 6 weeks, sir.” James corrects him automatically.

“We've been all right, sir.” Junior smiles tightly. “And yourself, Mr. Sanchez?”

“Well, I've been great! Just fabulous!” Mr. Sanchez booms.

“I'm sorry sir, but we need to go see our Dad, he's expecting us for—” Junior starts to say

“Well, so do I,” Mr. Sanchez interrupts loudly. “I'll come with you! I need to see that nifty presentation he’s got before we go to the board meeting.”

He looks over at Jan and when their eyes meet, Jan sees danger and malice, which makes her look away quickly.

Mr. Sanchez starts to follow the kids’ half a pace behind. This makes Jeff look over his shoulder and, as he watches, Mr. Sanchez’s face starts to change. Jeff pulls Jan past him. They look at their Dad’s boss in horror. His nose has elongated and become sharper, his brow becomes exaggerated, and horns start to come out of his head, just above his ears. He throws back his head and laughs as his skin starts to turn a vivid, viper green. He claps his hands. Startled, kids jump back. Somehow, he has duplicates himself and six clones burst into being.

“James, fireball, now!” Junior shouts. James fires three fireballs in rapid succession. “Jan, get to the stairs!”

“The stairs?! But— but the vision…”

“I know! We don’t have a choice. We can’t do this without Mom and Dad.” Junior continues, as fire blooms around them.

“Where are your parents, young Jetsons?” Mr. Sanchez and his clones cackle in harmony.

The siblings hit the stairs and as the door closes, they see the smoke curl out from under the door. Jan shouts with desperation, “Fire! Wait, we set it?! Oh, come on!”

They go down two flights and fling the door open to the lobby.

Junior stops his siblings their tracks. This monster and his clones float down through the ceiling.

Then, out of nowhere, John and Jasmine materialize on the other side of the lobby. As they look at the scene, now it’s John’s turn for a tear to roll down his cheek. John now realizes that his boss is Abraxas, the Reaper of Souls, and the evil he could sense but not see.

“Abraxas!” Jasmine shouts, her voice booming out. “This is not their fight. It is I, Jasmine Joni, Matriarch of the Jetson line, you will not win here! We will send you back to the abyss, Abraxas!” she finishes powerfully.

“Aww.” The clones harmonize in a baby voice. “Are Mommy and Daddy going to save their itty-bitty babies?” the clones all turn to look at John as he laughs maniacally.

Jasmine and John look at each other, then the kids, and they starts the chant. John makes eye contact with Junior on the other side of the lobby, trusting he’ll get his siblings organized. Jan and Jeff are standing behind James, looking bewildered. James moves off to join the fight, throwing fireballs.

“Your powers are said to be the most powerful.” Junior says to the twins. “Your base power is energy. You two can amplify the powers of the family that’s around you. And, offensively, you can also cast out energy beams.”

“How?” Jan says in a shrill voice.

“The two of you have to find the way to tap into your powers.” Junior continues. “Now, it’s going to take all of us working together to banish Abraxas. I know this is a crash course, and we’re asking more from you than you feel ready to handle. Have faith, we’re a family.”

“But no pressure, right?” Jeff says sarcastically.

Junior looks grimly at the fight and nods. “We’ll hold him back while you try to tap into your powers, but we will need you in the end. Believe in the power. You two have always been connected.”

Junior then turns to join the fray. He becomes a blur of movement, he’s now a human tornado. And James is firing more white-hot fireballs at Abraxas and his clones.

Jeff and Jan look at each other. They grasp each other’s hands and a light begins to glow between their palms. It is a warm, welcoming light, which feels like a hug. They look up and Jan gasps because she sees their eyes glowing, just like their hands. As one, they shift, keeping one of their hands connected and point the other toward Abraxas.

They can see their Mom sitting, clutching her leg and Abraxas has lost three of his clones already. Abraxas growls in anguish as the twins’ beam hit him. He cannot believe he’s beat.

Junior stops his spinning dust devil and watches, with his family, as Abraxas melts into the floor. Just before he disappears, he shouts angrily, “I'll come back for your family! I will set your family tree on fire and watch it burn to ash!” He lashes out and something goes through Junior and it knocks him off his feet.

James helps his father stand and then moves to heal his mother. John crouches by Junior and shakes his shoulder. Junior opens his eyes “OW,” he says groggily. When he gets to his feet, he doesn't appear to be hurt at all. He and his father walk over to the twins.

“You guys were amazing!” Junior smiles

“I'm sorry we didn't tell you about this sooner,” John tells the twins. “We just didn’t want to have you fight Abraxas before you were ready. And I was wrong, he came anyway.”

“My brave twins.” their mother says, tears in her voice as she and James walk over. “We always knew you two would be the greatest of us. But your father is right, we should have warned you.”

“It's OK, Mom.” Jan looks over at her twin. “We've always felt connected as twins and as a family. We just didn't dream it was magical.” Jeff kisses her forehead.

They are together and alive. The six of them walk out to the street. With John's car still at the school and John and Junior are out of energy to transport them magically, they catch a cab to take them home.

Jasmine wraps her twins into a tight hug as they cross the parking lot.  When Jan sees her Mom crying, she suddenly remembers the missing piece from her vision: her father on the ground, not moving.

“The missing piece!” She shouts as she pales. “From the vision! This parking lot and…”

“Someone on the ground, not moving.” Jeff continues.

“Jan, come on, it's over what do you mean?” asks James.

“Yeah, it might seem over,” says Jeff. “But we saw two more images in the mirror…”

There’s a sharp gasp, and all eyes turn to Junior. Abraxas’ last shot was dead on, but invisible to the human eye. As Junior collapses, they hear maniacal laughter coming from the ground itself.

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